Tongue.exe crashed

For that model the refresh button is on the nose

Boop the nose.

mlem.dll is missing

you may need to update your salivers, or try contacting your snoot provider directly

boop the snoot


I love the eyes, gorgeous

Maybe the tongue is correct and the body is off

If I know Reddit, someone will soon make a post about how that dog has a fatal mental issue and he’s probably dead by now :(

That's a husky. It's operating as intended.

What was the joke?

She must be hanging out at /sub/makeupaddiction. The eyeliner is perfect.

they're closed on saturdays

That was

I wish my dog would let me touch his tongue, it's always so floppy and weird and I wanna poke it


So two rabbis and a rabbi walk into a bar..


The boop snoot boogey.

Nah, but he could be missing some teeth.

I just assume that every living thing I see in a gif is dead.

Classic case of the Moonmoonitis

Im going to take a guess and say he has missing teeth. Its common for a dogs tongue to just flop out of their mouth if the teeth blocking it from doing so are gone.

That's why you always see older toothless dogs with their tongues flopping around.

Eh. My dog has all her teeth and does the same. Its a husky thing

"Hey! Hit the nose!"

-Anakin Skywalker

ooo i know thissss oneee

HA. That little, “exCUSE me,” look.

Nose the boop.

Yeah but mlem would be a feature of the tongue, not something separate

Mlembers only.

Pretty pup.