Trump could fund homelessness agency for decades if he stopped visiting Trump properties

Trump could fund homelessness agency for decades if he stopped visiting Trump properties

He has never made a sacrifice in his entire life. Anyone who thinks he will start now is crazy.

I find it hilarious that he isn't going to New York to visit his wife and kids, instead he is going in the opposite direction.

What are you talking about? He made great sacrifices! He invested his money in real estate. He even went through his own personal Vietnam! /s

He did the same thing to all of his other kids. His wife raised them, and once they were in their 20s his wife would reintroduce them and he would talk business.

This is also how Donald's dad treated him. Its a wonder that he didnt develop any psychological issues from never being good enough for his ruthlessly sucessfull but completely heartless father. Nope, none at all.

I really hope the poor kid doesn't realize this.

He quit? 😐

He owned a sweatshop in Vietnam. A lot of good men died in that sweatshop. The rumor was they fed the workers cat-soup. One day a little kid choked on a hairball in the soup, so they threw the kid in the soup, too.

Trump was literally making hand over foot with that sweatshop.

Wait. I'm thinking of Frank Reynolds not Trump. Sorry. I always get them mixed up.

Also: he could pick up a book about geopolitics.

Can you imagine if Obama did this??? They would call him a deadbeat father every night on Fox News

As if Trump cares about homeless people. He just cut funding for Meals on Wheels. Trump cares about himself and only himself. He would gladly throw all his rabid supporters under a bus if he could make another buck out of it.

We could save NPR and PBS if the President of the United States got his wife and son to live with him.

I cannot believe that is a sentence I can legitimately type.

It's cute you think he quit.

Trumpster response, "These people made their choices; Let them live with it. It's not the governments responsibility."

Addendum: "We got some wars to start........White Power"

Yeah, but its too hard to sneak hookers into the White House.

Clearly he doesn't have any daddy issues. /s

Society is always nine meals away from anarchy. Cutting off food supplies is a great way to get your head on a stake.

They'd probably find a way to point out he is black

He lied.

Just say he lied.


No, the OGE found his divestment to be wholly lacking.

Probably best for the kid. The less involvement Donald has in his life the more chance he has of turning out somewhat normal

That is the most punchable face I've ever seen.

You're right. It's just the subtext to all their activities.


...which incidentally rhymes with turban..

Look, he's reading it...well, he's gotten to the first few pages, eh, okay he's looking at it. Hey, he's a VERY BUSY MAN he doesn't have time to read it!

(I wish he'd just admit he doesn't like to read (or can't) and stop playing this stupid game)

He quit?

That's news to me; I'm glad to hear he finally divested his assets.

Every politician spends too much on their campaigns.

We need the federal government to impose a limit of $100,000 total per candidate, provided by the federal government, and no other donations allowed. That ends the corruption and stupid ads, and requires candidates to get their platforms across via debates.

Yes, but how else would he be able to funnel millions of tax payer dollars into his own personal coffers.

It's not "wasted" money. It's the ruling party calling for austerity for the poor while its leader spends millions on personal vacations. Stop with the false equivalency.

EDIT: Also, a T_D and /sub/conspiracy poster complaining about a sub being biased? Give me a break.

I'd bet dollars to donuts he floated the idea. "We have the oval office just sitting there. Why not film 4 seasons of the presidential apprentice? I can squeeze diplomats in between filmings."

That's certainly one way to spell Russians.

Sure, but it's disabled people and seniors here, so not too much to worry about /s

This is not a sacrifice. It is not part of the job to travel every weekend to a extremely luxurious resort. It does not matter what they are doing there (besides playing golf of course), it can be as well done back in DC. Federal workers need to endlessly justify any travel and show it can't be done at home. The president is no di.

This is corruption, nothing else. We should not pay for it.

It's pretty easy to remember which one is which - Frank is the one that doesn't didle kids

My dad was a lot like Trump. I preferred it when he was away, which, thankfully, was quite often.

