Top scorers so far in Euro 2016 qualifying

Top scorers so far in Euro 2016 qualifying

Ronaldo easily outscoring Messi again

Lewandowski's 7 goals are very misleading

Against Goals Gibraltar 4g Georgia 3g

Still impressive, but not nearly as impressive as it looks.

He's always complete shite at the Euros

Well when 4 goals come against a team that only has two pro footballers in their starting XI, it's definitely misleading.

Welé at it again

lol Kyle Lafferty is not a name I'd expect to see in a group with Bale, Ronaldo, Rooney, Muller and Ibrahimovic

Everyone outscoring Messi.

What's misleading there? It's not like the others only scored against Spain and Germany.

He doesn't even bother to show up, he goes on vacation to South America!

daninho de welbinho

Its true mostly because not every group has a team like that. Wellbeck had the chance to score a shit load against San Marino, while Ronaldo did not play against a non-professional team in his group.

That being said Im still happy he started to score and hope he will land some goals that be crucial. Like a wining away goal against Germany - 'Mom, dont wake me up just yet. I am having some nice dreams'.

Ok, Im gonna take winning away goal against Scotland as good enough.

Robbie Keane still going strong! What a legend

we don't score goals, we just win games somehow anyway

Probably playing golf with Tevez.

Welbz and Wazza flying the flag for queen and country.

I agree with you mate, the jokes are a little played out.

Albania, Serbia and Armenia.........

Those teams are fully professional and a few of their players play in top European leagues/teams.

If you can't see the difference between those teams and teams like Gibraltar or San Marino it's because you're blinded by your bias against Ronaldo which is well documented in this sub.

Besides, he has scored against better teams than those you mentioned. And in the current Euro qualifiers he's scored against Denmark (1 goal) and Armenia (4 goals), none of which Gibraltar compares with.

These jokes are in every thread and IMO not that funny (any more at least) , do people still think there original ? not moaning as i know some people will still enjoy them (maybe?) purely asking :)

In fairness all 3 of his goals came against Gibraltar

Andre Schurle's goals all came against Gibraltar. At least Georgia isn't completely horrible.

lol Kyle Lafferty is not a name I'd expect to see in a group with Bale, Ronaldo, Rooney, Muller and Ibrahimovic

Reminds me of the glory days of David Healy being the top scorer in Europe, including that hat trick vs Spain, yet not able to cut it in the premier league.

For example, Welbeck scored against good teams, actually. Including the brace in the key match against Switzerland. That's different than scoring against Georgia when they're losing, it's 90th minute and well, they have to open up and risk so it's easier to put them down if you really try, but the match's already won.

Most people in Poland say that Milik has actually been more important, cause he scored most his goals when it was even or Poland was behind, usually from hard chances, like long-range shots. Of course Lewandowski is still much better player, but just didn't have the luck/cold blood to put it in when it was the most important. I guess that's why he hustles so hard to score something even when the match's decided, to prove at least something to his critics.

It's actually similar to his season in Bayern when he also scored almost all of his goals when Bayern was already ahead. Last time I counted, he scored only 3 goals when Bayern didn't already have a lead, twice against Dortmund and 1 against Schalke.

Wales or Portugal win their games by 1 goal, so I would say Bale's or Ronaldo's goals were just more important than a hat-trick in a 4-0 or 7-0 win. Most of these players actually scored important goals.

Good on ye Maloney.

And fuck off Steven Fletcher. Scores 3 vs Gibralter so continues getting called up, fucking joke.

Well, you've seen David Healy there before.

Kicked the ball into the net of the opposition.

I think that's how it works.

In fairness all 3 of his goals came against Gibraltar because he felt like scoring 3 that day.

It was his boyhood dream to score 3 against Gibraltar

I live in a wee estate in Antrim and on the side of a house, there used to be some graffiti saying 'HEALY IS GOD' and for some reason after some time they rounded off the 'd' and added another 'd' making 'HEALY IS GOOD' genius

Healy's the record goalscorer in a European Championship qualifying campaign. Scored 13 goals in the 2008 qualifiers, including two hat-tricks.

Never been a defender for the national team, always in midfield. Also to be fair, two of his goals were penalties. On the other hand he missed two games as well due to injury.


That's such a polish thing to say. Why can't we just be happy that our striker is top scorer?

Lads, it's Monaco, who can't do it on a cold rainy Tuesday night in Stoke, who I've always rated and almost signed, not as hard as the tough draw for Liverpool though. Irrelevant player 1 - Messi 0.

You're telling me you don't find this funny every thread? But it's so original!

Portugal would struggle against fucking San Marino, really?

So he scores goals against teams starting with "G"..... Well our next two opponents in september also starts with "G"..... i can live with that.... for those who don't knowit'

that's why you have Novaković in the same group

novakovich is legit though

Going full David Healy.

Lafferty crap at Championship level, amazing for Northern Ireland.

I've scored just as many Euro Qualification goals as Messi.

despite spending essentially half my life in NI I've only ever seen the ulster one, never even knew about the St Patricks saltire :S

Definitely keeping my eye on janko

3 Cyprus players with 3 goals each. That's a balanced attack!

Too bad Thomas Müller didn't play against Gibraltar, would have loved to see him and Lewy on top of the list.

Naaaah mate, Anya and Maloney gonna fuck yo' shit up


Love Maloney. Hugely underrated player, wish he'd been more injury free in the Prem.

Well isn't that the implication of all of these lists?

Well, is anyone "good" in national teams' competitions? There surely are teams better or worse and it brings nothing to just call them all shit. Slovenia is not a team you just beat, like Gibraltar. They fought hard with England in both matches, they beat Switzerland (although luckily, but still). England was actually 1-1 before Welbeck's goals. It's not like they were up 5-0 and he made it 7-0.

In both matches when England might not have won, Welbeck scored and they won. I don't understand what more you can do really to make your goals count.

It's no comparison to Lewandowski, who didn't score against Germany, didn't score against Scotland, didn't score against Ireland. If Germany get their shit together and win against Poland in September, they might still fall out of Euro, even with all luck aligned for them up to now. While he played good in my opinion, his goals brought a total of 0 points in the table. I thought everyone would see the difference I'm talking about.

Dzeko is always on top of this list or near the top. Was injured for a few matches.

How so, isn't that the Ulster flag?

This is so annoying ...

Tough meme for Liverpool.

Wouldn't be a thread involving NI without a debate about flags.

Never fancied his fancy dribbles, your not a real top player until you you've scored a 40 year screamer at Anfield or Old Trafford

I laughed

never really rated him