Today a man took a picture up my dress.

Today a man took a picture up my dress.

Let me elaborate. I was at Walmart with my three children for diapers and tampons. I wandered around the make-up and beauty aisles for a while, and then went to where they keep the vitamins, and pregnancy tests. Directly in front of the pharmacy.

The dress I am wearing is mid thigh length with a paisley pattern in fall colors. I was bending over to look at the bottom shelf, and could feel my dress was up too high over my butt. So as I reached back to pull it down, I heard a fucking camera shutter sound. At this point I was in disbelief, and straightened up to see a late 50’s man walking towards the pharmacy with his phone in his hand.

He was holding it really weird with an awkward grip and I watched him get in line at the pharmacy, where he tilted his phone up to look at the screen.... and enough for me to see the picture of my ass with my dress pattern and black underwear.

Once I saw that, I yelled “Excuse me!” And everyone in the pharmacy, customers and pharmacists, stopped what they were doing to look at me. I took a step towards him, not wanting to walk away from the kids in the stroller. I yelled, “Did you just take a picture of me??” at the man. He mumbled back, “uh I didn’t....” and looked down and away, at that point he walked off and everyone watching me was looking at me like I was crazy so I dashed away over to the books, where I alerted an employee despite the four pharmacists watching me yell at him. I saw him one more time in the store before I left. I just wanted to get out.

I called Walmart once I got home, to make sure they followed up. The man who reviews security footage told me that the guy that took the picture was stalking me before he took the picture, he followed me from the fragrances over to pharmacy where he took the picture. I’ve filed a police report and the footage is being saved for them to pick up on Wednesday.

If this happens in public please don’t hesitate to call these people out about it. Embarrass them. Shame them.

If my children had not been observing I would have went and taken his phone from him. It was horrible, and I feel extremely violated and disgusted.

I went shopping, with my children, and a man stalked me because I looked vulnerable and distracted. Because he thought I wouldn’t notice, or that I would be too afraid to call him out.

Anyways, I just wanted to vent a bit and remind all you lovely people to stand up for yourselves and your friends, and strangers, and to not be afraid to make a scene when someone does something repulsing. Thank you for listening.

since there are already people crying fake, here is a picture of the pamphlet the officer gave me...

Im so sorry that happened to you, and while you were with your kids to boot. You handled it 100% appropriately and I hope the police bring him to justice.

“Since there are already people crying fake”

Jesus, and people wonder why women never come forward with this kind of shit, even on a sub of women for women people try to tell you it’s all in your head. Sad times we live in.

Thank you. If it’s not handled to my liking I may go to the news stations but I want to let the police do their jobs first

Yeah I anticipated that but not on the 13th comment ha. My thoughts exactly tbh and men assume well just let it happen because it’s scary and intimidating. Fuck that

Well I’m actually a man myself, albeit a gay one, but there are a few of us who are very sympathetic to your plight. Still I can’t imagine why people feel the need to call out personal stories as fake without any basis whatsoever lmao. Personally I’d be terrified to be a woman in any period of time, it’s like your gender marks you as a target. Worse than my sexuality marks me even, by far.

I read somewhere recently that in Japan they disabled the ability to mute the shutter sound on phone cameras, so that pervs can't stealth shot their upskirts anymore.

How disturbing! There are some weird people in this world. The thought of him stalking you before hand is scary too. Glad you confronted this sick bastard. Hope they catch this creep. I wonder if he gets his prescriptions there. They may be able to find him that way.

This original post is disturbing enough but the number of people defending the man who violated OP... ugh. Disgusting. So glad I found myself a good man and married him. What garbage out there.

As a straight man, I must concur with my gay counterpart here. The fact that people are calling bullshit on your story is, well, bullshit. I am so sorry that you had to experience this, with your children around no less, and I am even more sorry that you have to endure further scrutiny from strangers on the internet. I sincerely hope they catch this creepy fuck and that justice is served swiftly. On behalf of real men everywhere, I'm sorry.

In Australia it is a criminal offence and people do get charged for filming a person's private parts without consent

So here's the first thing to remember ladies if this ever happens to you: this woman was brave. What she did was fabulous- but be clear when immediately confronting perverts in public. State exactly what just happened to you. Not only "Did you just take a picture of me?" but "This man just took a picture up my skirt!!!! Help!!!!" I think we try to be too nice not to offend but he really needed public shaming to make him think twice about ever trying this again. In every crowd there will be one brave person to come to your aid, especially a security guard or a manager if you make a scene. There are websites where unauthorized photos like this one are upvoted by other peeping creeps. And I swear to God - think twice before you blame a mom in a store wearing a skirt above the knee shopping with her kids! Have you no understanding that SHE bent over and HE put the camera UNDER her skirt. Don't be a victimizer yourself by blaming her. Don't stand up for perverts on any level. This guy - as long as he's pursued - can be banned from ever going into a Walmart again. His credit cards will not be welcomed. Let's hope every woman who gets this treatment from him does the same.