People will call you some kind of unrealistic radical, but we have exactly that in the UK. Political adverts are also heavily regulated to give each party the appropriate exposure through 'party political broadcasts'.

People just don't seem to understand that he's a wealth hoarder. This is what HE WANTS.

Just realize this He Does Not Give A Fuck about the homeless,seniors, under insured,uninsured or anyone. Just his family and followers Riches. Big mistake with this Rich Asshole for President.

Think you are focusing on the wrong thing if you are explicitly singling out Trump:

It's the campaign. People blow money. Hillary more so (it could be argued that less people were in Trump's corner).

Lets focus on what he is doing with the tax payers money, not the donations to his election because that has no bearings on anything.

You mean that sinking ship of which his shame runs so deep that he won't release his tax forms?

If his tax returns showed anything but abject failure and shady deals to scramble out of the holes he keeps digging, you know the Braggart King would be fucking wearing them.

But, there will always be people who look at his trashy, gilded, debt-ridden concept of luxury and think it means success.

Edit: preposition correction

His "very good brain" can intuit it. He is, "like, really smart". Literacy is over rated, anyway. What we need is a president who ain't one of them hoidy toidy, educated elite types. Adding a little dementia to it is icing on the cake.

Yup it's obvious he has daughter issues instead.

Not in so many words, sure.

He's also the one with a certificate that he's not donkey brained.

Lol he didn't. Just said he did.

He lied. Like everything else.

This kind of expense is unprecedented. No president in recent history has amassed the expenses Trump has between his weekend jaunts to Mar-a-Lago and Melania refusing to leave NYC. People are upset that we have to cut programs that help actual people while the guy saying we need to sacrifice hasn't shown his willingness to sacrifice ANYTHING - not his businesses, not his golfing, not his weekends in FLA - the list goes on.

If you can't see the difference between this and pretty much every other president (including Bush), I encourage you to look back through history and do a quantitative comparison. There is no matching Trump. That's why people are upset.

It does put things into perspective.

I'm not one to criticize the President for taking the occasional vacation, but Trump's travel spending is absurd. It's unprecedented, irresponsible, and a strain on the local economy. There is no legitimate reason for him to go to Florida every weekend.

I mean, 50/50 thats a true statement...

Obama never went on vacation every week of his term.

It's cuter to think he was working before. He has people for that. The best people.

Millions? Oh sweet innocent child!

Yes. That is the point. More importantly Trump himself complained constantly about how much Obama golfed and said if he were president he would be too busy working to ever golf.

The president is allowed to go on vacation for a few days a year. Going on vacation every week is bullshit.

Look, a lot of people still question their reality after following the word "President" immediately with "Trump".

Thank you. He absolutely has dementia. Can't follow his own sentences and loses trails of thought constantly. I don't know why more people don't mention it. Obviously narcissism is there and when he was young that was maybe the only mental health issue he had, but dementia is obviously showing up here IMO. He is constantly confused and befuddled by the simplest conversations.

It's not the govt though. The taxpayers are basically footing the bill for the lavish lifestyle of this rich fucker while making him richer. This is the sort of open corruption that's usually seen in tiny banana republics (until now).

Which starts with "t", which rhymes with "p", which stands for "pool"! Right here in River City!

Look at the actual mathematics, and come back with a straight face and tell us you don't see the statistical difference.

Look at the actual mathematics, and come back with a straight face and tell us you don't see the statistical difference.

I suppose because Trump is being very hypocritical and because his travel expenses seem to be exceeding those of his predecessors.

What's even more disgusting is the amount of money he spent on his campaign. It could have literally fed millions of people of color and the homeless. America has lost its way and I see no light at the end of the tunnel. We need a leader, someone to lead the resistance.

We will never have those limits in the US because the politicians in power won't ever pass it. They benefit too much from the bribery.


