Transforming Cubes

Here's the source video:

Here's where to buy the cubes: Http://

I was thinking YAY I want some bad..... Not $333 bad though :(

Well, if you can settle for less (way less) then here's a low cost version:

Well, if you can settle for less (way less) then here's a low cost version:

Well that was fucking awesome


Develop autism



Probably could have done without the slow dolly and the Kepler quote at the beginning, but those things are pretty fucking cool.

So when is Pinhead summoned?

Those are Hellraiser puzzle cubes.

But how do I make a fidgety spinner?

You killed the joke by over explaining it. Go to your room.

It bothers me how much they focused on the water visual, and barely gave time to the fire or trees visuals.

Do you want to open a portal to hell? Because that's how you open a portal to hell.

I would add more ?????? between 1 and 2

I thought the same thing!


They're the new bodega fad item that have seemingly popped up over night. It's basically just a piece of plastic with some bearings in it that you can hold and spin between your fingers. Likely to soon be banned in schools across the country.

Oh, I was insinuating that you can make it yourself. It's not the easiest thing to make, but the diagrams aren't behind a paywall. I'll link you the instructions. On a sidenote, how much do you think one would be willing to pay for a model such as this?

Well, I wasnt going to originally.

Is purchasing these things an option? If so, where??