Trump Adviser’s Visit to Moscow Got the F.B.I.’s Attention

Trump Adviser’s Visit to Moscow Got the F.B.I.’s Attention

There you GO NYT! That's the shit we wanna see from you! Now it's wapos turn with the counter punch.

And that trip just happens to be mentioned in the dossier. Sounds more and more like that document might have a whole lot of truth behind it.

Page admits meeting with Rosneft representatives in this video, he denies meetings in all his interviews after the dossier came out. This video still isn't viral, people should watch and share this:

Lol. This little bumbling dork is gonna bring the whole administration crashing down. Even the Russian spies recruiting him thought he was a complete dolt.

There's a sort-of-funny-except-that-it's-treason conspiracy wrinkle that this article reminded me of.

On 3/2, the NYT reported that Kushner, Flynn, and Kislyak all met at Trump Tower in Dec 2016. Oddly enough, Kislyak wasn't seen on the CSPAN cameras covering the people visiting Trump Tower.

On 3/3/17, Rep. Mark Pocan said

"But now you find out the son-in-law of the president met with Russian officials at the Trump Tower after having them come in the back door."

Polifact rated this claim as "mostly true" on 3/8: "It’s been confirmed that Kushner and Flynn met with the Russian ambassador in December 2016 at T...

So, what could this "back door" have been?

In the NYT article today, there's a line that mentions:

<Carter Page's> Private Equity Firm operates out of a co-working space in a Manhattan high-rise that Mr. Page has described, accurately though perhaps misleadingly, as “around the corner from Trump Tower.”

Page's firm, Global Capital Management, is located at 590 Madison Avenue, 21st Floor, New York, NY 10022.

This building is on the same block as Trump Tower, and "features a connecting walkway to Trump Tower."

So hypothetically, if you needed to get people inside Trump Tower for meetings without the media seeing them, you could sneak them in through Carter Page's office.

NYT doesn't disappoint. Nobody can deny there is a plethora of evidence already that Trump colluded with Russia, even if we ignore this latest piece of evidence. Trump and his lackeys all need to go to jail for betraying the country.

"Well, Jake, that's an interesting question, but before I answer it I'd like to reiterate: I'm Carter Page! This is my face! This is my voice! I have a mother who loves me and I have no suicidal intentions!"

It still boggles my mind how the MSM has not yet reported on this video. It makes it so clear that Carter Page is full of shit.

hasn't killed this guy yet

Many have speculated this is why he's raised his public profile as of late

I still haven't fathomed how Russia hasn't killed this guy off yet. The only explanation is that he's a legit traitor with Russiaphillia and while he isn't a Russian puppet he desperately wants to be one, like Benedict Arnold right before he went traitor.

A treason charge will be difficult if not impossible to get. We would have to be actively at war with Russia for collusion to be considered treason. That's just in legal terms though. As far as I'm concerned it might as well be treason. In the end I think conspiracy and espionage charges are more likely to stick.

"I don't take any medications, I stay on the ground floor of all the buildings I visit, I never walk down any alleys, I have no known food or medical allergies..."

If they did commit treason, and we can get a solid conviction for it, they can actually be EXECUTED. (The penalty for treason is either execution or a jail sentence and a fine not to be under a particular value; if jailed and fined they are also barred from holding office thereafter.)

I think a stronger message would be sent by executing them.

When the F.B.I. opened its investigation in late July, agents were just beginning to explore whether Mr. Trump’s advisers had contacts with Russian government officials or intelligence operatives, according to the current and former law enforcement officials, who spoke about the continuing inquiry on the condition of anonymity. In the months that followed, they said, more evidence came to light, including intercepts of Russian officials discussing Mr. Page and other Trump associates.

All but confirmed now that they were investigating as early as July. They've had quite some time to build this case, it should make you realize how big this is that they're still building it. I want to know what the "more evidence" was that came to light, and what other associates got wrapped up in this thing.

“You talk about fake narratives,” Mr. Page said on Fox News. “When you introduce false evidence in a court of law, including the FISA court,” he said, referring to the court that issued the warrant targeting him, “that is illegal. So, let’s see what happens.”

Doesn't look so fake now, Carter. So yes, let's see what happens (pst, you're going to jail).

"...and autoerotic asphyxiation doesn't appeal to me in the slightest!"

If you listened to the entire House intelligence hearing (starring the now infamous Mr. Nunes, though he's not the point here)--one of the reps (Speier) said something to the effect that the election interference might be considered an act of war.

"I strongly dislike polonium and never keep it anywhere in the house."

