Trainers looking at Saints RB Alvin Kamara on the sideline after he took a helmet-to-helmet hit

Trainers looking at Saints RB Alvin Kamara on the sideline after he took a helmet-to-helmet hit

You know the fantasy playoffs have started when your top 3 RB gets hurt on the first drive of TNF.

Have Kamara and against Ingram. Fastest my fantasy playoffs have ever ended.

Hey he nearly matched Hunt’s production on that one drive for the last 75 weeks.


Kamara giveth and Kamara taketh away


༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ KAMARA TAKE MY HEAD ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

how the fuck do I lose on my bye week....

Fuck fantasy honestly

See you next year

Traveling for work...went out to sports bar to watch him. My beer and chips just came and now I just wanna go back to my hotel room. Gonna need a shot.

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ KAMARA TAKE HIS HEAD ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

All my friends are dead

This is fine.

People facing Kamara refreshing for info just as much as his owners.

If it’s true Kamara is out, they aren’t announcing it on TNF because they know the second they do people are turning this fucking game off.

Serious question- what are the odds someone comes back to play if they head to the locker room?

Not so serious- somebody please hold me

As an aside, sitting at a bar watching football while traveling for work was always fun times for me. Very relaxing. Have a good time buddy.

That's a lot of weeks for a rookie.

Ran to sidelines right away, looked a bit shaken up, they're doing the concussion protocol on him Edit: now being taken to the locker room Edit: being reported he will not return

Gronk and Kamara for me. Give me a fucking break. Fuck this shit. Never again

Melvin Gordon last year, Rawls the year before for me :(

You and me both.

Wanna meet up at the water tower? I’ll bring some bleach that we can chug before we jump...

Status update...someone messed up, just got a free beer! Coincidentally that is my favorite kind. Things are looking up.

Perine did last week.

I am dead inside.

Had 4 exams today and this is my reward.

Edit: thanks for the gold 😢

At least its a Thursday game, gotta think we'll get him back for week 15

Under the sink, right cabinet

/sub/fantasyfootball on suicide watch

Hey look, it's two minutes into the game and Kamara has 5 points... Hey look, it's 3 minutes into the game and I lost for the week.

It blew my mind that his named is pronounced PEE-rine and not per-EEN.

This sub rn

Well, could be a lot longer, honestly. Prior to week 1 of this year, Hunt's nfl production has been abysmal.

Everything is fine.jpg

When is the full AMA?

I have Kamara and I’m playing the Ingram and Lutz owner........ where’s the liquor bottle

I might legitimately take a break after this year. I can't handle the up (and DOWNS). Gronk, Kamara, Robby A. And I got eliminated in my other league due in a heart break last minute score. I love fantasy, and know this is just emotional shit posting, but I really think it may not be worth it. I'm at least reducing the number I'm in.

Kamara police, arrest this man!!

Push me to the edge

I looked through the comments and no one is doing that

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ KAMARA TAKE MY BRAIN CELLLS ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

My whole team is dead

I have Kamara which is killing me.

But I'm so fucking glad our playoffs don't start until next week.

Fuck a glass bring the whole bottle

Holy shit you're right..

My wife: “At least you have a community of people who are also so fucked.”

What a damn twist. M. Night would be proud. All week it was Ingram maybe out kamara is gonna feast.

Edit: Still glad for the 4 points and the rest of the year. Not mad at all...hope he is ok.

All the things she said

I'm not Catholic but I will pray to Saint Kamara. Please come back...

I had Melvin lose it for me last year, got Kamara starting in all four leagues this year.

This has got to be the longest a guy has been not stated as out

It’d be cool if they used Lutz as their feature back now

He ran to the sidelines after the ref pointed him that way. He looked eh, but i didn’t think it would end up this bad. Damn i really hope he’s okay

Im on bye too. Hopefully he can play next week. I've got Ingram too though. But i would rather not play Aaron Jones as my rb2

There’s not going to be a next week for us

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i had the best fantasy season of my life then outta nowhere gronk is out, kamera is out, tyrod is gone.

fuck the nfl and their injuries i'm getting drunk

I cringed the first time I heard PEE-rine.

We are all dead

I feel like I doubled down this year in my emotional and mental investment. Research. Moves. Trades. Looking weeeeeks ahead. Only for bad luck to strike and just throw it all down the toilet. And often to teams that rarely change their line up. It's the luck. Bad and good, that is just killer.

Excellent point!

We're doing keg stands tonight


That did not look good

Cut my life into pieces

Josh is my last resort

Why you guys so sad? Be positive, maybe one our opponents will poo the bed and score even less than 4 points. AK41 has 11 days to heal up. Ya gotta believe!! We can get through this! Some of us won’t and you will always be in our hearts, but those of us who manage to survive, LETS KICK SOME ASS!!


Strange way to spell bleach

I have him in one league and playing against him in another. Just hope he's okay.

12 receptions, 2 TDs don’t give a fuck if I jizz my pants screaming

Please be okay

I immediately turned the game off once I realized he wasn't playing

As a Kamara owner playing the Ingram owner for the first round of playoffs, just fucking fade me fam

It also didn't look like a brutal hit just rocked him a bit and they are doing the right thing here and actually following concussion protocol. If this was the Superbowl he probably would have "passed" on the side lines.

Damn, have an upvote.

Edit: and some gold, because fuck that sucks.

Fuck this gay earth

So true. We’ve all been there though.

Make it three, pals.

DJ was lonely on my bench.

That sucks man. Kamara is my savior and I know the excitement of watching sports at a bar on business trips.

Make that four. Pre bleach chugging, can we have a self dick punching contest?

Got up looking shook really hope he's not done for the night with a concussion

Yeah. He always bounces of hits and did not bounce off of that hit at all. Knew it was trouble.

Dude same here. Here’s hoping he’ll be okay 😭

Not sure, I didn't ask any questions. The couple next to me declined and I accepted. It was somewhat fruity, refreshing between trying some ipa's.

You assholes cheering on a brain injury can go fuck yourselves.

Kamara ain’t totally ruled out yet y’all.

Glad I'm on a bye this week if he's out the rest of the game.

Brutal. Im sure there are people who also have JuJu on top of that.

Thank you for taking my 0-5 ass to 6-7, Kamara. It's been a fun ride but it looks my season is over. Rest up and see you next draft.

Kamara is such an explosive and fun player to watch. Even as an Ingram owner, I think this hurts me, as the two as a tandem are just so effective. Get better Kamara, hope it isn't too bad of an injury and you can get back out there soon.

This will lose a lot of teams their playoffs. Hope Kamara isn’t seriously hurt

Man, that hurts. I only wish each and every other owner could get a free beer in their time of misery.

Was just thinking the same thing ..

I'm sad about Kamara and hope he has no lasting damage, but at least it's bye. I've got Fournette and McCoy, so I'm in a slightly better situation but it's still going to make next week different.

That’s such a terrible thought process and it fucking sucks that i agree with you

He went to the locker room...

Honestly, I think they help each other when they’re both in.

Just let this sport die off already.

When Kamara was supposed to carry my team this week

What kind of bar are you at lol

With Kamara out, I have one choice...bench Jordan Howard...for Josh Gordon.

Does anyone have video of the hit? I need to assess how bad it was with my professional FF background credentials....