Took my dog to the groomer and they sent me this. She climbed into a kennel for small dogs AND somehow managed to turn all the way around. She's so pleased with herself.

Took my dog to the groomer and they sent me this. She climbed into a kennel for small dogs AND somehow managed to turn all the way around. She's so pleased with herself.

I used to groom this leggy Great Pyrenees mix that insisted on dragging me to the tiniest kennel meant for >10lb dogs and shoving himself inside it. We finally had to put a note to close all tiny kennels before he got there so he wouldnt shove himself into the tiniest space like some kind of fluffy octopus.

Upvoted for fluffy octopus.

This must be a whole new version of, "If I fits, I sits?"

BONUS PIC! she was hogging the bed while I was leaving for work! 

Edit: Here's an album of Zoey and her sister, Ruby. Enjoy!

she was hogging the bed while I was leaving for work!

Edit: Here's an album of Zoey and her sister, Ruby. Enjoy!


Or "I call top bunk!"

"Aw, don't go to work and leave me! My back is cold."

She's adorable.

I can talk to animals and I'm telling.

I like to imagine, in their mind, they're thinking "you'll never find me in here, dastardly nail clipper!"

well, someday when youre out and notice an unkempt fluffy dog, take a nonchalant gander at their rear assembly. notice all the fluff hanging off of their rear end? The first thing a pro groomer does is clip away excess fluff from around the anus (winkeye) and inner thigh (aa couple inches down the inner thigh, all the wayvup to the Manballs/Lady/Coinpurse [if neutered late in life, the empty sack remains])

we do this because 1. when a dog takes a messy poo, first place it gets stuck is in the 'sanitary' region. Best to trim that hair away. 2. Excess coat in an "action area" tends to mat up. I cant tell you how many testicles, ladies, and winkies i've carefully released from a solid, urine-matted cocoon.

The challenge with coated pets that visit infrequently (less than 3 times a year), is to remove tight mats from these incredibly sensitive areas without irritating the skin or otherwise causing discomfort to the dog. Pet owners LOVE to blame groomers for "clipper burning" their dog, never accepting that if their pet was groomed every 4-6 weeks, they would never require such close trims on their tender regions.

I'm part of dozens of international groomer's groups and message boards. We adore our careers and clients. but damned if we dont get blamed for trying to slowly reverse 6-12 months of neglect in less than 3 hours while their dog leaps all over the place and screams because we're touching their Favorite Paws.

If the way my 8.5kg (~10.5 when she had all 4 legs) can take up most the space in my double bed is anything to go by - no.

She is! Out of all my little fur babies, she's my favorite!


actually, he was perfectly fine with his nails being trimmed and filed. his issue was having his Manballs shaved. now, some dogs dance away, others sit down to protect the area. he would SHOVE himself back against the clippers, which always freaked me out. I have a very light hand when it comes to uncut males, so I didnt want to be blamed for his clipper burn attempts. He thought it was great fun.


Don't dogs prefer tighter spaces? Smaller kennels mimic the feel of a den?

I'm not fat, I'm big boned!

That little one up top is like "well I never!"


While this dog is happy as can be and proud to show us his flexibility, cats only give us the "What? You can't do this" look.


Username doesn't check out

his issue was having his Manballs shaved


why would you need to do that?

My name is Woof. James Woof.

That's a legless octopus

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Cats are liquid. Well known scientific fact.

She had a tumor on her knee that couldn't be removed because of the location and got so big that it started to ulcerate. We either amputated the leg or euthanised her. We chose to amputate. She's perfectly happy on three legs :)

lifelong pyrenees owner here, thats normal behavior. they love hiding in hidey holes, behind chairs in corners, in closests, etc.

You can always do it on your own just like cutting your own hair. Also grooming in the us is pretty reasonable with Petco it's around $30 but depending on the size of the dog.

She does like "den" like spaces. Before we got a new bed frame she would sleep under the bed. She got too big, though and would always be able to get underneath but would get stuck and would need help getting out.

She's not always the brightest!

Oh man I 100% can't afford to take a dog to the groomers every 4 - 6 weeks. Yet another financial barrier to me ever realising my dream of owning my own doggo 🙁

Edit: spelling. Also, I grew up with a biggish long-haired dog (Irish Red setter) so that's the kind I really love, sadly won't help me save money like short-haired/small dog grooming costs... I'll definitely get creative with my at-home grooming whenever I finally get my pup

I'm not fat i'm just a little husky.!