Lol, no wonder he's been so weird. I'd be shitting my pants, too, if I was the one who was fucked it all up.

Edit: also didn't Mensch say that they intially tried to get a FISA warrant in July? looolllll

Goto her website and email it. Like you would a friend.

Interesting theory, but it looks like the link between the buildings is this public glassed-in atrium area. Certainly you can walk from one building to the other, but difficult to sneak through that way.

Presumably Kislyak and other VIPs who do not want to be seen could enter Trump Tower through an elevator from a carpark or similar.

I'm surprised Maddow hasn't. That seems right up her alley.

Another advisor, more smoke. For some reason I think the excuses are going to change from how these are all "coincidences" to "but everyone works with Russia."

Yeah, I've heard a lot of people say this, even Dick Cheney has said something to that effect. And I personally am of the opinion that this could be an act of warfare in a new emerging sense of how warfare is going to be conducted looking forward.

That being said the legal definition of treason remains airtight and Trump and his associates are legally safe from being prosecuted for treason.

Actual credible sources (namely the Washington Post) confirmed that the FBI did secure a FISA warrant in July, and that they were able to renew it multiple times.

EDIT: Mensch's latest alleges that Page brought a video of Trump explicitly asking Putin for help in the election in exchange for sanction relief. I would wait for a legit source to confirm that, though.

Because what does Russia lose if this whole story break open? Why does it matter to Putin if it all gets uncovered? It weakens the US even more as it showed that our elections are susceptible to foreign interference. He wanted to show the weakness of western democracy. He did that. Nothing bad happens to him if this story comes out.

Great idea. Done.

She said "tape" not video, so it could have been audio too.

The idea that he had a tape (audio or video) hand delivered to Russia may seem ridiculous, but keep in mind that back in December he said this:

"It's very important, if you have something really important, write it out and have it delivered by courier, the old fashioned way because I'll tell you what, no computer is safe."

I just hope he broke off the little tab so that nobody could make a copy.

Edit: I have been reminded that the little tab is for preventing re-recording, not copy protection. It's hard to keep up with all this new technology sometimes.

Get em with the old one two

Slightly off topic but have you ever had one of those moments where you just love modern technology? I totally had one with that link. Even tho I'm on a toilet on the west coast of the US, I can get a clear view of the walkway in question. This is fucking tight! Lol


Several thousand degenerates on reddit"

Oh my god I read something on Reddit or get a wapo or nyt alert on my way out of work. Cant read and drive, obviously, so I tune in to npr, holy fuck for sure they are covering this this is huge!

Nope. No. It's about some small business struggles in the pottery industry or how a brother is finally reconnecting with his sister after finally getting out of syria. Lovely stories, I love npr. But this shit is serious, maybe the biggest ordeal we are facing as a country. Get on this shit!

This is what leads to so many highly educated people around me, many regular npr listeners, not knowing who the fuck Carter page is or what this "a dossier??" Is all about. Rosneft???

I feel like I'm a conspiracy theory nut with how uninformed so many remain. NPR playing nice is part of the problem. Maddow is seemingly the only one who does not let this go.

And when CNN takes its goddamn Ritalin it can be really good. (CNN has a bad tendency to get distracted.)

I called NBC personally in January and spoke to a producer from her show. He gave me an email address to send it to and assured me he would email me back and confirm he received the link. I never got an email back. I had him repeat the email 3 times and I definitely copied it down correctly. I sent it to a bunch of outlets and have posted it on here a bunch of times and dealt with endless trolls. I'm just one person and I have day job and other responsibilities. It's a common reply I receive that I should send it to press but I wish people would help out and send it themselves and share it. Sorry to vent.

Damn, today is a pretty good day for dropped shoes.

Well, no if this all comes out the sanctions will never be lifted and Russia continues to die slowly. Russia needs this all to go away quietly, but I think you're right that they don't care one way or the other about Trump.

Trump and his lackeys all need to go to jail for betraying the country.

Things that don't happen to wealthy white people for $100

And the occasional Buzzfeed dossier drop.

The RT version has an extra audio channel over him talking that obscures that same sentence someone pointed out last time I posted the video. Is probably just a coincidence:) Here is that link for comparison

Page...a Navy veteran and businessman who had lived in Moscow for three years

Never knew that. That dude is going to jail.

Rich people losing money.

I think our understanding of war is being shown as dangerously out dated. The invention of nuclear weapons changed forever how warfare is conducted, but it didn't change the way we think about war. If you think about something like the Berlin Airlift during the Cold War. If nuclear weapons hadn't existed that crisis could have resulted in bullets flying. But with nuclear war looming we changed the way we respond to the conflicts between Great Powers. Instead of guns firing we airlifted supplies into a blockaded city for a year. Cyber warfare is the logical conclusion of this shift in warfare between Great Powers. We need to update how we think about conflict between Great Powers in a post-nuclear age and I think the Russian interference in our election is starting that conversation.

