Tried to use Place as wallpaper, now i can't find my stuff

Tried to use Place as wallpaper, now i can't find my stuff

working as intended _^

You could use Rainmeter to turn the icons themselves into clickable launchers.

Isnt that what an icon is already?

edit: Oh. The place icons, not the desktop icons.

And the world will never know the name of that word document.

launch order 66

censors notes names doesn't censor pirated games folders



Vanilla WoW <3

Now you can hide your porn in plain sight


So um... you keep your taskbar at the top?

You wouldn't download a car.

Load it into a photo editor and drop the contrast to about 10%, it'll make a much better background then.

I think it says word porn

shit... dont tell anyone haha

Yeah why is no one talking about this? At first I was looking at it like "lol retard" but then I kept looking at it and it kind of makes sense.

...and never find it yourself.

Sounds like a great idea. I might try this. Does Rain meter use a lot of RAM? Last time I used it, it was on my old ass laptop that couldnt handle it and constantly lags.

This is some kind of private server right? Blizzard didn't actually release any Vanilla servers?

It depends on what you have it do. Something like what u/AzeTheGreat suggested shouldn't use too much but if you wanted to have some kind of animated desktop or something that would use a bunch more ram.

Ashamed of his porn habits but not his criminal activities.

I use this so nobody can see my files

I use this so nobody can see my files

Commenting because I too am interested

plain site


I got 8 whole rams here, how many more you need?

Yeah there are no vanilla servers, sorry to tell you

OP do you pirate movies?

That's basically America in a nutshell. Have you met our politicians?

I keep mine at the top too, makes more sense to me to have the controls of my windows and controls of my computer in the same cardinal direction

subtitles, my english is not that good

I only have 2 things on my homepage. I keep Team Fortress 2 Launcher over the Team Fortrees 2 in /sub/place. I keep Source Filmmaker over the Rainbow Road.

its probably elysium

I'm a noob who just stuck stuff together and tinkered a bit to get what I wanted.

I never have any ram issues but I use three music visualisers and if I'm just listening to music my CPU usage does noticeably go up because of it. When not in my desktop it's not doing much so it makes no difference.