Trump and Priebus Reportedly Pushed Comey to Publicly Clear Trump in Russia Investigation

Trump and Priebus Reportedly Pushed Comey to Publicly Clear Trump in Russia Investigation
Trump and Priebus Reportedly Pushed Comey to Publicly Clear Trump in Russia Investigation

Every day it looks worse and worse for Trump. The hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

I'm personally thrilled he's dragging so many terrible people down with him. Preibus is a massive piece of shit.

The day after the Flynn conversation [between Trump and Comey], Reince Priebus, the White House chief of staff, asked Mr. Comey to help push back on reports in the news media that Mr. Trump’s associates had been in contact with Russian intelligence officials during the campaign.

Okay so in a single New York Times story, we have

Trump asked Comey to drop Flynn investigation

Trump floated the idea of jailing journalists who publish leaks

Priebus asked Comey to publicly deny that there was even any connections (not even collusion, just connections) between Trump associates and Russians.

Is there anything else still hiding in that article? If we look hard enough, is there a confession that we completely missed? This is the story that keeps on giving.

Still waiting for connections with Ryan & McConnell.

But the feeding frenzy is young.

"You cannot reason people out of a position that they did not reason themselves into."

There is literally nothing to gain by speaking to those who continue to faithfully support Trump at this point. Might I remind you that faith is belief without evidence.

No surprise here. When will Trump realize he's incredibly fucked and just resign/quit??

He'll never resign. He's a tyrant and you better start looking at him as such.

Nothing. You walk away.

This comment is the last tiresome piece of pessimistic speculation I can take. Bye /sub/politics comments sections. I mean there are people wasting THIS MUCH TIME AND RESOURCES burying him into the ground. All the people leaking. All the reporters fact-checking since the beginning. All the politicians staying against him, and even GOP blatantly leaving his side. I mean it may LOOK like a map drawn with lemon juice to you, but that shitty piece of 240 year old paper we all follow has some good shit on it that most rationale and legal systems are required follow. And you can't give these butts (who WILL work until 2018 if thats what it takes) some damn credit.


Obligatory holy shit; GOLD!

I had no idea this would gain traction so..

I hereby declare all of you free! Be as hopeful as you fucking want! Believe in what you believe in and allow yourselves to feel encouraged for our fellow citizens out there fighting for us! I know if I was in news, if I didn't believe the shit coming out of my mouth, no one could pay me enough to say it. Especially not for this long. I trust you guys to not fall for easy fallacies, I trust you guys to speculate, and I honestly believe, the ideology behind most of the people in this sub, is what opened America in the first place. FUCK being number 1 all the time, if it sacrifices happiness. What made us great was the brilliance of the soul, when humanity had developed enough sanity to judge a person not by their appearance, but by their mind.

This is the fresh blood I'm waiting for, too. It would be a glorious decapitation of GOP leadership, the chambers would be writhing and shitting themselves just like headless corpses.

Sadly, everything I've read seems to indicate that Mueller is going to take a while, possibly years. But he is absolutely meticulous. So we'll just have to take a steady stream of violated IC peeps pissing all over in the administration in the meantime and hope we're not a smoldering hole in the ground or completely compromised democracy by the time 2018 rolls around.

What do you say to someone who dismisses this as "fake news" and "speculation"? Genuinely asking

It really concerns me how corrupt this White House is. It's not just Trump...

I have found success from speaking to people who support Trump.

Specifically, when people start talking about pro-Trump or far-right positions, I am polite and I listen. Once we get 5-10 minutes into the conversation and they realize I hold different viewpoints, the simple fact that I didn't turn the conversation into a shouting match (or walk away etc.) is often a shock to them. You'd be amazed how much more willing these people are to hearing opposing viewpoints once they realize that you hold opposing views yet are actively avoiding adversarial behavior.

Edit: Unnecessary "these".

It would if republicans weren't hellbent of betraying our country for a tax cut

Me too. Remember he went to McCabe at the very beginning of this shitstorm. He owns every bit of Trump.

Hey I'm reasonably optimistic that this will be a good thing. Here's my thoughts: it comes down to Republican donors. Like any corporate fat cat, they want security in their long term investments. Now, for the next few years, there is a sword of Damocles dangling over the entire party.

If I were a Mercer or Mercer-like donor, I'd be getting very wary about running millions of dollars into the campaign of any Republican politician who may just be thrown in jail by the feds some time in the next 2-3 years, before being able to meaningful enact tax reform.