Comey confirmed that the investigation was opened in July 2016. It was part of his testimony to the House Intel Cmte.

"I always make sure my car is in perfect working order through regular maintenance at a manufacturer certified auto-shop."

even Dick Cheney has said something to that effect.

If Cheney thinks a person has crossed the line, well, that's fucking scary.

Send it to Rachel Maddow. She's been really focusing all her energy on trump/Russia and has the audience to push this content.

I disagree. Executions have no place in a civilized society.

A conviction and lifetime prison sentence, sure. Barring them from holding office, absolutely. But execution is stooping too low.

"but everyone works with Russia."

Already been happening. Trump himself has been trying to deflect to Podesta's Russia ties for ages. And yeah, there actually may be some fishy stuff there, but Russia intervened to help Trump win the election, not Hillary.

Um, no. It instantly raises his profile to "must be stopped now" for every other country, as they look at the elections taking place where they are. France, Canada, Germany... all these places are going to be willing to sanction the fuck out of Russia even if the US is crippled for the next few years.

We're not the only country, and it's dangerous to assume that we are. That's the isolationism and nationalism talking.

People, please upvote this. If you want to send this video to Rachel Maddow, her contact information is:

Make sure you include the entire Youtube link above, especially the start time of when the question is asked to Carter Page (Rachel Maddow and her staff won't want to sift through an hour long video to find 30 seconds where the question is asked about Rosneft and Carter Page answers it)

He wants to damage the entire western alliance. He's already been doing it. Look at all the Russian money used to influence brexit. Look at what they're doing in France. It's not a secret what they're doing.

Ah yes. The classic Trump, Russia, squirrel trifecta

Here is the thing,

Putin is not dumb.

He will tie any Russian ends up. Note: The 10 or so Russians that have been killed in the last couple months.

We already know that Putin directly ordered the interference in the campaign, so that bell will never be unrung.

But if the FBI is watching Page, Manafort and the many others we probably dont even know about yet, that could put a Trump away, it makes it extremely dangerous if one of them is killed by Putin. Why? Because if they are being watched, If they attempt to kill them, then authorities may catch an assassin in the act, it would literally trigger WWIII. That would be an act of war.

Putin doesn't want that. He wants sanctions lifted. Trump doesnt want that either, because it could confirm that he is a traitor.

Best case scenario for Putin, is that he destabilizes the U.S. for as long as he can. And the Republicans that are unwilling to move this thing along, are letting him.

Ghouliani had NYC FBI friends. Ghouliani never got a job from Trump.

One by one the dominoes are falling.

Are we all remembering Trump apparently had powerful 'allies' within the FBI (allegedly the NYC office)?

I read the article. It seems everyone has said he overstates his role in anything. What in this article is good for establishing trump Russia collusion? I felt it was not that damming.

I wish papers would start stating that trump is included as a possible guilty party. It's always "people around trump" but it should be "Trump and his campaign." He is not going to get to play stupid about this whole thing.

Aside: Where is schiff? I'm fiending for updates on this investigation.

Aside 2: anyone else reporting on that possible tape of trump putin quid pro quo?

Aside 3: when's the next Senate hearing on this? Public?

God damn every day this clown is in office the country and the world suffer.

I know a lot of media/government types said that Buzzfeed was hurting by leaking that dossier but now, in retrospect, it was the right thing to and it's given credibility to the Trump/Russia stuff. I think more people are taking it seriously because the dossier leaked.

I feel like I'm a conspiracy theory nut with how uninformed so many remain.

That's what gets me. Even if you just bring up shit from WaPo and NYT, two of the most reputable media outlets on the planet, people act like you're spouting fucking nonsense.

Lots of buildings in Manhattan have secure, discreet entries that get you from car to upper floors in total privacy. The Mandarin Oriental is preferred by certain people for this very reason.

I have no idea if Trump Tower has this but considering some of their residents I would guess they have some provision that can get people in and out discreetly.

Trump had Russian prostitutes pee on a bed that the Obama's slept in

Trump is a disgusting pig first, a stupid pig second, a pig third, and a conman last

Did you know Sessions gave him to Trump?

