true happy ending

true happy ending


I'm curious how these long-nailed voodoo hoes wipe their ass after shitting.

When I see those nails I can only think of some sloppy top.


They don't

Bukkaki white

Some have their husbands do it for them.

Source: grew up in nail salons and overheard a client talking about it.

Long nailed voodoo hoes πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

...The tasteful thiccness of it...

The fingers are used to add pressure to make sure the tissue grip the booty. C'mon dawg.

Crusty sock special

I didn't want to know this.

Jizz white

hold the fuck up then, ill be the first to say I wipe my shit by literally running my fingertips up the crack of my ass except I got the paper is folded a few times over it. Repeat. I had thought this is basically how everyone was doing it.

Now if I had even 1 inch centimeter of nail extending off every fingertip, that would severely fuck with how I wipe my ass.

The colour sticky