I'm... mildly angry at this. Simply because it's Kennel, I hate puns, and am a soulless, heartless being, who also enjoys cute dogs in whacky situations.

that brings back memories... is she thinking the same??

You could just get a short furred doggo. I'd suggest looking into breeds.

Not if it changes into an Octilerry

Her and her sister are so opinionated, and they are not afraid to show it!

Picture 1 was amazing

Picture 2 was beyond adorable.

I'll need more for since reasons OP.... please. 😉

OP Delivers! Have an album of Zoey and her sister!

"Hope I don't wet the bed tonight"

She makes the best faces ahaha

I'm not so sure - we crate trained our puppy and once she got to a certain size she really went off her crate - it was still technically the right size but we noticed when she napped during the day she'd take to splaying out as much as possible. We measured her splayed out length and got a new crate the size above that, and she is much happier. We do cover it like a den though on three sides, she prefers it and out house is very draughty.

Octilerry used smokescreen

Of course he could do it. It's a CAN-nel after all, not a CAN'T-nel.

What happen to your dogs fur (4) legs

Your other fur babies know!

As opposed to having his Womanballs shaved, that he enjoyed thoroughly.


think of it this was: suppose you were to get a (non-spaniel) breed under 18lbs. your base price would be about $40-50 for a bath, haircut, and nail trim. Assuming your groomer charges what I do for a small breed in good condition/doesnt bite, that's $48. if you were to stretch that groom out for 8 weeks (that's still perfectly fine, but should visit for nail trim between) that's only $.86 per day. Assuming you'd like to tip as well (you dont need to tip every time, if you cant afford it, we dont mind. just bring us some brownies in December and we're stoked!), that comes out to $1.00 per day for 8 weeks.

grooming can be fit into many budgets, but if you simply CANNOT afford it, maybe consider a short hair (shedding) breed. Still take that chihuahua or beagle for monthly nail trims, and if your dog HATES it, ask your groomer if they offer "Puppy Rehab". these are quick, positive experience sessions performed every week or two at a lower price (you must stay on schedule. in my salon, I am happy to rehab an inexperienced pup who just needs to learn that grooming is FUN. Unfortunately, I do not work with aggressive biters, or clients that refuse to commit to Rehab and instead expect me to just get bit by their Yardbeast twice a year.

Aww.. She reminds me so much of my doggo we had to give away 4 years ago... Hasn't been a day when I haven't thought about her.

She's terrified

She's definitely earned her keep getting me to the front page :p

😂😂😂so cute

It's the little things in life

He saw all the dogs in the other kennels and wanted to see what the big deal was.


Andy? Can't you be happy with MouseRat?


I could tell, just by the pic, she's special.

Yep my Boxer requires no grooming at all. Just the regular baths when needed and nail trimming.

Octillery used Octazooka

Thank you.

Whoa whoa whoa...parents can not have favorites!

That's a real service?!

My dog is such a big baby. She's too big/strong to hold easily but mostly she just yanks her paw at the last second, which is really scary when I'm trying to clip her.

Then, when you're sufficiently frustrated, she barks once and runs in a little circle because she's done with whatever is happening and wants to play.

he would SHOVE himself back against the clippers, which always freaked me out.



Aurgh. Some of the replies here are giving me a headache this morning.

OP, don't listen to the idiots saying your dog is 'terrified'. Of course she is nervous. Aside from the dreaded B-A-T-H, a good groomer will also trim her nails, pour cold wet stuff in her ears and slosh it around, and squeeze her butthole. The dogs may like the groomer just fine, but still not like the procedures. Kinda how I feel about my dentist.

Also, grates in the bottoms of the kennels are standard at grooming places. It helps the air circulate so they dry faster and keeps the pets above any 'accidents'. Trying to bathe and fluff dry and unhousebroken little white floof will make a groomer suicidal.

The thing about that pic that worries me is the dog in the top kennel with the collar and tags on. Those tags can catch in the door or grate. If the dog panics, they can hang themselves. To death. If the groomer is in the bathroom, she may not be able to hear the commotion in time to save it.

Your groomer may honestly not know how dangerous leaving collars on can be. Most groomer training doesn't cover saftey stuff like that, and it really sucks to have to learn things like that the hard way.