Send this video to Rachel. Her contact information is at:

Include the entire link above so Rachel and her staff can jump right to the question and Carter Page's response about his meeting with Rosneft (the video is an hour long so Rachel and her staff will just delete your e-mail if they have to sift through an hour long video to find Carter Page admitting he met with Rosneft)

What will it take for everyone else to realize that this administration is just not gonna work?

Anyone who considers NPR to be hyperliberal has never listened to NPR. They're constantly letting guests bloviate their bullshit with no kind of fact checking or refutation.

Why do you need more corroboration than literally the HEAD of the FBI saying that they have been investigating Trump-Russia ties since last July?

If people won't believe that, then nothing will convince them.

I found this

I sent a note as well. Maybe we can get some others to help

"What's wrong with being friendly with Russia? Why are all of the Dems McCarthyist warmongers?"

"Radiation poisoning...Russians?"

"No, we think he just really liked bananas. Like a lot."

Interestingly the British spy who created the trump dossier is also the guy who proved it was a Russian assassination back in the day

4chan got a lot right when they made up that whole dossier...

So here is the deal. This meeting is the one that Louise Mensch talks about in her report from Sunday night. The one in which she says Carter Page took a tape of Trump saying he would exchange the removal Russian sanctions in exchange for help with winning the election. She says that the Moscow meetings were recorded by foreign intelligence officials who shared the information with our IC, including capturing the playback of the tape.

This meeting took place the first week of July, and Comey was able ot get his Carter Page FIASA warrant in July.

This is a step towards corroborating her reporting. At the very least it dovetails perfectly into what she is speculating/claims to have heard from her sources.

Keep your grain of salt around, but man oh man if this all pans out...

hope you signed it for all of us

That's the shit we wanna see from you!

Trump better start bombing some foreign scrub brush again.

And tbh, very little of their stuff is even political.

"Bob Thomas owns a small shoe store in Dickland, OH that was opened by his father 47 years ago"

"Dickie Ballsman is an high school athelete with a dream, from the quiet suburb of Assland, Texas"

"Meet Pierre Ballmouthier, who grew up in Paris, but recently moved to Assex in the UK to sell his hand-crafted wiener grabbers"

Seriously, most of NPR is just interesting stories about interesting shit going on in the world. I feel like very little of their programming is political.

I feel like you're just projecting now.

"Also, I insist on jacking off solely into tube socks. Never over the toilet, a towel or tissues. I find it to be the most perfect containment device, and slides right over the shaft. Best part: when I'm done, I can just throw it on the floor with no one the wiser. I don't know how this is relevant, but just thought you'd like to know."

It's too bad anonymous had to die the way it did, sex-slaves to Russian trolls, locked in a room with shit-posting robots and red-hat people. Fuck. That.

NPR plays a game of being all 'reasonable' and sane, but can be pretty sinister in the stories they choose to cover and choose to ignore.

Spicer later this month: "FISA warrants are easier to renew than library books. Nobody cares about this besides you people in the press! We all knew the campaign was working with Russia during the election and he still won, so it doesn't matter now."

It's not a secret what they're doing.

It basically was until all this shit broke.

Expect the rhetoric on North Korea and Syria to ramp up now that this is gathering momentum again

The polonium killing you're referencing was done in the UK to a naturalized British citizen.

Bath salts

I kinda see my fellow Redditors as being like Bender. We like to muck around act like jackasses, but when it comes to doing the right thing, we eventually get to it.

It really wasn't. Maybe it wasn't known that they were operating in America, but it was widely known that they've been funding the far-right and far-left parties in Europe for a long time.

One by one the dominoes are falling.

You'd never know it if you listened just to NPR.

After Mr. Page, 45 — a Navy veteran and businessman who had lived in Moscow for three years — stepped down from the Trump campaign in September, the F.B.I. obtained a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court allowing the authorities to monitor his communications on the suspicion that he was a Russian agent.

So they waited until he left the campaign? So they didn't spy on team Trump.

Ah! I knew this. I just forgot...Because of my addiction to the news.

I wonder if I'll miss it when it's over. It's like there is this tooth infection that won't heal, it festers...a dull ache throughout the day. You forget it briefly as you go about your business, but then the headache comes and you realize again its probably from this fucking tooth. You know you should go to the doctor and get this treated, but you keep putting it off. And every day you put it off it is worse. Dr. Comey, DDS, hasn't given you an appointment.

Trump is a tooth abscess on this country. We're just waiting impatiently with such an anger at this annoying, disgusting tooth, getting to the point where we just have Dr. Comey get the pliers and rip it out. Fuck the appointment, fuck anesthesia, I want to feel it come out because fuck this tooth.

Hahaha, idk wtf is going on anymore.

