Topographical inspired wooden sink

Topographical inspired wooden sink

Looks like a bitch to clean

“Nice sink” “Thanks it was installed last week” “Awesome. Can I use it to wash my hands?” “No”.

Imagine wiping out the excess toothpaste from brushing

This is the kind of dumb shit you have when you pay people to clean your house for you.

Give it a load of coats of clear resin so that the shelved terrain is buried under a nice smooth gradient of plastic and it'd be perfect

I would NOT want to clean that.

Because that's what a sink needs...crevices.

You'll have to replace it every few years when you cant get rid of the black mold growing in it.

Just ruined it for me

Yea cleaning that would be insane. But as u/Drasticallycrastic points out, a nice epoxy coating would be terrific.

Stupid short faucets... Because that's what I want when washing my hands is to be touching the back of a sink

What a shitty faucet

That would be really difficult to do without an interior mold to help it keep the shape. Otherwise the resin would just want to flow to the bottom.

I'm not sure that you have as much experience cleaning things as you think you do.

"then what is it for?" "Art"

Ornate design was fine when you had servants and slaves to do the cleaning, I wonder how much of modern sleek design is desired more out of convenience/ease of cleaning than actually its aesthetics. Nobody's got time to clean that.

I high quality resin would last a while. It's basically liquid plastic. Whatever they use to deal the tops of tables and bars might work.

Looks like a *birch to clean. ftfy

I would vacuum bag it and resin infuse the whole thing.

Needs a good sealer :)

Eh, you'd have to strip and reapply like once a year right? Better, guess.

When strip mining is life

I think that's a 2-part epoxy resin

I mean, I love it and want it, but then I thought about cleaning it and had a stroke.

Where can I get one. I’m fine with cleaning that

You could just use a sponge...not bad at all.

You could make your own with a few basic wood working tools and some ply wood. Who ever made this one didn’t think it all the way through. Cleaning is gonna be a bitch and it doesn’t look coated in any thing to block the water from destroying it to quickly.