To the resc... oh nevermind..

Hard to tell since no one on Reddit is an actual cat.

Does the cat know it can do this? Or is that just straight up panic mode?

Thousands of years and they still be fooled.

Cat: "Urgggghhhhhhhhhh! Now I have to find a new hole to sit in!!!!!!"

I had a cat when I was in high school that pulled this BS on me. When he was still pretty young, around 1 year old, he climbed a large tree in our front yard, then sat on a branch about 15 feet above the ground, mewling, because he was scared to get down. So I trudge over to the garage, get the ladder, and start carrying it over to the tree. When I'm about 10 feet away, the cat decides to slide down one side of the branch, until it's just hanging by one claw, then drops lightly to the grass just as I arrive. He saunters calmly past me and the ladder, not even acknowledging my presence.


Assassin's Creed cat

The laws of physics do not apply to cats.

He just Prince of Persia'd his way outta there damn


I know this is a bit off topic, but I really should be more thankful that I live somewhere where making my own ladder isn't a necessity.

You're obviously looking at it from the human point of view. You need to change your perspective.

The question is never 'Does the cat know it can do this?'. The question is always 'Does the cat know that it cannot do this?' and the answer is always no.

The cat was happy down there, until the human came and ruined the party. The cat decided to leave. Just because the floor is vertical doesn't mean it's not a floor, and just because the humans don't know how to walk on vertical floors doesn't mean that cats can't walk on vertical floors.

Ignorance is bliss. And when you're simultaneously both a solid and a liquid, and the laws of physics and gravity only occasionally apply to you, ignorance allows you to do the impossible on a daily basis.

Prince of Purrrsia you mean.

Looks like panic mode, but it's a cat. Maybe that's acted...

Racist cat

Yeah, I wonder how long the cat in the OP was mewling for help until the human heard him, went and got the ladder, and climbed down.

It is in panic mode but cats usually don't jump without knowing they can make it. Sometimes they still fail though

We all should. Hell we should be more aware of the fact our phones are made by children and that many of the things we enjoy are from exploited workers.

I can't talk though really, sent from my oneplus5 in front of my gaming computer...

Meow bitch

I think you misspelled demon

Thanks to the man trying to save the cat! You're still a hero :)

Ask Cat Boy

A street cat got loose in our house by accident. He was very scared and hid in the corner of the ceiling above the door out. There was nothing under him.

ahahaha a cat on reddit? certainly not meow i mean ahem me.

It's not necessarily a cry for help. Some cats just like to 'talk' and meow for the attention or just to tell you whatever goes on in their mind. Our cats are part siamese and those apparently like to talk a lot as we were told when we got them. Our old guy sounds like how I imagine a baby getting tormented sounds when he meows. Loud enough for the neighbors to hear him 30m and 4 concrete walls away.

The first time my ex gf heard him in the middle of the night she was so scared she started crying lmao.

There are millions of Redditors, so probably there's at least one cat.


I know this sounds really daft, but one thing that reminds me how lucky I am, is that I own a wok.

You see, a standard frying pan will cook food, so I could easily get through life without a wok, but I have one for specialist cooking. For meals originated in another part of the world, which should be cooked a specific way. It's also bigger than a frying pan so I can use it when cooking lots of food.

There are people with no food and I have a special pan just for cooking large amounts of special food.

Maybe she was crying because she realised she was dating a guy who has cats.

Source: Am a guy who has cats

Was thinking the same. Like do cats have knowledge that inside a shape like that they can push toward the other wall hard enough to get grip when pushing up. It's almost hard to think that was entirely out of panic.

If I was going into a confined space with a scared cat I would not choose to go topless.

I think you had a spider, bro

Clearly a Schrödinger's cat situation. The cat is not only both solid and liquid, but is simultaneously alive and dead.

But if the human hadn't tried to rescue it, would it have died of starvation/dehydration down there?

That would imply that not all cats are liquid, which is factually incorrect.

More like young Jackie Chan'd outta there. He has the older rights to the title.

Its a shitty cat trap.

Sometimes I wish I was a cat.

Every account on reddit is a cat except you.

If you really want to find out all you need is a box of cats, a tall building, and the will to do unspeakable acts in the name of science.

And it's adorably hilarious when they miss.

Nice bamboozle frendo

His heart was certainly in the right place, but after seeing little kitty use her murder mittens to defy physics, I really hope he wears a shirt next time.