The illusion of invulnerability has been dissipated. The Republicans have had years of relatively minimal scrutiny for decades. Now they've gotten too cocky and the great machine that is the United States of America is starting to chew them up and spit them out. Their donors are gonna flee for the hills.

What concerns me more is we have just about all the Republicans in Congress fighting for him and only 54% of Americans want him impeached. We should be in the fucking streets.

In a conversation I had yesterday, I asked my Fiancee's brother (a trump supporter) if he had been following the news this week. He said there really wasn't anything going on, and that they definitely don't have any evidence. Fast forward 10 minutes after giving him a quick overview of the news this week and I'm let with "I mean, don't we want to be buddy buddy with Russia? I don't see the issue." how do you not walk away from that?

Here's hoping, right? But the goalposts have been moved so many times, it's hard to look forward pragmatically, especially with as many destructive appointees and bad policy that has been instituted in such a short time. Weeks feel like years and Trump & co. are still doing a Gish Gallop of policy manipulation leaving anything other than stories regarding the collusion soap opera to get buried in the popular narrative.

And while I hope you are right because I consider Trump a threat to the US, I consider Pence a direct threat to my existence as a trans woman because he is a person whose vileness is not as limited by his incompetency and he approaches LGBTQ policy with absolute hatred.

Is it obstruction of justice yet?

Does anything matter anymore?

Mueller is rumored to have been at FBI May 10. I think cases are further along than we know and the investigatory phase of some of the charges mostly completed. The prosecutorial phase may take years but I'm guessimg impeachment, resignation, or 25 will happen before the end of this year.

Comey had a killswitch.

As an atheist & a woman I too need Pence to be all in on the corruption train to prison. What a horrible hateful little man he is.

Fuck yeah!! I'm sick of the pessimism as well. Trump is going down.

Thank heaven that Comey is a man of integrity. A lesser person in that position and the whole country could be going down the tubes with Trump entrenched and consolidating power (by following Putin's instructions) over the next 4+ years.

You notice how, now that Trump is squarely fucked, the news is picking up steam on Pence?

I think it's entirely possible that this whole thing has been a lot more calculated by those career government people working on taking them down. The leaks and severity of them have increased at a steady pace. Priming the pump, if you'll allow me to use a phrase I just made up right now.

There is some talk that Pence and Ryan are also implicated, and that Hatch is being prepared. He sucks, but he won't be able to do anything, and Ryan going to jail would make me happy.

No, but an online echo chamber is not the place to have a rational or polite discussion

There will be no resignation and no cooperation from the Republican party. You need the Democrats to win a house majority and a senate majority if you want to see anything done. And even then, it's unlikely they'll break ranks. As Paul Ryan's secret-swearing "joke" reveals, they're the mafia. They'll do anything it takes to murder poor people. If you want to stop them, prepare for some serious shit.

What's our strategy for changing their minds if we refuse to speak to them?

It also concerns me just how understaffed this government is. It's almost like the United States has no President - we are a rudderless ship heading for a major disaster. Good luck everyone!

You may be in luck, buzz among the press on Twitter is that Pence's team is also panicking because he is also implicated and it's not surprising considering he outright lied about knowing Flynn was under investigation.

I love how conservatives are all of a sudden critics of American hegemony.

No, Priebus is complicit. He was the GOP Chairman, who made his mark raising ridiculous amounts of money. If the GOP had a hand in laundering Russian money, Reince was the guy behind it.

Claude Taylor just Tweeted minutes ago that the special counsel unofficially began his work at 7am on May 10th.

Comey was fired May 9th.

So this must be some serious stuff in the works.

Obligatory grain of kosher salt and all that jazz but this is a good sign that there is some real shit going down.

edit: Claude @TrueFactsStated "On Wed, May 10th, Robert Mueller was at DOJ (he arrived at 7:18am) and began informally acting as Special Counsel until off. ancmnt on 5/17."

All of this. People on the left need to stop expecting the Republican Party or the bulk of Republican voters to suddenly come back to reality and start doing the reasonable thing. The focus needs to be on getting Democrats into those seats by energizing potential voters and getting them to show up.

He's the guy that praised Garland as a fine judge that Obama would never pick because Obama is awful, then found out Obama did pick Garland and said just kidding, can't make me consider the guy lalalalalala.

Point taken about the donors, they are definitely in the mix for sure, it's not all Russian laundering and media manipulation at play here. It's a lot of people on the dole from oligarchs, (r) and (d). But faith is definitely being shaken on every level in the (r) camp. Not to the ground because of the amount of extraordinarily inflated egos at play but certainly enough to disrupt the flow of money and give pause to supporting the Republican agenda.