Everybody knows a little tape over where the tab was solves that problem.

Besides, the tabs prevent the tape from being recorded over, not from being copied.

Is this pedantic? Seems like an important distinction for your quip!

But you're right. It's likely audio, and that quote clarifies the allegation a lot.

It's recess. Schiff won't appear until Congress is back in session. Prepare for that. It will be an intense period.

I checked and there are multiple recent articles that are still calling Giuliani Trump's cyber czar, although every other article on him is that he's working on a legal defense team for an Iranian money launderer so maybe it's a part-time thing.

No big deal, cyber security is easy stuff. I'm sure a 70 year-old man with no understanding of technology beyond "it runs on electricity, whatever that is" will handle it fine.

It's because he's American.

It is one thing for Putin to kill citizens of Russia or of countries within Russia's sphere of influence. There are no consequences. If someone slips an American citizen some polonium tea, there will be consequences.

Seems like the Trump Pee-Pee Tape is looking more and more credible every day that passes

Holy shit the bombs didn't work.

They sure did for at least 3 or so days - and NPR is still pretty quiet on the Russian stuff.

I'm still betting he fucked underage prostitutes. His comments and behavior lead me to think that he would given the chance and his kowtow to Russia and Putin is seriously unmatched, especially with their conduct and concentration camps of homosexuals in Chechnya. There has to be some SERIOUS compromise to perform the mental gymnastics he does.

I know a lot of media/government types said that Buzzfeed was hurting by leaking that dossier but ...

It was absolutely the right thing to do journalistically. Risky, but right.

Dossier of intel compiled by a former MI6 operative who had a longstanding relationship with the FBI? Gee, should we hold off publishing??

Most of the MSM lost their balls. Buzzfeed said, "Whoot, there it is..." *

* After CNN referenced it...

EDIT: Oops, think I meant to reply to the comment above...

Wow, yea, he sure did.

Yeah, if Russia got caught killing American citizens in America the future of humanity would be in extremely serious danger.

That's just about the saddest, most impotent impulse I can imagine any human having. Nothing says pallid, non functional, limp dick more than being so jealous of a man who doesn't care about you that you hire prostitutes to defile a bed he slept in ages prior. And not even fucking them but watching them piss on each other because your nubbin dick is useless and so far buried under the smelly, sticky folds of your spray tanned gunt that your tiny little paws can't even reach it.

"If we hit the bullseye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate."


WaPo put lil Donnie in a spiral

This has been the Republican agenda for 3 decades: government does not work, elect us and we will prove it.

No one took them seriously on this. Not a single news media has covered this or even mentioned it. It is plain as day in their everyday language but it's somehow a completely taboo subject in any form of news or political opinion.

Regardless, complete dysfunction of the federal government is a feature, not a bug, for millions of people. It's a bit sad for the people who support Republicans but don't want this, but they can't say that they couldn't know.

Well, with Payless going under, gotta do something with all the leftovers.

Nope. Even better.

Another source saying that Sam Clovis brought Page onto the Trump campaign (previously speculated by Politico and WaPo).

Clovis is an ex-Pentagon adviser on Russia, among other things. It's not clear how he would have known Page (or why he would believe Page had any Russian expertise at all).

Clovis himself has expressed views on Russian involvement in the Ukraine, back in 2014, that match the Russian line - Crimea is a historic part of Russia and / or the Russian sphere of influence, and that sanctions on Russia are not worthwhile.

That's bizarre. And amusing. And a little appalling.

not really. Russia isnt in great shape. Yes, it would be awesome to weaken US democracy and be able to consume a few lower tier countries, and maybe mop up a few minor trade deals we lose out on with asia...

But their main goal is our oil money and lifting sanctions. Thats the only way forward for their country to have long term success, rather than continued stagnation.

If Trump and Co gets ousted before that, they have a nice consolation prize, but its not at all the primary goal.

Yep! Wasn't disagreeing. I think it's a new battlefield being drawn, personally, and this whole affair will recalibrate tons of shit, no matter how it shakes out.

It just stuck out to me--of all the prepared questions and statements--why war?

What are they on when they get Jeffrey Lord on the air?

Holy shit the bombs didn't work. It would take a nuke to distract everyone. And even he knows that's not an option.

If you are going to accuse the President of treason, you need a pretty air-tight case, otherwise nobody can be sure the investigation wasn't politically motivated. They have exactly one go at this, and if they screw up our democracy is irreparably harmed.

I like the theory that he constantly puts himself on tv so people will notice if the russians try and kill him

The greatest trick Putin ever pulled was convincing the U.S. Russia was not at war with her.