Make America Reimburse A Lying Assholes Golf Outings



Mar a Lago And Golf Again

"It doesn't look like anything to me."

The White House still costs money to operate even when the President isn't there. Doing stuff in addition to that is always going to be extra.

The President traveling is a given, but the places he's normally expected to be the majority of the time are designed with securing him in mind, while Trump's properties are decidedly not.

That's not even getting into the costs incurred by the cities he and his family are in. Palm Springs and downtown New York both have lost revenue due to having to secure Trump and his family. Palm Springs for example shuts down a couple airports and severely restricts its largest one due to a no-fly zone being imposed around Mar-A-Lago. The area was previously known for its flight schools and high number of training pilots, but now those schools are shut down 2-3 days out of the week, for what's now the fifth week in a row.

And I don't know what your example is supposed to be of where the President would be moving around a bunch. If he's normally supposed to be in the White House he's certainly not moving around all the time. Again, travel is expected, keeping secure a private membership golf club 3/7ths of the week is not.

He's literally going where all the old people are - Florida. That can't bode well with him.

Trump is going to exceed all 8 years of Obamas cost in his first year....

You wouldn't hear any bitching if he stayed st obamas pace.

Something should also be said that he is making a profit off all horse visits to his properties


He's just beefing up our military for all the parades.

He might - just barely - "care" about his family but; psychopathic/narcissistic donnie actually only cares about himself.

toddles are very selfish; which is fine when you are an actual toddler. Not so fine when you are a grown man/toddler.

The point is that the money that's being used to pay for his golfing jollies (and incidentally being funneled straight into his coffers) is taxpayer money - the same money that he's withdrawing from meals on wheels, heat for seniors, etc.

His other kids which he did the same thing to seems still corrupt as shit

Sucks we have to pay secret service detail for him even after his ass is out of the White House.

He'll be 74 when his term is over, we won't have to pay for the SS protection for too long.

Does that include coverage for his whole family too?

Just Melania. ETA: And Barron until 2022.

Holy false equivalence, Batman!

Also how about this: I'm also against Obama wasting money!

He could have a much worse name.

"Reince Priebus" comes to mind. Sounds like something that came out of the ass end of a Prius.

Scum for pointing out what a shit person is doing to our country? Scum for proving how his vacations to his properties to make a buck can be used in different ways that HELP the poor and downtrodden? Scum for knowing this buffoon of a man is soiling the country we live in for money? If that's scum i'm the scummiest person alive. Have fun trying to hide in your fantasy island but eventually one of his and the gop's bullshit ideologies are gonna destroy your island and by that point you won't be able to say shit.

One of the first things that Obama did when my family was in peril during the housing crisis was to create a loan modification program to help people on the brink of losing their homes due to foreclosure.

He also extended unemployment benefits to give people who had lost their jobs more time to find work before potentially losing their homes.

We still lost our home, incidentally. But because of these two policies, my family was spared homelessness for a few extra months which gave us time to find living arrangements for everyone, get our stuff into storage, etc.

These are two examples that come to mind off the very top of my head.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have Trump putting forth plans to gut programs that help people in need. Apples and oranges.

Drumpf has taken more golf vacations in 1 month than Obama has in 1 year....

Reporter: "Your supporters are the ones who this will affect the most."

Trump: "I know."


I saw someone say he's trying to he President for all the people. I'd love a bit of what they are smoking Trump is President only for himself and his rich mates and whatever money he can wring out of the people

No, he's just doing the Presidency thing as a side gig and is still managing his companies full time.

He's also filming a new season of the Apprentice in the situation room.

Are you serious? He is already trying to extort foreign nationals by having them attend his resorts/hotels.

He quit nothing. He has divested nothing. Kellyanne Conway fucking advertised his families business on national television while she clumsily tried to defend his shitty words and ideas. This man would sooner chew off his own arm than sacrifice a fucking penny.

I mean, if I were to tell you that Orange Man is secretly exporting RC Cola to the FSB, you wouldn't rule it out, right?

