Traditional test of strength

Ric Flair, Taker, Austin... :(

The golden age of mandrama.

I love how Undertaker reacts like: Fuck! fell for it again!

Yeah and Steve Austin backs up to watch him pace like "Yeah, feel the disrespect!"

The Undertaker was my favorite when I was a kid (along with Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, and Andre the Giant). But now he just looks like an extra from Sons of Anarchy.

Did somebody

This vid was from quite a while ago, he went back to his dead man look several years ago before retiring for good last year or this year...

Does anyone else notice the sign that says "WHAT"

Golddust was awesome. Trolling homophobes way back in the 90s.

When you get a gimmick that gets you paid, you do it.

I haven't watched wrestling in like 15+ years, but it just seems like the guys of that era (Stone Cold, the Rock, the Undertaker, etc) were just so much larger than life compared to the guys today.

Jesus, it's been so long that I forgot just how creepy that was. Maybe it just didn't register to me as a kid but I don't remember him actual so sensual(?) or whatever it is he's trying to do

Even Ric Flair was like, "Ooooh shit."

How did you get the footage from me and my older brothers bedroom from 15 years ago?

This year.

Yep, started in 98, watching everything, it's a lot of fun, I saw bits of it as a kid but never had the full picture.

Worked out that if I keep going through it at the rate I am, I'll have caught up in about 5 years.

I even watched the first season of tough enough.

I'd love to watch some of the old WCE and ECW stuff, but there's just not enough hours in the day.

I've actually pretty much stopped watching all other TV because of this, but I did manage to watch GLOW on my housemates Netflix account, and I'll make some time for Game of Thrones.

They made his brother try and be "Stardust" too.

He's now champion in Ring of Honor for being forced to do stupid shit in WWE.

This must be from 2002, can anyone confirm? I'm currently near the end of 2001 on the WWE network and haven't seen this yet.

I'm also almost certain that Austin left in 2002 as he didn't want to job to Brock Lesnar without a decent build up.

Stone Cold told this great anecdote on his podcast about how he'd prank the Undertaker during such moments. One time, he drew an eyeball on his palm and in the ring told Taker "look into my eye" to get him to laugh and break character.

They were the cream of the crop.

I guess your sisters been selling your old home movies for booze money again haha

The Attitude era was the best.

Goldberg, Brock Lesnar and Bautista were the only 3 wrestlers to legit scare me growing up. Everyone else seemed like a character, these guys looked like real life scary mofos.


Yo, what was the deal with Goldust? Was Dusty Rhodes' son secretly a crossdresser or something?

"I'm so mad I could hit you... But I won't"

It's backlash 02

Cream of the crop huh...

I'm with the sign. WHAT

Thanks, I struggle tying together anything more than a couple of weeks in the past... 😂