I'm not a catologist, but I read somewhere that the higher the fall the higher the chance of survival for cats. More height gives them more time to turn their feet towards the ground and bracing for the impact. Their terminal velocity is also slow enough for them to survive.

At least that's what I read. Maybe some cat person can confirm or correct me?

Litter of Time

Cat 4.0 now with 64GB of RAM.

"leave yer water bottle in here... should have three, four cats by morning"

That's panic. My cat did this once when I was vacuuming and didn't realize he was still in the room. He parkoured up and over the back of the door in a state of pure terror. I doubt that cat knew he could, but damn if he didn't give it his best shot to gtfo.

I constantly wish I was a cat.

"Cat in the wall 'eh? Now you're talking my language. What he did was he probably flattened himself out and slipped right through the seam in your wall. Cat's do not abide by the laws of nature." - Charlie

I don’t want to talk to those PJ Pests


This is one of my favorite cat videos

studies have show cats don't even know what reddit is

Well, depending on the height they're jumping from.

I think you had a spider demon

That guy is super ballsy, going into a hole with a trapped cat shirtless.

what's this pit for? doesn't look like it goes anywhere or anything

How do they have a ladder made of fucking drift wood, but a phone that shoots perrfect 1080? Like I’m so confused right now.

Woklife. I got a wok while at university when my mum told me that chinese chefs wouldn't clean out their wok between meals as it preserves the flavour. Dont know if thats true, but it's certainly not practical when going from bolognese to fajitas...

I use my wok for nearly every meal that requires a pan. It's incredibly versatile

Prince of Purrsia.

But how do I know the building I threw the box off wasn't just not tall enough for them all to survive? More cats and taller buildings?

HA HA none of you idiots know I am actually dog.

Then the cat pulled up the ladder.

Feel like that subreddit should be called /sub/liquidcats


I came here to say this.

That guy either has balls of steel or a chest of steel.

This is some Douglas Adams level analysis!

Hold the fuck up fam...your cat’s name is Paul?

There's nothing like sufficient motivation to accomplish what was previously considered impossible.

If this is a PJ Masks reference, come on, I try to get away from that noise when I'm not around my kids.

If not, then nevermind. I'm just a dude bitching about a kids show.

where the ceiling meets the wall, he was somehow pushing against both to keep himself suspended above the air. I don't think he could have done it for too long, so I opened the door and backed away so he could get out in piece.

Fuck gravity

it's funny you say that, one cat I had in the past used to hate black people, it would see a black friend of mine and it would freak out like it was some kind of demon of some sort. I happened with different people too, it wasn't something specific of my friend or anything like that.


Have no one told you ?


My cat is the opposite. He's black, and loves sitting on or being near black things, clothes, blankets, including people. We had a cable guy doing some work in our house who happened to be black, and Paul would not leave him alone, persistently licking his arm and nuzzling him.

They were originally going to call it /sub/wetpussies but turns out that was taken

Damnit Romeo!

there’s no safe place away from PJ Masks.

I have three cats. When we moved to a new house with clear glass doors and windows they did it so many time. I tried to put some stickers on it but they ignored.

Cat Boy here. 60%cat 40%boy. AMA

Guys who have cats are nice people. Nice people who may have Toxoplasmosis.

You need a fifty storey building and 100 cats. Throw one out each for and see if it survives. Then throw another one out each floor the confirm the result. Maybe bring an extra 50 cats in case you need to settle a tie.

I have a normal domestic tabby and a rescued feral maine coon. The tabby is fat and lazy as all hell but he can jump to the top of the fridge without problem. My maine coon seems to have super abilities like getting to the top of a door and literally hanging out like its a tree branch or something. He hides in weird places and they both can open doors with handles.

I used to have an end table under a light switch and couldn't figure out why my light would randomly turn off until I caught the tabby doing just that, flipping the switch. I've decided cats can do pretty much anything they want if they want something that bad.

Both of mine are unique in their own way but feral definitely still shows up in odd ways in my maine coon. His escape methods are quite hilarious.

I've had to clean those up too many times to visit a subreddit for them.

The paws of physics

What was your ex gf doing at your house in the middle of the night?

Well, of course...

You should consider doing philosophy videos on youtube

I remember listening to a radiolab episode about this. There's a specific height they can fall and survive from. Too high or too low and they'll be injured or killed. I believe it's between 6-13 stories IIRC.

Edit: call -> can

If they’re still looking for it they should check the nearest hay bale


I mean meow too thanks

Is your penis barbed?

I've never heard the term mewling before.... Is that regional cat dialect?