Frankly if the person making the YouTube video doesn't have an Indian accent then I'm moving on until I find the one that does.

Microphone with a fan right next to it also applies


Probably the most important part

With the sound of the keyboard clacking.

And the world's thickest Eastern European / Indian accent

Why Some Tutorials Are Annoying

Somewhat relevant:

It's sarcasm, but with a healthy dose of truth behind it.

One of those spammy aggregator websites that dominate Google results with Markov-generated content scraped off Quora and StackOverflow.

halo tdai I'll be showng he to acquire Bob and vagene



sorry bout that guys

As an Indian who rarely faced issues where I have to go find a YouTube video for a solution, (I search for solution of the issue on the internet like a needle in a haystack. Stackoverflow, git issues, ubuntu forums, other relevant communities etc.), how helpful are the videos of my fellow Indians? Idk if it's sarcasm.

nope just the sound of the computer fan and heavy breathing

You can't miss the most important part of asking a question in stack overflow and being told by 30 scrubs that it's been asked before even though yours is an entirely different language or that you've already mentioned that a library used in the other question is blocked at your company.

Even better - no sound at all

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I'd say exaggeration instead of sarcasm. All the Indian dudes I've seen explaining IT stuff are really understandable and have really helped me with uni

Exactly why I do absolutely everything I can to avoid making a new topic. I’d rather search an issue for 2 days to find an answer even nearly relevant which I can adapt. I’m too scared of the folk on there. I’m not even certain I have an account, I can’t remember making one.

I'm pretty sure 90% of them aren't even programmers but just love to copy/paste and yell at people...

There are a lot more videos by Indian programmers it seems. Sometimes what I am looking for there are only videos by Indian programmers. Sometimes the accent is hard to follow and I have to rewind a bunch of times. But to me it means that Indian programmers make a strong effort to be helpful. It's very generous.

texting that other guy in your class about an hour before the lab is due

This!! Jesus Christ, this!!! Every freaking time I think I've found something relevant or useful.


English is native tongue

The Brits would disagree, and the Indian accent is because of the accent of our native languages. I speak Gujarati, Hindi and English, and that is just one of the dozens spoken around. English isn't the first thing an Indian learns to speak after they're born.

With them typing in notepad

This is exactly why I have a hard rule against using videos as any kind of reference. They all seem to be just pure and utter shit.

For me as a German, they are nearly unwatchable with the accent.

some random tutorial with thick indian accent

At some point you're just making offerings to an internet deity to deliver you a working function, and not always a benevolent one.

Not to mention you can skim a text tutorial but have to do skipping roulette with a video (and deal with the buffering)

Those need to die.

With this song in the background

Infact, the American accent is the one butchering the way English is meant to be spoken.