With that said, people like the like Mercers don't just funnel their dough to Republicans because they are looking for support policy that lowers taxes and so on, providing a returning on investment. I would imagine they are very much ideologically opposed to things like LGBTQ rights, social safety nets and healthcare. And (r)s are the only ones so ethically void as to support such policy.

So while I imagine there is a lot of questioning, frustration and caution emanating from the donor class at this point, I think they are stuck with (r)s for the most part because they are basically evil and evildoers gonna evil.

I would love for Trump, Pence, and Ryan to get booted. Then some faces that I don't have such beef with can get the role.

It hurts me inside however that 13th in line is Betsy Devos.

How is Orrin Hatch? I honestly didn't even know there was a "Senate president pro tempore" role until earlier today when I looked up the successors to a president if impeached.

It's because right wingers in the US are living in a totally different plane of reality to everyone else, and have been for some time. Check out Vox's piece about how Breitbart and Fox News have covered the last few days - if there was a media source going on and on about how you're the victim of some left-wing liberal media conspiracy to screw you over and unseat the president, and everyone around you was posting the same, and you were desperate to view yourself as fundamentally a superior person, damn right you'd be doubling down on supporting Trump.

I don't wanna excuse it because the 'wants to think of themselves as superior' portion is a huge part of it, but if those news sources are the only ones you trust, their point of view becomes chillingly understandable.

Edit: Also, this piece answers the Trump approval ratings question directly.

This is Putin's endgame imho. All of the corruption, weakening of govt., no recourse for us for years. Fuck republicans. They've sold us down the river.

But are they? The law prevented Trump from banning Muslims. The law allowed special counsel to be appointed for this investigation. The law recognizes Comey's memos as valid testimony. Congress and the Trump administration may think they're kings of the castle, but they aren't. We have a system of checks and balances and people who are both willing and able to uphold the law. Trump digs his own grave with every incriminating tweet and is too dumb to realize how badly he is screwing himself over. He's going down.

Maybe the Mercers and other big GOP donors will be implicated in money laundering. The whole lot of them thrown in jail. One could only hope.

If Trump goes down, I'll drink a beer.

If McConnell goes down, drinks are on me.

I almost want McConnell to go more than Trump. Almost.

I've been working on it, since my dad is a FoxNews fan (which is incredibly sad since he is the reason my brothers and I are all into science and academics). In order to dismantle their versions of reality:

If it's fake news, then nobody will be indicted. If they are indicted, they shouldn't actually be prosecuted. If they are prosecuted, they shouldn't actually be found guilty, much less go to jail. If it's fake news for political gain, the worst possible thing to happen would be Trump being impeached as a political move. If Trump is impeached but everything else is business as usual, then it's fake news; otherwise it's real. If there is a status quo on both sides of the aisle, a deep state attempting to throw the outsider Trump under the bus, then the status quo won't be shaken. Paul Ryan will keep his job. Pence will become president. Priebus will remain unblemished. McConnell will keep control of the Senate, and Gorsuch will die on the Surpreme Court 40 years from now.

The scientific method has value, not because it tells truth, but because it can predict the future with a high degree of accuracy. That is what logical and critical analysis of evidence can do, predict the future. If people are going to disagree on the fabric of reality, then don't challenge their reality - challenge their ability to predict the future. And then do it better than they can.

Reminds me of an interesting topic I learned in psychology about "the other" that details our obsessesion with NOT wanting to pertain to a certain group defines who you are. For example having a hatred for the Boston Celtics fuels my fandom for the LA Lakers, or I am a big Lakers fan because I oppose the Celtics so much. Such can be seen at sporting events where repping your jersey shows your loyalty but your fandom is also based on NOT supporting the other team.

This is the exact obsession I see with Trump. Most of his actions and statements I feel are purely based on just wanting to oppose the left, and not because he's doing what "feels right". Him asking for loyalty is him wanting others to to ensure they are not supporting "the other". The other in this case being Democrats and liberals etc. This is why I feel he brings up the election so much and brags about his crowd size during innauguration. He doesnt care about the number of people what he cares about is not letting "the other" win or be correct. What this does is nothing but cause separation between us, I have never been more judgmental towards conservatives than throughout thus election because even I feel a strong urge to just oppose everything this man does and stand for. Instead of being able to have a conversation about policies with others it's now just about how much do you support Trump and how much I don't. It also brings up media and how most biased news are based on going against the counter argument hence "fake news".