"I'll give my best to rest" sprinkle in some oh boy im happy and stuff

Or to make it " oh boy I'll try to fits so I can sits"

Fluffy octopus!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

I'm getting a dog next month. I live in London. Would you happen to have any local groomer recommendations? You clearly know what you're doing and I never want my doggio to have this experience 😳

"I cant tell you how many testicles, ladies, and winkies i've carefully released from a solid, urine-matted cocoon."

Nooooo! She's just a regular ol' dog. She likes to play pretend and borrowed my old badge for that photo.

2 dogs, one cat

Is the little dog in the big cage because OP's dog stole his?


But in the way I giggle at my husband's dad jokes.


Aww I'm sorry to hear that :(

Looks like such a sweet dog!

Definitely could, but all this talk of delicate grooming is psyching me out. I'm Western Europe based so unfortunately everything is very expensive :(

I'll get there eventually though

Dogs that don't accept they are not puppies anymore are one of my favourite things. They have this stubborn look as they insist on getting into their former hiding spaces or being carried by a human they now outweigh.

i'll put out a request on some of the boards, what part of london are you in and what kind of dog?

Such stress, much pant

Only some. My old mini Schnauzer definitely preferred tight spaces, she would sleep in a cat bed that was very tight around her and she would lay between our legs when on the couch. My Beagle? Nah. He likes to be spread out as much as he can, whether on the couch, on the bed, on the floor, on his bed, etc. Actual pic of the floof.

She's a mix between a German shepherd and a lab. Sometimes they are up, sometimes they are down and floppy.

Both of my dogs require almost no grooming. One of my dogs hardly even sheds. Only fluffy dogs require frequent grooming, don't worry!

Depends on the dog I think. My dog LOVES tiny dark places. (Crawling under the bed, under the covers, in her kennel, etc.) However, some dogs want to stretch as far as they can when they sleep. I think once they're potty trained, keep an eye on your dog and see what he likes.

I have a Pyrenees-Lab mix, I can confirm they like small spaces.


Draughty is British English and Drafty is American English

Seriously. People need to realize that dogs don't "smile" like that when they are happy. That's a sign of them being stressed.

Pretty sure my dog has the same thing growing in the same spot... :(

There are many dogs thag don't need to go to the groomers. Basic dog grooming:

-trim their toenails

-clean their ears (esp if long, floppy eared dog)

-brush fur and occassional bath

-brush teeth

-flea/tick treatment

Please go get it checked. If you need help pm me

Get not eat lol

Don't be a judgmental prick

What a good dog

FYI: wrong symbol...

cats are liquid is a game on android (not sure if its on ios). free and pretty damn good too.

Can confirm. My lab sheds at a constant and continuous rate. Never needs much more than a good brushing or a shedding blade to keep her coat nice.

You make great choices in the words you use. My favorite parts of your comment:

nonchalant gander at their rear assembly winkeye manballs/lady/coinpurse action area solid, urine-matted cocoon touching their Favorite Paws

I swear doggos make what they see as hilarious jokes, and then stare at you like "Get it? Get it?"


Most vets don't let dogs play together- risk of biting, spreading disease, getting loose, etc.

Pricey "pet resort" dog daycares let dogs run around and play together, but vet clinics rarely do.

She's an arson dog!?!?

You can just groom at home, if you train the dog to tolerate it from a young age it's no big deal. I have a golden retriever, a Jack Russell/Shih Tzu mix (who looks like a blurry white puffball, I'm barely sure what his face looks like he's so hyper) and a Yorkshire terrier that all get groomed at home. I brush them, grind their nails down with a grinder that I got at PetSmart for like $40 (neither one of us like using nail clippers so the grinder was a compromise and it's surprisingly effective), and clip their hair. It might not be as chic and perfect as a cut they get from the groomer, but their hair gets cut out of their faces and trimmed up, and I don't have to pay a bazillion dollars in dog grooming fees.

I always train my dogs to stand still on command (on a patio table if they're small) and to give me their feet when they're little, so by the time they're older and need grooming they're already used to it. Even the canine Flash will stand still long enough for me to cut his hair, though he tries to lick me every time my hands get near his front half.

She waa crate trained as a puppy, but we no longer keep crates and she has full reign of the house when we are gone. Don't worry! She's well trained and well spoiled!

You're almost as cute as my dog :)