Trump hates fake news, but Infowars gets WH Press Credentials? This is getting insane.

Trump hates fake news, but Infowars gets WH Press Credentials? This is getting insane.

Alex Jones is a self-proclaimed performance artist.

Lets all take a moment to reflect on the fact that the most powerful man in the world, who holds the power to eradicate continents at the touch of a button, considers a 'news' outlet that reports headlines such as 'NWO Opening Thousands of Portals to Ancient Demons', and 'Eminem's Rap God - Illuminati Transhumanist Propaganda Exposed' as worthy of having access to the White House

What amazes me is that there are actual people that read shit Alex Jones says and think it's real. What's more mind blowing is those same people will say "Facebook" spreads fake news (which it does- but still). Hypocrites.

I mean honestly what's next? Alex Jones is FBI Director?

Alex Jones is press secretary.

Actually, scratch that, that would be FUCKING AMAZING to watch. It's not like Spicer tells us anything useful anymore anyways.

Please don't willfully misunderstand the Trump mindset: "fake news" is any news that Trump doesn't like. Facts and reason don't matter.

When I call people out on FB I usually get the ol' standby, "I know it's fake but it's still something I wouldn't put it past Obama to actually do"

We've got a serious "stupid people" problem in this country.

"I know it's probably not true, but I wanted to forward this to everyone on my facebook, just in case it's real."



Getting? We're already way beyond insane.

I'd watch it.

Believe it or not, InfoWars is lying. Who would've thought?

They got a one day pass, not press credentials. To put that into perspective, high school students can apply for these.

So pretty much all of Infowars and anything that Alex Jones vomits out then?

Can we all take a moment to appreciate that the White House's favorite propaganda factory is literally called "InfoWars"?

I believe Alex Jones when he says that

I believe Alex Jones when he says that

That's the cognitive dissonance.

This is exactly what I came to post. In all seriousness, "fake news" means something completely different on the left vs the right. "Fake news" to the left is reporting devoid of facts, and completely refutable with basic Google skills and checking qualified sources. "Fake news" to the right is anything that paints Trump or Republicans in a bad light, regardless of factual content or accuracy.


pt2?! You bet your sweet ass.

Well, he hates real news orgs and just calls them fake because they report the truth about him. Actual fake news like inforwars he loves.

wtf that's not "alternative news" that's just Alex Jones vomiting out bullshit to get people to believe him.

First press briefing they're called on:

Why did a black helicopter follow me to this press conference? I had tinfoil under my hat... Has the US government started using gravity wave technology captured from the Lizard men to enhance their psychotropic surveillance programs and circumvent current civilian countermeasures? The people have the right to know!!!

How did Alex Jones avoid jail time for raping thoes two 18 month old babies?



right there in bold. not sure how you can dispute that...

but her emails

We could finally find out why the frogs are turning gay.

MAGA πŸΈπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ Make Amphibians Gay Again

You forgot to add "I voted for Trump and it killed me to say mainstream networks instead of MSM, but that would blow my cover."

At some point you have to blame a person for the inability to critically think about something and be able to tell truth from fiction.

No, FEMA director so he can put people in the camps like he's always claimed would happen.

Oh please. As if the world needed Alex to tell them that Neocon wars suck? He is cancer. If you think he is good for America, then you are cancer.

Yeah. It is sarcasm.

The Gateway Pundit has credentials, too. Apparently the only metric they judge the press on now is how cognitively dissonant you can become.

It's an all out assault on the free press. Then the casual remark about jailing journalists.

We need to continue to zero in on the bastards in Congress that are either actually obstructing or allowing party loyalties to hold them from fully holding the White House accountable. It's a fucking circus side show on Pennsylvania Ave. right now and everyone is pretending all of this bullshit is normal.

This is not normal.

Funny how well this works for 99% of stuff that comes out of Alex Jones' mouth

Just like Rush Limbaugh before him, he's making serious bank selling bullshit to 'tards. Buying bigger houses and fancier cars, he's "moving on up" to a higher social class, where his old money neighbors and golf buddies do not appreciate his knuckle dragging worshipers. What to do? "I'm just a performance artist. But still send money, OK?"

/s ?!?

I once had someone argue with me on this site that "we can't blame people for sharing fake news, humans have a biological need to be social"

Fucking ugh. Stop trying to justify people for things that don't deserve to be justified

You're right, but Facebook plays a large role in spreading these lies. It lets those suckered by InfoWars tell all their friends and maybe get them to believe them, too.

I don't fucking believe you and your fancy words because you are known to make things up.

That sounds like chemicals they put in GMO's.

So you're saying Trump supports the arts?

The dark arts.

Yeah, he's repeatedly said Sandy Hook was a conspiracy by Obama and the dead children were actually actors and nobody died. I'm gonna go ahead and put make fun of him on this issue in the "To Do" bin.

Alex Jones IS a "calculated manipulator" who shovels propaganda down your throat.

Just FYI on that.

Where we're going, we don't need sanity...

Alex Jones is waging war on information.

I would just like to remind everybody that Alex Jones apologized to Yogurt.


I'm really not laughing, though.

I've heard that's the ideal alpha male body.

Is this satire?

Get the fuck out of here.

they both have oddly similar bodies, come to think of it

So minus the vote part I was absolutely right.

without people like Jones you'd still be believing we're "spreading freedom" with these wars in Iraq, Syria, or Libya

That's fucking hilarious.

It's not insane retards. They report news. The liberal media reports made up Russia stories. It's common sense.

Providing Infowars with a press pass while bitching about other fake news sites/channels seems hypocritical.

I'm going to be upvoting this comment for years.

Well it is in bold, after all..

Good point.

whos he working for?

His own goddamned self, obviously, at the expense of the country.


I know of millenial Americans that believe that the different "races (Black, Asian, White, etc.) actually came from different planets thousands of years ago.

So, you know, nothing surprises me lately.

This is unreal man. I mean, Infowars is so blatantly, so boldly fake I am genuinely surprised this has happened.

Trump was on Infowars once. He tried selling his book. Just as Alex Jones tries to sell you his miracle pills every 10 minutes on the show.

I am dumbfounded.

He has literally built a business off mentally torturing parents who lost their children.

Bill Clinton is a rapist though

"There will be no more questions from the press until somebody fesses up about the humanoid fish babies. I'VE SEEN THEM WITH MY OWN EYES, PEOPLE!"

Its a day pass guys... easy to get. Infowars lies again.

Coming from the popular tab, so I'm not a subscriber but am a progressive against trump and the comments here are pretty crazy. The WH doesn't credential reporters, so all this hyperbolic talk sounds like how the right would mischaracterize the left in memes. The WHCA credentials journalists and you can get temporary passes for sure. You can apply for a permanent pass, but the WHCA isn't going to grant one to anybody. Breitbart was denied, for example, because their account of Bannon's departure didn't agree with his own, and there were discrepancies on their masthead. Untoward would be thoroughly vetted just a anyone else would be.

Where the press secretary has power is with who he calls on. Spider has broken the long tradition of always giving the first question to the AP for instance, but they've also given more questions to conservative outlets and fewer to some more mainstream journalists.

Honestly, that's not so crazy, but there's been some controversy with some of the softballs they've taken, especially from those teleconferencing in. But even Breitbart hammered Spider on replacing a fence with a fence and getting into a spat about what constitutes a wall.

Infowars almost certainly doesn't have permanent WH credentials