Trump Administration Quietly Cuts $213 Million in Funds to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Trump Administration Quietly Cuts $213 Million in Funds to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Of course. An unwanted baby is a great financial strain on a teenager. She'll have to drop out of school and work 3 min-wage jobs to support this child. In that, she'll become resentful and angry - and an angry uneducated person is prime Republican material. They are playing the long game here, folks.

We hate abortions so let's do things that increase abortion rates. GOP logic.

They don't hate abortion. They hate women.

And sex. And happiness.

I'm truly starting to believe thinks the case. I think they want to maintain a healthy population of desperate and stupid people.

And children. But not fetuses.

It's more hating education.

Teen moms have a higher rate of dropping out of high school and have a lower chance of going to college.

Uneducated voters and voters who don't finish highschool are far more likely to vote Republican.

Trump's"I love the poorly educated" quote put republican hatred of education in the limelight.

Desperation and ignorance is the primary Republican stratagem.

What's fucked up to me is that 213 million is a relatively tiny amount of money. Are they doing this out of fiscal responsibility? No, they're doing this because they're partisan hacks. This is yet another "fuck you" to poor people.

Heaven forbid we spend money to help people. That's not how you make it trickle down!

Because it's working. Republican ideology doesn't permit the idea that the government can work for the people, and they're willing to destroy functional programs to "prove" it.

There was a post from /sub/conservative that made it to the front page about abortion, and inside a poster made a passionate point that being politically conservative didn't mean having to be anti-woman, anti-abortion or even anti-LGBT. I replied to say how good that was to read and that there was no reason conservatism needed to mean bigotry.

An hour later I was banned from the sub and the OP was deleted.

So.. I guess you DO have to be bigoted to be a Conservative in this day and age. How disappointing.

He does love the poorly educated.

This is not about abortion. This is about creating a subclass that are impoverished, that can do nothing more than be in debt, that cannot afford or look down on education and have to work dead end jobs. This is about making people angry and then pointing the blame securely at their targets. Targets of their own kind, also impoverished, also angry. Targets who should otherwise be their brethren. All in order to perpetuate the cycle.

This is class warfare. This is modern slavery.

The reason other Western countries don't have Republicans with their toxic mix of rigid economic conservatism and Christian moralizing is because the US is fundamentally made to be a ruralarchy. Folks in Wyoming have 3x the vote of people in Cali.

Clinton would have won the election in any other country on Earth.

That's a consistent pattern. Most of the programs they really want to cut (like the endowments for Arts and Humanities) are a tiny, tiny part of the budget, and are probably more than offset by the tax cuts they're trying to hand out at every opportunity. These programs are attacked solely for ideological reasons.

Removing critical thinking from education curriculum was part of the 2012 Texas GOP platform. source

We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.

They also, unsurprisingly, try hard to create teen pregnancies:

We oppose any sex education other than abstinence until marriage

You are not crazy, this is not conspiracy theory. This is written plainly in show.

Actually, what the GOP wanted to avoid was to be seen as the party promoting the most inequalities (which they do) so they had to find some other differentiators. Abortion rights was the perfect thing for that, later gay rights and latent racism also joined it.

It is a rural issue. The US is gerrymandered to fuck and the rural states have reliable crazies to send every fucking year into congress.

Fuck the soccer moms too.

Also more likely to get stuck at wage slave jobs.

Not so much hate them as feel that they are inferior and shouldn't have the capacity to make decisions for themselves. But don't you DARE say that there is a war against women!!

Who do you think votes GOP? Never heard the line:

Well, I just took the government money I was owed, not like those dirty welfare whores!

The decision from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will now end a handful of Obama-era grants supporting research into scientifically sound ways to prevent teen pregnancy.

I would give you shit for not just reading the article, but then I realized I only read it after I came to the comments and saw you asked this question.

How can they just cut funds and jobs that have already been budgeted, and where is all the money going?

the most sickening thing to see is all the women who vote GOP

Isn't teen pregnancy much lower than it's ever been (less than 30/1000 teens). Why fuck with what's working?

It is a shame. Abortion rights should be something true conservatives wants.

Its smaller government It keeps the government out of your business It is a choice There is evidence that access to abortion is correlated with lower crime rates in the future. (Source Freakeconomics)

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We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.

This right here. THIS is what's wrong with this country. Holy shit...

Not only just the poor, but unwanted kids cost the system billions in tax dollars.

Unwanted kids don't often end up as healthy, productive adults. They end up in jail, addicted to drugs and alcohol, of dead. All while making thousands and thousands more unwanted kids, often with FASD or born addicted to opiates etc.