Why do all these dudes come to this sub with all of their 'opinions' about things they will never understand? They do this EVERYTIME someone writes about creepy, unwanted, sexual behavior.

I am a bit late to the party but I would still like to throw my 2 cents in. Well done on your reaction, I sort of wish your children were not there so you could have gone full blown on his ass and embarass the shit out of him. I hope that the police follow through. Who knows how many other upskirt photos this creep could have.

I had a similar incident happen to me when I was around 13/14. I found out when I recieved a letter and knock on the door from the police asking me to identify myself in the photo they had managed to seize. My memory is a bit blury on what exactly happened. I was told to write a statement confirming it was me, the pig fled the country to China and they were trying to extradite him back to Australia to charge him. Not too sure what came of it but I can tell you that was a very horrible moment having a cop present a photo of an upskirt view of yourself.

I appreciate that.

That would be kind of hilarious tbh. The surveillance guy I spoke too couldn’t give me too many details but he said they had “really good” footage when I asked if they had captured his face. So hopefully there’s a good outcome I mean all of the pharmacy techs watched me yell at him

No dude, just no. Your devils advocate sounds like an abusive rapist, nothing else.

The officer said he wasn’t sure of the statutes for something like that... he said he was going to do some research and pull some things together, they’d go Wednesday and get the footage

This is disturbing. Will the police be able to charge him with anything if they find him, though?

The fucked up thing is that I remember reading a week or so ago that this actually isn't illegal in the USA! It's frowned upon, but isn't considered pornography or anything because no genitalia is being shown/seen.

here's the article

Hopefully more men are taught better too

Well, relevant username aside, generally speaking my underwear clad ass is not usually out there for the public. He had his phone pointed under my dress. Idk I’m hoping that’s not true

If you were trying to downplay what people perceive as 'rape culture, you failed miserably.

yes. phones bought in japan has the mute shutter sound disabled. i know because i’m using a phone bought in japan. the purpose is to deter pervs from taking upskirt photos and what not.

if you use third party photo apps it disables the disabler though.

It sounds like you handled that very well - hopefully that will stop him from doing the same thing to other people in future. What are the legal implications of taking photos of strangers in public?

It's almost as if people expect women to be deceptive or something. What the hell, rape culture?

If the footage shows that he was stalking her around Walmart prior to the “opportunistic” shot would there be a case?

It's amazing to me, in the worst possible way. I have been assaulted more than once. The first time was rape and the guy had raped another woman just before me he went to jail for 3 years and she was traumatized by the entire court process, and still accused of lying. After seeing what she went through and having my own mom accuse my sister of lying (a guy tried to date rape her) and then tell her it was he fault...there was no way I was going forward. After that I always had weapons on or near me (Knives, pepper spray and a stun gun). The second time, a guy attempted a date rape. I punched him in the nose and then the kicked him in the jewels and pepper sprayed him for good measure. This happened at my house as the date was ending. I left him in a heap by his car and told him worse would happen if he ever came back. What is really awful though, is having such a strong rape culture that even mothers tell their daughters it is their own fault.

I was at Walmart with my bf and I was looking at a shirt when a worker past me and he slipped past me though there was enough space in between the shelves to fit at least one cart. He put his hand on my behind and scrapes his front side against by backside. I thought it was my bf, so I turn around and saw it was the worker who rushes fast away from me.

I felt so uncomfortable and I froze. I totally get why women say they froze when someone had violated them because idk...I just did it without even thinking. I went home and wrote a few angry emails to corporate. The next day a guy called me telling me he was from walmart's corporate. He asked me questions about where the store is and other information before I told him what happened and how it was not okay for a worker to touch me or anyone in that way especially when their was no reason for it other than he thought he could just swiftly do it.

The corporate guy then cut me off as I was talking and asked me " so what did you do?" I said "excuse me?" He says "did you do anything?" I said no and how I was afraid to say anything so I came home and reported it to them because it made me feel more safe. The corporate guy goes "uh huh ok...we will get back to you" and he hung up and that was that. He couldn't help me or assure me he was going to do anything after he learned I didn't raise hell when the worker felt up my behind. This made me so sad for the next week. I wish I had said something like you did, OP. I was not brave enough to call him out.

That is terrible that such a thing happened to you. Bravo for the way you handled it. Sharing this could help many a lady.

Perhaps instead of taking his phone from him - which could lead to physical attack and possibly jail time for yourself, maybe take a picture of him and share it. Use it to find his friends, mother, wife, employer etc. Share the story with them.

