Today I got a text from my partner “pokemon go just saved my life”

Today I got a text from my partner “pokemon go just saved my life”

My partner was driving to work, stopped at a set of traffic lights, grabbed the pokestop, egg hatched as the light turned green my partner quickly tapped on the egg then put her phone down and started accelerating to go through the intersection a couple of seconds delayed due to getting the egg. As she started accelerating to go through the intersection a truck decided to run the red light if my girlfriend had accelerated as soon as the light turned green she would have been T-Boned and might not even be here right now and I wouldn’t be here writing this telling you how much I appreciate this game right now. Normally I would tell her off for playing while driving. I think this time there is an exception Thankfully there were no other cars around to cause an accident and thankfully my partner decided to open Pokémon go at that set of traffic lights. So in this case pogo saved a life today,

I do not think it’s good to play while driving but in this case I am relieved.

Everyone be safe out there!

Cool story but. Plz don't play and drive regardless.

What did she hatch?

There is no exception. If she was driving properly and paying attention to her surroundings, she would have noticed a truck coming in too fast and would have been cautious of it before driving when it turned green.

Buy her a Go Plus, bulldog clip it so she doesn't have to touch it and make it known that nobody should be playing the game on their phone while driving.

The cost of a Go Plus is a lot less then a funeral.

Plot twist: The truck driver was ALSO playing Pokemon GO while driving, and wouldn't have missed the red light if they hadn't been playing.

(If you're not paying attention to your surroundings while you're driving, you're doing it wrong.)

For every story like this there's probably 10 dead people thanks to using their phone and driving. No excuses. Don't use your phone at the wheel unless you're pulled over.

This. Also, if she wasn't playing, maybe she'd be looking around before accelerating, just in case. I know I do this because it's worth it to spend like 2-3 seconds at every light to make sure you don't fucking die.

100% IV Spinarak

This is the real question

If she wasn't busy fucking around on her phone she would have noticed a truck running the light.

There are these things called eyes - stop sign, green light - always look both directions for cars approaching - and never trust a turn signal on cars approaching - the few seconds you wait aren't going to matter. These days you have to assume the other drivers are totally distracted, if not by phone then by digital dash info or trying to set GPS.

I picked up from a poke stop at a set of lights and got a ticket for over $300. Glad she didn’t get in an accident but she shouldn’t be using her phone and driving

I'm glad she's ok, dude! Take care

Glad she is okay.