TRUMP SAVES 213 DOLLARS WHILE CREATING MORE AMERICAN BABIES!!!!!!!!! Who then will require government assistance, healthcare, and ultimately cost the taxpayers millions more in incarceration fees after the system fails them. MAGA

I dunno. I still have a feeling this is a woman thing. They spent so much time hating on Planned Parenthood that they now associate 'womens health' with abortions. It's like they now feel like putting young women in contact with doctors will inevitably lead them to a cavalier attitude about having an abortion or some such nonsense.

That, and there's a segment of conservatives (the religious right) who want people to suffer for their immorality. They want there to be consequences for promiscuous young women, because hypothetically these consequences will reduce the amount of sin in the nation.

Was about to blast you for the second line, until the third referenced "no statistics." It is definitely not the case that abortions being illegal prevents abortions, but obfuscating the numbers by pushing these operations into back rooms keeps the reality away from a lot of people besides emergency room doctors.

Hating education is a the way the GOP ensures that people will vote against their own best interests. It is in rich people's best interest to vote GOP, but certainly not the lower classes.

it is a rural issue. country bumpkins are more isolated and therefore more susceptible to bigotry and zealotry. Their reps take full advantage of that.

Stop making this a rural issue. It's not simply that.

The problem is your far right media bubble radicalising more and more people. Why not lash out at GOP suburbanites who have degrees and money?

Religion and misogyny are known to replace critical thinking pretty efficiently.

But what if they become the dreaded welfare mother that lives lavishly on benefits?

Well wait now.

Having teen pregnancies only raises abortion rates if you haven't already repealed Roe v. wade.

Teen pregnancies + no legal abortions = no statistics for abortion = lowest abortion rates.

In Arkansas you now have to ask your rapist for permission to abort his wee precious gift from God!!! Fuck the GOP so hard.

Kind of reminds me of the people who will be the captain or leader of their college's anti-abortion organization and then use planned parenthood and justify it because obviously they need it but nobody else does.

It's kinda-sorta similar to the persistent argument that says "the best way to get the right answer is to say the wrong one online".

Add in people who are raped and it gets even more disgusting.

If your daughter, wife, mother, etc. is violently raped and becomes pregnant, in some states it is illegal to have an abortion.

Now YOU and your family are responsible, not the attackers.

No they're not. Twenty years down the line there are too damned many butterflies that can make this backfire on them in so many ways. Teen mothers in population centers are more likely to be minorities and already lean blue and are more likely to oppose GOP for basic demographic reasons.

They're just doing this because they think teaching anything but abstinence is morally wrong. There's no strategy here. Stop ascribing scheming malice when pugnacious stupidity is much more likely.

Then they wouldn't go out of their way to make it as necessary and desireable as possible.

They make the greatest profit from the poor and uneducated. The middle class are better positioned to negotiate fair terms on everything.

Feudalism, traditionally combined with church power, is their ideal state.

Do you see the problem here with gerrymandering the House? In 2016he GOP won the popular vote, 63.2 million votes to 61.8 million, or about 1% but have 241 seats versus 194 for the Democrats. That's a 20% difference and is not true representation.

Agreed and that'll be the issue.

We'll see a drop in abortion stats reported, however we'll see injuries and stats related to (for a lack of a better term) DIY abortions and hear anecdotal stories of attempted ones.

But yaaa for the pro life movement! Smdh

I clicked on your history expecting more rhyming comments

Kids have to actually be educated first. It's not really fair to call them "idiots" if they're being prevented from getting a good sex education, and good education in critical thinking in general.

Well we do have a huge jail system with lots of facilities being run for profit. barf

We'll also see an increase in maternal deat- OH WAIT WE'RE ALREADY THERE.

We are all just grist for the mill.

This ensures that they always have a talking point.

Why wait for a problem when they can make it themselves then blame it on liberals, women and minorities?

Nonono. You have to be bigoted to be welcome on /sub/conservative, not to be conservative today.

There's nothing conservative about that sub.

Yeah but the easy solution to that is disenfranchisement on the other end. You'll create more poor minorities but if you get rid of their ability to vote, it doesn't matter.

Any questions about who the real "pro-abortion" party is? I'll give you a hint: It's the party that is working hard to increase the number of unwanted pregnancies.

I can't watch videos so I'll have to take your word for it. But the GOP has been anti-women for a long time now. Trump is just its most blatant manifestation.