Shame these people.

Some places don't have solid laws about taking pictures of something seen in public. Trying to embarrass them might help

Seriously? What is wrong with people? Even if for some reason someone doesn't believe it why the need to comment and accuse someone of lying? Personally, I didn't read a single thing that seemed unbelievable. Also, I've had similar things happen to me and to people I know so I know for a fact that these things do happen. I'm so glad you have footage and are able to go after this man. Hope they find him! Shame on him!

Yikes. That's utter BS. If you can get justice, keep your resolve up. If there's none to be found, well, now a few more people are prepped to step in if they see this happening to someone else.

On a tangent, it also makes me kind of sorry for laughing at the People of WalMart blog back in the day.

Because all women are either sluts or teases, obviously!!! /s

I'm not having kids for many, many reasons, but one of the top reasons is that this society is still really fucked up.

When I spoke to the officer he told me he wouldn’t lie to me, that he wasn’t sure of the limitations and statutes of something like that and he was going to start looking into it as soon as we finished speaking. I’m not sure if it would count as harassment, or anything like that. He’s supposed to call me later this week to update me.

I think they're referring to a similar case that happened in Boston where the person was acquitted because there is no specific piece of law addressing this issue and since you are in a public place you have no right of privacy when it comes to taking pictures. There's been some effort to get politicians to change this, but I'm not sure how successful it's been.

Because they see it as a woman witching and moaning over one more thing that is seemingly a non-issue because they don't think about let alone experience it. (At least I hope not.)

If you are that desperate to get off that you feel the need to stalk and covertly take pictures of women, you are pathetic. Are you that threatened by women that you feel you can't talk to them so your only means of getting anywhere with them is taking pictures of them to jack off to later?

I stop feeling bad for any person who is that lonely when they cross this line.

You have to fight back.

I know this isn't fake.

I saw a report on upskirting once and it creeped me out so much I've never been comfortable wearing a skirt since. I don't normally wear skirts but I feel less inclined to do so with this shit going on.

I'm sorry this happened to you. It is disgusting and unwarranted. And you're right, you look like the crazy one for shouting out, and it's so unfair. But you have to. You have to call them out on it or nothing'll get done.

If this happens in public please don’t hesitate to call these people out about it. Embarrass them. Shame them.

You are right. You're so totally right.

You have to. Call them out on this complete bullshit that they get away with.

I have tears in my eyes every time I watch that video.

I went shopping, with my children, and a man stalked me because I looked vulnerable and distracted. Because he thought I wouldn’t notice, or that I would be too afraid to call him out.

I am so sorry. I admire you for fighting back. You did not deserve this--no one does, man or woman does not deserve to have their person violated.

Not to freak you out, but there are a lot of phones out there that still have silent photos. My iPhone is a little old now (it's a 6S) but it can take silent photos and I'll probably be using it for a while yet (not, obviously, to photograph strangers). Just, you know. If you see someone acting shifty with a phone, don't rely on hearing the shutter.

I am sorry to say that the photo will probably not result in anything. Since the asshole took the picture in a place where anyone could have seen you, it's probably nothing illegal. There is a chance that charges could be raised as a result of him following you around the store.

I called the police about this weird guy taking a video of children in a public park and was told that it is technically not illegal since everyone has access to the place. In order for it to be considered illegal it has to be in a place or situation that is not considered "public".

It's not illegal to take picture but taking compromising or private ones are. Also you can't compare a creep at Walmart going for upskirt of random women to sensationalist photographers taking photos of celebs, if they creep in for an upskirt Pic they get hit as hard as everyone else.

I honestly don't know if I would or wouldn't want to know. I guess I am glad they did because it made me aware at a very young age at how fucked the world can be.

You could see part of my face, specifically the side where I have a mole/beautyspot on my cheek. Also the school I went to required uniforms so that was a big give away (happened on public transport). If I remember correctly there were a few girls from high school that were photographed, so I assume the cops went to the school first and thats how I was identified.

They do it for the same reason the dude took the picture up her skirt. They're the type of guy who has no natural or earned power so they lie in wait for a woman to have a vulnerable moment and try to take advantage of it. They have no ability to form relationships with women that would enable them to either take consensual pictures or have intelligent mutual discussions, so they creep around, stalk and take upskirt photos or creep into other people's conversations to give themselves the illusion of power.

Haha 'gay counterpart'.

YES. Don't blame a woman for a man's behavior. There were two adults in this situation. Men are entirely capable of restraining their sexual and power driven desires. Men are not impulse driven imbeciles. To accept that men don't need to be accountable for this kind of behavior is to imply they somehow can't control themselves. We can. We do. Some of us decide not to restrain ourselves. Those guys need to face legal repercussions and be held up as examples for future generations of boys as what our society will not tolerate. We need to teach men not to do sexual violence.

