True Love, 13 Years Later.

True Love, 13 Years Later.

You didn't even bother to order a man-sized version of the same pajamas? Pshht.

am i the only one who wants to see what 13 years did to the rest of the decor? that little bit aged really well.

1/10 for effort

10/10 for good dog

R u adam Sandler?

So cute! ....And so is the dog:)

Henrikh Mkhitaryan?

Adam Sandler x Joey Fatone

repost from 5 years ago

Almost looks like they knocked out a wall on the left

Bruh, his arms ain't even in the same position, this is hot garbage.

Everyone is saying Adam Sandler, but all I'm seeing is Lito from the TV series Sense8. Lito is played by Miguel Ángel Silvestre.

Miguel with another dog.

Everyone is saying Adam Sandler, but all I'm seeing is Lito from the TV series Sense8. Lito is played by .

Miguel with another dog.

Bro do you even 13 years later?

Truly curious - how on earth do you remember posts that were made 5 years ago?

Nice job with the remodeled kitchen!

Yes bro😂

that and it is in op's post history from 5 years ago. See:

I have done absolutely nothing in the last 13 years. I don't even think I've vacuumed.

Interesting that you posted this exact picture with the same caption 5 years ago. Hm...

Those are some nice tiles where the linoleum used to be, you're right.

Or maybe they just redid the kitchen lol

That's what I thought!

right ?

They didn't even restore the floor and the panels to their original state ! Double pshhht !

Seriously thought it was him!

Mhm, first he should make a movie. If its awfull, he is Adam Sandler

Didn't shaved

1/10 for effort

Many houses from that time period had what are called 'inefficient walls' that had to be removed. It was an architectural flaw caused by bad architecture theory (yep, thats a thing) that made the walls actually unbalance the structure (also a thing).

Most of the time the public is safe from this sort of issue, but there was a small stretch of time in the 90s where homes that were built had this issue and had to have walls removed.

Thankfully it was usually a DIY project for the homeowner - even covered by insurance sometimes - as the wall was not holding up any of the structure, it was just adding a bit too much mass to the homes frame.

Man's face says love, dogs face says help.

Doggo hasn't aged at all!

G O O D B O Y E deserves shmackos

Yes, OP has very New York sensibility about him

That means doggo prolly is dead. What a sad turn of events allofasudden.

There was a time when Adam Sandler movies were pretty funny (Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy) and I genuinely liked them. I do remember dying a little inside when watching Grown Ups with friends who actually enjoyed that shitstain. I don't see those people anymore, not because of the movie but it did accelerate things probably.

So how old are you in these photos? The top photo looks like an 8 year old, however the pajamas look like they belong to a 2 year old. The bottom photo looks like a 30 year old. No shade. Just curious.

Because the dog said ' You are NOT squeezing my neck again ! '