Top 20 players of 2017: Fallen (6)

Top 20 players of 2017: Fallen (6)
Top 20 players of 2017: Fallen (6)

"When I’m on the stage or when I play an elimination match I know there is nothing to lose. I’m different from the rest and what I had to go through to get here was different. So when I get in the server I know I’m unique, and that’s my motivation. I play to change my life, to change my family’s life, the lives of the players on my team and of the thousands of fans, especially those in my home country. The moment on stage is my moment of consecration. I don’t play "not to lose." I play to win.

This is some inspirational shit, hope to see the day CS gets big enough that we can have an autobiographical movie of this legend.


"In 2013 I enrolled at the Federal University of Curitiba (UTFPR), but that only lasted two weeks. One day, a professor asked me “why are you here?” and I answered "this is my plan B. I need a future in case my life as a gamer doesn’t work out." I didn’t show up the following day. After thinking about that conversation for hours, I decided to risk even more and go all-in on my dream, putting 100% of my energy into Games Academy and other projects."

The balls on him to give up in one of the best scholarships in the country in a federal university (that is very hard to get into) for his future in gaming at one time that gaming wasn't even a career in Brazil...

If we've learned anything here, it's that reddit sucks at guessing the top20.

Elige will still make top 5 guys

People acting like being ranked 6th best player of the year is bad or something. Smh my head

before people flip out here read this -

"While all of the aforementioned statistics means he stood out in many ways as a top five player, his poor performance at the beginning of the year affected his overall consistency compared to other players, leaving him just outside the top five on our ranking."

and i completely agree fallen wasnt playing like fallen until cs_summit then he turned up and played like that throughout the year so while am sad be didnt make top5 am pretty happy he made t at #6 coz thinking back before cs summit my reactions was oh god fallen will not make the top 20 this year but what a recovery he had since cs summit.

I certainly would love to read a autobiography on Fallen if its written well in English.

2 MVPs, 6 EVPs, 5th highest rating in playoffs in big events.

He had a bad year didn't he guys, definetly not a top 10 player :>

Inb4 device not even top 20

sheaking my head my head

Bad Fallen #1 confirmed 100%

While I agree with the quote... giving dev1ce the 5th spot when he didn't even play the last 2 months and skipped 3-4 events? Of which SK won 2 and FalleN got 1 of the MVP award... If dev1ce was the MVP of the ELEAGUE major I'd agree with him being top 5, but not like this.

An autobiography of fallen once his playing career has finished would actually be a great read in my opinion. I imagine it would be written in Portuguese and translated to English though.

When you see SK, you have pretty much a dream team, 2 competent fraggers who can go nuts pretty often, the best fragger in the world and an IGL that is under top 10 players in world, previous year was in top 5.


rain is 100% confirmed top 4 otherwise i will eat a bowl of pasta

And Taco

Fair, not completely convinced with device over him

Everyone forgetting about Denis

Probably the biggest bullshit some people kept saying recently is that Fallen didn't have a good year individually.

HLTV: 4000 word article backed by statistics and expert analysis

Reddit: I aren't think that

dev1ce was the best Astralis player at both majors - Kjaerbye just performed better in the final and weights their MVP medals more towards finals performances

Num. 6 best player BASED ON INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE ALONE, not taking into account, whatsoever, the fact that he was a stellar IGL! Seriously, how can any other IGL even compare? What an absolute legend!

Higher rating in big events in 2017.

Fer: 1.20 (3rd highest in the world)

Rain: 1.16 (5th highest in the world)

inb4 Top 20 players of 2017: Bad Fallen (1)

Holy shit, rain will be number 4? From never making an apperance in the top 20 to making it to the top 4. Unless they put device at 4.

The almighty #0.

Cold 1, Niko 2, Fer, 3, Rain 4, device 5

Both are good, sort of like Yale vs Harvard (in terms purely of direct comparison)

rip in peace

Even if he had a little slump in the beginning of the year, this was a great year for Fallen. 2 mvps while being the igl and playing alongside coldzera and fer is insane. Deserved

Reddit sucks at guessing hltvs top20 ranking. They arent wrong because they dont agree with hltvs list.

you can somewhat understand why to a degree. HLTV's top 20 is biased towards good role players on successful teams over great mechanical players who have played on less successful teams with bad players.

EDIT: to elaborate creating a top 20 best players involves defining the term "best player". It could be defined as the player with the best stats; the player with the most value it his team; the most impactful players on the server, etc. People may define this term differently from how HLTV defines it.

