Top Seasons of all time, by various statistical measures

Top Seasons of all time, by various statistical measures

Bunch of 🐐's on that list

Are you trying to diminish MJ’s GOAT-status by mentioning that his team held a 62 win team to 54 points in an NBA Finals game? Bold move

LeBron may not be the greatest of all time but he has a really strong case for best player of all time

And so many of them are active. We're watching a great league right now.

Crazy how defensive win shares are all from the 60s and then you hit Ben Wallace.. HoF needs to happen

Born in 89 so I only caught the tail end of MJ, LeBron is unquestionably the greatest player I've ever personally watched. But then I see some of those MJ stats and just lol wtf.

2008-9 & 2012-13 were fun seasons to watch lbj that man could do anything on the court and there was nothing you could do about it

Isn't that kind of chicken and egg scenario? In the same right, Lebron haters still laugh at Lebron for his 2011 Finals performance (especially that one game). Couldn't you say that the Mavs played him really well?

I think it’s wild that Russell Westbrook pops up a bunch with these all timers and depending on the standings and general sentiment you have people that don’t consider him top 10 current NBA

He’s definetly gonna be a way more revered when he retires vs playing career

I believe every time (since the merger) someone had WS/48 over 0.3, he was an automatic MVP. It happened six times in that period. Jordan three times, James two times and Curry once. Also, there were never two players in a single season who achieved that (although at one point this season both Harden and Curry were over 0.3, but fell off since).

Seriously. Anyone who doesn’t see this as one of the most talented eras ever is blind or just an old school hater.

So can we settle it that Bill Russell is the greatest defensive player of all time and stop the travesty of saying it's Rodman?

08-09 Wade was godlike. I miss him.

lebron 08-09 is really underrated

It's more or less useless to calculate WS/48, BPM before 1977 due to lack of data on multiple stats and possession tracking and %'s.

PER before 1973 also doesn't work without steals/blocks/offensive rebounds accounted for.

The lack of the 3 really skews the other data as well... Also lack of turnover data.

2009 dominates this chart more