Third world gestational and infant mortality rates and most of them are teenage girls, their organs are not mature enough to support life. Problems like toxemia and diabetes occur and without medical care, it's a death warrant. There isn't and has not been medical care for these girls in our inner cities, Appalachia, and nations. The rates were getting better with ACA, but whoops. Sounds more like genocide of the lower classes than Christianity.

Evangelical women have a greater percentage of abortions then any other religious demographic (and many other demographics besides).

Hypocrisy is built into their systems of 'thinking'.

"It is the weak who are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong."

So.. I guess you DO have to be bigoted to be a Conservative in this day and age.

Duh, why do you think they exist?

Oh yeah.. they'll want to make us pay out of pocket for the childbirth of our rape babies.. then force us to give partial custody to the rapists "because men's rights!"

No, I'm pretty sure it's actually called Cunningham's Law.

Bookmark that PDF, save it in case it disappears, and remind people at any occasion that one of the two US parties is actively undermining critical thinking in the population. That it is neither hyperbole nor conspiracy theory.

It's been documented for decades. It's the Southern Strategy.

Ah yes, I believe that's called Poe's Law

And it could potentially lead to an even bigger welfare state when underprivileged kids have kids and can't do anything except rely on welfare. Preventing pregnancies is a great way to help young people become contributing members of society.

Yeah, I realized after the fact and hoped nobody would notice.

Education and access to affordable birth control. Its why my state of Oklahoma always has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy.

maybe better education

Except most Republican States teach strictly abstinence-only education, and the Republican Party is pushing to get Birth Control removed from Essential Health Services which would make it harder for teenagers to get. If the Republicans had their way we'd be living like it's 1657, and you'd marry your neighbors teenage daughter in exchange for a goat and 3 cows.

So now he wants to get them pregnant, too? This fucking guy.

Well, women are clearly to blame for all of their sexual scandals. /s

More than halved in the last 25 years - that's an incredible change.

It's still way above other developed countries (this is partially, but not completely, explained by the fact that in the US only 35% of pregnancies for 15-19 year olds are aborted), so there's a lot of work still to be done that this funding could have helped with.

Interestingly enough the internet is often cited as one of the reasons for the decline in pregnancy rates - sex education is so bad in some parts of the US that kids are better off with whatever information they find online. So someone growing up now has access to more information than they would have 25 years ago.

In theory I suppose... but modern conservatives just use the label to trick people into thinking they are the rational, mature party.

Whoa whoa whoa, hold up now. The true question is whether the babies are white and American. If he's increasing minority babies then he's just bringing white genocide to America faster than ((Clinton))!

That was always merely a dog whistle to fire up the racial conflict.

Split and conquer - the Republican game.

Also known as the Southern Strategy.

Not sure what you mean by policy, but there is this:

This is of course all after the failure of Bush's abstinence only turd.

They want to inflict punishment for "the Sins of Eve".

And he's doing what he can to create more poorly educated.

You say abortion is murder, I say it's a medical procedure and not much different than a miscarriage which happens naturally all the time.

I made an archive link as well if anyone wants to bookmark it.

It widens the wealth gap, thats their agenda. They dont give a shit what party one is affiliated with if they're poor or middle class.

Texas flair, this guy knows all about the Religious Right.

Apparently they are few and have been gerrymandered into one district.

I was banned from the Reddit for one post

My post said

"What about the rest"

It was a reply to a guy that defended on point of in a post that had many counter points that he ignored completely

When I asked They said we are skilled at finding leftist trolls that try to derail the conversation

Very open to civil discussion over there If it's not a crazy conspiracy then they don't care

Aren't deaths from car accidents way down? So why do we still need seatbelt laws?

Do you want unwanted babies, because this is how you get unwanted babies!!

Personally. He's going to grab every one of them by the Pussy, and they'll let him do it too.

It's interesting that conservative Christian men and ISIS all hate women for the same reasons.

i think you don't understand.

Research is what one does to discover what types of messaging works and what kind of counseling to give to be effective.

To provide funding when states like Oklahoma won't.

GOP is one thing, I don't think that is always bad. But voting for Trump, my God.

Have you seen this?

We can't afford little things but sixty billion for the military, fifty billion for the wall, however many hundreds of billions in tax cuts and the increased interest we'll be paying on the debt, that's all fine.

Republicans are bad at math.

Planned Parenthood does it. But the Republicans also want to take that away too.

The problem is your far right media bubble radicalising more and more people.

Don't forget the prosperity gospel mega-churches and their $$$$$$$.