If the word "guffaw" was defined by a picture, that'd be it.

I hope Barron turns out okay. Having an absent rich father must be tough. Having that father be Donald Trump must be even harder. Having your father be the President has to be at least a little damaging, and having your father be a controversial president must make it all the more difficult.

I hope whoever is taking care of him, be it Melania, nannies, or whoever, is doing a good job raising him. I hope he doesn't grow up to be a Patrick Bateman-esque douche-nozzle like his older brothers.

Sure, he wont ever have to worry about money, but there are so many factors stacked up against the poor kid that I can't help but worry about him.

Poor little dude.

maybe he means his dad was a blithering buffoon that is allergic and has outright disdain for objective facts that don't align with his privileged world view?

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, let him starve to death and you never have to buy him a meal" - Donald Trump 2018

I agree with you, but I want to ask you a question. Do you think that Trump's dramatic increase in travel expenditures is an issue, particularly because the travel is NOT for work related travel, but for him to golf and relax at his fancy club. Trumps' monthly expenditures are equivalent to prior president's annual budgets. It is not like he is going to Mar-a-Lago to meet with NATO or negotiate trade agreements. I am sure some meetings take place there, but mostly it is for golf. Do you see this a problem when he is asking so many American do without (cuts to education, health after school programs, meals on wheels, school lunches, and I can not go on and on).

Yeah because it's a step down from being CEO to president of the US...

He won't. He loves that he's the president and virtually untouchable now. Sucks we have to pay secret service detail for him even after his ass is out of the White House. Does that include coverage for his whole family too?

Ah yes, those of our fellow Americans who have more children than teeth... truly the most discerning of us.

Nobody who has lived a real life and has a tangible connection to reality would think that that's a sacrifice.

Securing the President isn't a training exercise. He's costing a lot of money to go golfing every weekend. He's also over a city; Palm Springs. It's not that remote. Moreover, being so close to the beach only means having a huge waterfront to secure too.

Except, Trumps proposed budget will cut funding to so many programs which help homeless and needy people, all in the name of cutting spending. He has no problem spending millions of taxpayer dollars simply to visit his second of 3 homes, while saying it's just too expensive & worthless to help needy Americans.

His father is Donald Trump. He is the youngest child -- by a lot of years. His name is Barron. Sorry, he is doomed.

Just wait for that fight, to divide of Dad's money and assets, when Trump dies. It will be nasty.

What the hell? My sarcasm detector is flipping like crazy! What's going on here?

And there's no one stopping him, so he'll continue to divert funds to line his pockets.

Yeah except Trump is set to be a more expensive president to taxpayers than Obama, tenfold. Trump was the biggest critic of Obama, especially over petty shit like his vacations. Trump's vacations are not only expensive and cost taxpayers a shitload, but he's directly profiting off of it and getting more and more people to pay to play. This is illegal and nothing close to how any respectable president has behaved. I hate both Hillary and Trump but Hillary would never have done shit like this to this degree.

Trump won't go "one less home" to help save home-less people. Big surprise, a rich kid who is spent his entire life spending more money than he makes is not going to give up his gravy train just for the citizens he lies to to get elected. He fucking hates you poor people.

Plus Obama had most of his family stay in the White House which reduced Secret Service costs overall.

He can. And he should. But instead, he makes money from these trips!! Are we making America great again yet??

But these are trips to properties he owns, right? Why are taxpayers footing the bill for him to travel to his own properties every weekend? At what point does congress say he needs to lay off the expensive weekend trip and start using the provided facilities or use his own money.

What about Camp David? Isn't that there FOR him to use when he wants to get out of the WH?

I'm not even sure he cares about his family. How many times has he seen Barron since he started being President?

Actually I just Googled Barron to make sure I was spelling it right and found this TMZ article from yesterday.

Friday was the first time he's been to the White House since the inauguration. What the hell.