Exactly. If my husband were in a store and a woman was yelling about a man taking a picture under her dress he would have confronted him at the very least. He would never sit around defending someone like that on the internet.

There was a recent BBC article and segment on woman's hour how this is increasingly becoming a problem for students as well as teachers, to the point where they're getting the unions involved. There are calls for it to be made an illegal offence, I'm kind of surprised it isn't already tbh.


I once had a guy ask me to get into his car. He had a shifty look and was asking quietly whilst glancing around quickly. I reported him to the police in case he successfully abducted another child. Afterwards, the police said that since he didn't break the law, they can't arrest someone for being creepy. It sucked, but at least with your case Walmart have an image of the guy with this report. If this guy goes around taking photos of you, chances are he's doing some other immoral or illegal stuff and this incident can build a case against him.

Agreed. If they don’t catch him I’ll be raising hell and trying to get the footage out on the news

You're so gross

"upskirting" is illegal in Scotland but not (yet) in the rest of the UK. Here is a recent BBC magazine article about it:

That is utterly disgusting! Thank God cell phone companies put the shutter sound back on the phone as a NON-optional thing! For a while it was something you could disable, and it was changed for exactly this reason!

I hope they get this excuse for a human being!

This is infuriating. What the hell is wrong with some people. As the father of two teenage daughters this makes me feel stabby. I hope they catch this pervert and put him on a sex offender registry where he belongs.

I gotta say, I feel more ready to call someone out now because of reading stories like these the last few years. Before, I think it was much more likely that I would just freeze and be upset later. I can't say for sure how I will react in this type of situation obviously, but I feel more prepared and empowered to stand up for myself or others.

Yeah if your phone is muted I think it’s muted but it’s on if the ringer is. I’m not entirely sure haha. And it was so blatant and gross I hope they release the video to the media to identify him

Thank you ❤️ I actually called my dad while I was driving Home and he told me I should call Walmart and see if they looked, and to call the police and make a report. I initially just wanted to get far away from that place

I am happy you stood up for yourself. This type of stalking behavior is common. Hopefully more women learn to protect themselves against perverts.

Still, hopefully embarassing him and pursuing legal action, even if the case doesn't go anywhere, will deter him from doing it again.

Not too sure what came of it but I can tell you that was a very horrible moment having a cop present a photo of an upskirt view of yourself.

Are you happy the cops told you? or would you rather have not known?

EDIT: How did the cops know the picture was you in the first place? Was your face visible as well?

This is the US law, but her state or her city could have laws against it still. Taking upskirt photos are illegal in Virginia.

I've seen cases in my city where people who do this are prosecuted for it and at the very least placed on probation when they are found guilty.

Completely disgusting and I'm sorry this happened to you. Hoping he's found and brought to justice.

Except the man didn’t need to take a photo in the first place.

What have the police said will happen to the guy if he gets found guilty? What's the precedent, it must have happened before!!

Presumably he was weird because he was videoing children for no obviously non-weird reason.

Suing someone and pressing for criminal charges are two separate things, and without knowing more about OPs location makes further argument moot. Some states have different interpretation of what a private area and when an expectation of privacy, let alone consent, is breached.

Never mind. You've been siding with the guy who committed the assault this entire time. If society was a pair of underwear, you'd be the skid marks at the bottom.

You some kind of expert, hun?

Unfortunately in most places there is no expectation of privacy in a public area. Now if he stuck the camera under your clothing and took a picture, depending on the laws of your local area, that would be a crime. But if you bent over and your dress was just up too high you are probably out of luck. Sad but true.

It's illegal under state laws in MA, I imagine that other states have similar laws. Just because there isn't a federal law, doesn't make it legal.

As I was reading I was worried the store or police would not help you. As awful as the experience must have been, I am glad that you got the help you needed. Hope in humanity lowered because of the perv, but then raised back up because of the help, I suppose!

Gross. I feel queasy just reading this. I love your response of humiliating him and that you followed up with a police report. And that you had restraint enough not to take the phone because of your children. I would not have had that discipline and kids don't need to see adults physically fighting.

Channel your stabby urges into speaking up the next time you are in a group of guys and they start pushing the envelope, talking about women with attitudes that permit this kind of behavior. Usually it's some insecure dude trying to establish himself among peers but accepting this kind of atmosphere normalizes it. Imagine that asshole who's talking shit about women being alone with your daughter. What will hold him back? He's got to learn from other men what his Daddy obviously didn't teach him. He needs to know his peers won't stand for abusing or harassing women.

YUCK. I'm so sorry that happened. You did a really good job handling that and I'm glad you reported it.