A good leader should be able to put his people before him, bridge gaps, and most importantly WORK TOGETHER. Not group those who support you and break off from the rest of the group. And this is a fundamental problem with the two party system, party over country, denying what the "other" is trying to do and only working with those like minded is more important than the problems we face together.

That is truly disturbing information. Even after Trump is gone those people remain, and that seems like a real problem.

I think it is important to point out the Priebus was the chairman of the RNC during the election of Trump.

If their minds haven't been changed by now then they are a lost cause.

Ya! You lefties just want WW3 with Russia! DAE "The tolerant left!" Ha ha libcuck tears 8 more years!!!!


It's infuriating that so many of them can't grasp even the slightest nuance. Of course, this pertains to mostly online interactions in my experience so who knows if they even actually believe he shit they're spouting (or are of voting age/Americans at all).

"...Yeah, and the US has interfered with other countries' elections! Why should we be immune!"

Id hope he also understands that given the gravity of the situation it's of no use to the country to have his findings released in the year 2022. Lets hope the fbi and comey have already done 90 percent of the job and arrests for manafort, stone, flynn, page, giuliani, mercer, prince, kushner can come soon. At least a couple of those people. And then save sessions and trump and pence for last. Id really like to see arrests soon and it could give leverage and force trump to resign. The investigation could and should continue until everyone is brought to justice. Id prefer he not wait a year and release it all at once without any updates when people are walking free and continuing to and currently destroying the country.

Ryan is ON TAPE swearing Republicans to secrecy about Russia paying Trump.

They're all going down. Moral rectitude is Comey's middle name.

Mueller has better take preemptive care that his key witnesses remain alive and able to testify.

I hear Polonium can spread like wildfire.

This is a very good point. Even if the special counsel is successful in their investigation and Trump & friends get justice, we still have to live with the fact that we lost so much during the time up until then where we could have been strengthening the nation, passing meaningful legislation, fighting ISIS, or anything. Putin has successfully stolen a chunk of time from us as a nation.

And Trump's base is still out there, crazy as ever (and increasingly more violent)

It may be because 82% of Republicans still support Trump

Fuck yeah!! I third this notion. Trump is a goner. USA! USA!

Priebus asked Comey to publicly deny that there was even any connections (not even collusion, just connections) between Trump associates and Russians.

The Reuters story that came out today pretty much destroys any claim by Trump and his administration that they have no ties to Russians, not that we didn't know they had ties already.

It's definitely possible. The slow and steady drip drip drip serves more than one purpose. Dedicated public servants are honoring their oath to defend the constitution against serious threat...this is more than just saving their careers. Patriots are stepping up. I think we'll see some surprise heroes when all is said and done.

If there are state RICO charges, yep.

Also, concern about the integrity of elections and election machines is growing. All eyes are going to be on 2018. Nothing's going to fly under the radar.

A much, much better gift to Democrats would be him not being in office.

Bigly better.

Trump won't resign, too proud, and the GOP probably doesn't want him removed. They're probably hoping he dies in office.

Think about it, he's a fat old pisshead, and the strain of the presidency aged Barack Obama, a spring chicken, well more than 8 years should age any man. There's no way Trump goes 4 years of this farce without aging 30. That'd make him, effectively, a 100 year old fat old pisshead.

If Trump dies in office, the GOP will rally behind it as proof positive that he was unfairly targeted, harassed by partisans, and driven to his grave by the deep state. Most of the Russia business will die with him, and the evergreen decency of public opinion and media in the U.S. will urge everyone to go easy on his family and the party, out of respect. Liberals will be vilified, and any mention of the misdeeds of the GOP during this period will be countered with accusations of disrespect.

Just my thinking on this. Of course I don't personally wish death upon him or anybody, I'm just trying to work through what the GOP's optimal strategy is for this. And it seems like it would solve a lot of problems for them.

EDIT: a word and such

They are citing the NYT's story:

Let's not forget that Preibus was in charge of the Republican National Committee, and in that role in the 2016 election he was in charge of coordinating all of the republican party's resources for the presidential campaign and all down ballot campaigns. If he is connected to Russian coordination, the whole party is connected.

If I'm not mistaken, the special prosecutor and his case are only concerned with criminality. Meaning Mueller's investigation will not impact Impeachment proceedings. Please tell me I'm wrong...I want criminal prosecution AND impeachment. My dream scenario would involve the destruction of Ryan, McConnell, and Pence as I'm not holing my breath.