The moment on stage is my moment of consecration.


Plain pasta

You happy?

3rd best team this year. Should top 5 only be FaZe/SK players then?

CSGO Global Offensive

lol out loud

"Fer top 1" - HLTV forum brasils

this year

bamboozled again

"rain is just a budget fer" - badfallen

It's just my guess. But despite rain being insane last year, sometimes even better than niko, Fer was a monster in the beginning of 2017. I remember a Interview with cold and he even said fer was doing better than him.

Can't wait for the inevitable "You're deranged if you think that SK had 3 of the top 6 players in the world :>" tweet which will be incoming shortly

yea you know, just a major, IEM and a lot more top 4 finishes. not much this year


whaaat. i'm sure top 5 will be get_right f0rest xizt draken rez

That doesn't seem like a punishment at all

I think he got over the majority of his choking in 2016 - I would say the only time he really choked this year was in the major final vs VP. Just because you lose doesn't mean you "choked".

And dev1ce was consistently putting up top performances in playoffs all year - which is incredible seeing on how many top 4s they got.

worst even, he's eating a whole bowl of copy pasta

mtpocn to pictures of Coldzera naked

It's an a is to b as c is to d comparison so he's not saying it's as good as yale or harvard.

No way rain is above fer. Top 3 is locked with cold, niko and Fer easily in my opinion.

For sure, I just finished Heatons book and it was great. Fallen has an even better/as good story to tell, hope he release one when his career is over.

He's referring to thorin's top 10

Thoorin is pleased with your actions.

The balls on him to give up in one of the best scholarships in the country in a federal university

Bitch, please. Sete candidatos/vaga pra informática em 2015.


«Top 5» doesn't look that good for a top 2, eheh.

Hol up

1.cold 2.denis 3.gobb 4.nex 5. skadoodle

As usual, FalleN was one of the hardest players to kill (0.60 DPR, second-lowest), one of the best clutch players of the year, winning 59 1vsX situations (ranked second), and one of the best at opening up rounds, boasting a 61% success rate (second).

great at both opening and clutching rounds

He was the best player for a portion of the year, some pros even mentioned his name when asked who was the best player at the time.


Average at best /s

Basically, you can say that about every tournament. You can always say the opposition was lackluster, best teams didn't play that well (or had some stand-ins), something went wrong, etc. It's not really a valid argument, because all teams are basically through the same sort of tournaments. Arguing that Fallen farmed stats on some maps is just guessing at best, since every top player goes through this kind of match.

btw the way.

Fallen is number 6 mate it's right there in the title

Some people just dont believe in God..

it was definitely close

Flair might check out, but I'd say FaZe had a way better year than Astralis. They might not have won much the first half, but after getting NiKo they were in almost every final in the events they attended, and the second half was very good. Krakow was obviously a huge dissapointment, but in reality that was only one event.

Astralis had a good start, but they didn't really achieve that much after their two wins.

The thing with good players with bad teammates is that they rarely get the chance to go higher up in tournaments or verse the best.

So we don't really get a chance to see how good they really are.

imo yes, Rain and NiKo from FaZe and fer, FalleN and Cold from SK. Not to take anything away from Device cause he definitely had a great year, I just thought he'd place 6th when you look at the achievements they got compared to the others.

This is getting downvoted because the rest of the list was obvious since Elige was revealed. The order is the only thing that matters now.

most of the guys out of brazil dont know what SK(and every cs player in a big lvl) means to us BR fans, those guys are like legends for us, because we live in a such unequal country with a big inferiority complex, see this guys in top of the world give us hope that we can make different than ur country historie with perseverance and will of work, cs 1.6 was big in brasil, cause most of the lower middle class guys in brazil use this to leave of bad reallity in lan houses, and fallen come of this age ,so see this guys on the top especially fallen, give for us a big motivation in our life,

im sorry for the bad english

He wasnt great in the Final, absolutely carried Astralis there though. By far their best player overall, even more so when you dont look at rhe Final...take a look at the Blast event to see how not having him frees up Fallen vs Astralis


This is the most delusional shit I read today. Go on, keep hating.

Probably device #5 and rain/fer #3 or #4

device didn't make the list

Brazillian God-Father :)

It's 100% those lol, at this point its the order that matters.

Cold NiKo fer rain device I think

Device will be 5 for sure. He didn't have the insane peaks Rain did.

Okay so top 5 is:

1) Denis

2) Denis

3) Denis

4) Denis

5) Coldzera

I did this.

I did this.