Don't forget about McConnell. He's a terrible, terrible person

I'd rather get the country back in order now than fuck it up for years to make sure they get elected.

I don't think so. The news that has already come out had been so fast that it really hadn't had time to sink in. The comey firing was the fire amongst all the smoke and even right wing media has a hard time defending it. We are at a point now where the tipping point has already been reached.

I have a feeling that more republicans will either stop offering opinions or begin to drop out of the trump camp explicitly.

And I thought a day might go by without more atrocities committed by the white house revealed.

I watched Watergate in real time. But this is far worse. Yes, we wanted justice and it dragged on. But it wasn't the entire GOP covering up the corruption. It wasn't cabinet members, staff, senators, congress people, and generals lying blatantly while being guilty of treason. It wasn't the collapse of every check and balance in the constitution.

Fuck all these slimy, despicable traitors.

Wouldn't it actually be amazing if we could literally thank Trump at the end of all of this... For giving the people all the ammunition they needed to literally "drain the swamp", including himself.

I would put my faith in FBI at this point. Comey declined to testify in Congress behind closed doors. There have been a steady drip drip drip of information that could have only come from IC sources. I think the FBI realizes and understands the extreme circumstances surrounding this unprecedented case and the need to keep the public in the loop, at least peripherally. The Special Prosecutor is the former FBI Director.

The FBI are essentially taking on half of the political establishments top leadership and to do so without the public by their side would be very risky, to say the least. We may not be getting daily pressers by Mueller going through every action and every investigative lead they are exploring in explicit details, but I do think we will be getting bits and pieces, here and there, official and unoffical, on and off the record. I also think there will be arrests and prosecutions in several steps. The small fish first, the "middle management" after that - all the while piling up evidence and testimonies against the top brass - which means there will be plenty of air-time for Mueller until it's time for the top brass. If you're aiming for the King, you'd better not miss. It makes sense for FBI to target Stone, Manafort and the smaller players first to secure testimony and evidence, before taking on 45, Kushner, Mercer et all.

tl;dr - There will be plenty of information coming out until all is said and done, the FBI know they need the public on their side adn they also understand the public needs to be kept in the loop during the course of these investigations.

Edit: opportunistic risky

It hurts

If he dies in office, there will be 50 years of conspiracy theories surrounding it.

If it falls to devos, then battlestar galactica will be underway.

It's ok, i remember what the cylons look like.

I hope you stay and keep providing this insight. This was a bit of sunshine between all the cloud cover in this shit storm.

As people with names are officially called out for crimes, he'll be capable of feeling remorse for those that were loyal, just as he has for Flynn.

Wait till people piece together that this is the same night Rince DID persuade Burr and Nunes to provide cover to the media.

This is what amazes me. Practically the entire GOP has bet it's future that Trump isn't a lying sack of crap.

The people who still support Trump are the ones who are going to be hit hardest by his reforms. If they continue to refuse to accept reality then the only thing you can do is let them learn from their mistakes. It sounds cruel, but what do you do when a drowning man knock away the preserver you've thrown him?

If they ask for help, give it. But if they're just going to swallow every shit sandwich Trump and the GOP gives them then let them. The economy didn't "leave them behind." They refused to adapt. If they continually shout at the world for it to change rather than they budge an inch, then all you can do is cut them loose.

uhm yeah. and if you look you will see that they are trying to undo banking regulations. buckle down everybody.

It's almost all the way to Russia.

Okay, but did you change anybody's mind about anything? That was parent posts' point.

I want the GOP to lose congress more than I want Trump gone.

Well not the male ones, anyway.

Priebus is one of the leakers. Im convinced.

I don't even feel phased when a bombshell report drops, because I already know nothing fucking matters anymore. I hope one day that changes.

It's likely because Pence is neck deep in the bullshit and will likely go down with the Trumptanic.

It's not just him. Priebus was the RNC chairman before becoming Trump's Chief of Staff. That's why they're circling the wagons. They're afraid their own corruption and crimes are going to be exposed.

And continues to do so, which is just dumb.

Nope. Nor have I tried to do that in any situation where I'm severely outnumbered. That goes for blindly left-leaning folks as well. Fervent and irrational partisanship is be no means exclusive to the right (the amount of people calling Congressional Trump supporters traitors with a straight face the past couple weeks turns my stomach). In either case, that kind of group fervency does usually preclude rational discussion. In contrast, individual empathetic discussion is often very productive.

Agreed. There will be no impeachment (until 18). And then there won't be enough Dems to remove him in the senate. Republicans have no patriotism, no love for America.

Yes agreed.

I believe 44 went to 43 for advice after he was briefed by Comey. There has always been a great deal of mutual respect between them.

Don't count the nevertrumpers out. It's my suspicion they're the ones running things behind the scenes until the various fed/state cases are ready, but it's also possible I'm just believing that to get some sleep.

I wouldn't be surprised to see 43 & 44 making a joint statement to bolster legitimacy when it all goes public.

If you listen to Pod Save America they all say Pence is another evil to fight but he's not going to put United States Citizens in danger due to incompetence.

What I love most is the damage this will have done to the views of the republican party. They chose to publicly put their support behind Trump when he won the republican nomination even though they hated him for the most part, all because "muh party". If they hadn't have supported him like they did, the party could have saved face and shown that they had some back-bone, but instead they've shown they will do whatever it takes to make sure their party is the one in power, and it's coming to bite them in the ass, hard.

You could have said this same thing 90 days ago. Actually everyday since then you could have said it... how big is this fucking hole already?

Every day he is in office is a gift to democrats, especially now that his agenda is toast.

No, no, not years man. I cannot take years of this.

It does. Idk how much of that is me being a fairly selfless person and it being that hard for me to relate, but it truly does. Surely there are private sectors these greedy fucks can go into to make money off the pain and suffering of smaller groups of people. But I suppose those roles and positions don't have terms of appointment, and they can be more easily fired. Not to mention them requiring more skill and talent. I know politics have been like this to some degree for a long time in this country, but it just has me in a dark place lately. Feeling helpless and bitter. And I quit smoking weed shortly after the election so that hasn't fucking helped one bit. I need a break from all of this cruelty for the sake of power and money. I get that's what has shaped history, but this is the first experience in my adult life in my country where that cruel greed has affected my life on a daily basis. Blah. I was just ranting to get it all out, I don't expect anyone to care too much.

I disagree. Anyone carrying water for Trump is a danger and needs to be rooted out. The image of some of these people going down with him will serve as a brilliant warning shot to any lickspittle who enables the next greedy, treasonous dimwit.


I don't think uncovering corruption is bad, I mean the GOP hasn't cleaned house in a long time and now the scum has scum. Be angry at the GOP not democrats for having standards.

This specifically (that is, this Times story) can easily be written off as speculation, for now. I won't deny that. That's why I want to know what's in these "tapes" Trump boasted about last week. It's also why I hope Mueller turns something up. Too much has happened in just four months. We deserve some concrete answers.

Are you talking about Fox and talk radio?

I'm kind of not. We need two parties on board with this. If a huge chunk of Republicans are implicated in this it makes it much harder to peacefully resolve this issue. The more that are involved the more likely they'll be able to fix future elections. We really could easily slide into becoming a Russian puppet state right now.

He is also increasingly looking to be on the Trumptanic.

I don't think so. People could forget the national nightmare by midterms. We need to keep this trump trainwreck going for a few more years

Those legal systems are Eroding.

I was thinking about 43 & 44 the other day, if there were ever a Special Committee conviened I'd want the both of them on it.

They know he is but they're ready to defend him with whataboutism or onlyjoking-itis.

They're just rephrasing a NYT article from today, as well as info we've already known

I just want to know the steps you took in life that led up to making this delusional comment.

I can see Russia from my backyard

Trump is going to claim asylum in Saudi Arabia or some shit at this point.

I'd really like someone to draw a target on DeVos's back as well. She's an active threat to every child and student in America.

I'm hoping that some of Trump's people start getting arrested. He's so unstable it won't take much more for him to completely crack.

Taking bets! What are the odds?

He and Mattis are probably the only "good" options on the list.

That'd be some 4-D chess right there.

The irony of this comment is so great that it's giving me hemochromatosis

Darn tootin'

I know Claude Taylor's reporting is not the best source to quote but he did state a few days ago that search and seizure warrants were granted. This is a long shot but I wonder if those S&S warrants are to possibly search the White House/offices of Trump and company when they are out of the country. If so, we may see Trump come back to the country to handcuffs. Probably a pipe dream but still...

I'm pretty sure on the same night Reince succeeded in persuading Burr and Nunes to provide cover for the media, acting in the capacity of 'high intelligence officials'.

When we get the date exactly, I'm sure dozens of media outlets will be able to confirm. =p