To road rage

Too good to not be fake, but man i hope it's real because I love this.

"Do you find something comical about my appearance when I'm driving my automobile?"

Mirrors exist tho

Never saw someone accept his fate so easily

The more obvious giveaway is...why would anyone be filming with a tripod.

I'm a bigger guy (6'2 225ish) with a beard but I drive a prius. Had to honk at a few people who've decided to just walk in the middle of the road who don't hear me coming (electric mode at slower speeds) it generally scares them (I like to get nice and close first) had a few guys get pretty angry, see it's a prius and make assumptions and storm toward the door furious only to see me sitting in it and sheepishly shuffle off onto the sidewalk hahahaha

Staged AF. But funny

"Everyone needs to drive a vehicle, even the very tall. This was the largest auto I could afford. Should I therefore be made the subject of fun, huh?"

More like Fuck this, I’m not gonna die here

Why do you get in so many parking lot fights?

Holy cow he is barely taller than the car.

"Look everybody, it's the boy that laughs at us, let's laughs at him."

No one holds that still

I'm a big dude (6'4" 250) also bearded. Over my years I've had a lot smaller guys pick fights with me (at bars not road raging) I think there is a bring down the giant mentality

Something very similar happened to my dad and his friend back in the mid 1960's. Dad's friend was starting RG for the Oregon Ducks football team at the time and was huge and aggro. Seems like maybe a bit of a road rager too, because he liked to get people to pull over and fight on the side of the road. According to my dad, Mr. RG didn't like the way a man in a VW Beetle was driving and did his usual pull the fuck over routine. Pops says that the guy in the VW started getting out of the car, and kept getting out...truly massive. Turned out to be none other than pro wrasslin' legend Dutch Savage. Mr. Savage asks Mr. RG if he had a problem. Mr. RG said,"no Mr. Savage." and slunk back to the car.

Where do you live? Asia? 6’1” isn’t exactly tall by today’s standards.



It is moving a little bit...

For that sweet karma.

/sub/iamverybadass hall of fame material

Nah, that's believable. You hear someone near you lay on the horn, screaming, and start getting out of their car, damn right you're pulling up your phone.

How do you know they're using a tripod?

Reminds me of that one scene from Rush Hour 3

I'm a bigger guy (7'13" 690) also bearded.

Unless you’re resting your hand on something

Observation is hard

Unless the person recording is a surgeon, this isn't anywhere near shaky enough to be a phone camera.

Nah, probably just staged

"I guess so"

No way, dude. Beards make you bulletproof and give you magic tough-guy fistfighting powers.

Lose it if you shave it, though; kinda like Sampson.

Simpsons did it first.



Or shot

6'1 260, minimal body fat. How you liking 1) dem steroids or 2) lying on the internet

What I imagine it would look like if someone tried to do that to the rock.

Door was opened at the exact moment the dude hit the car with his hand. Hmmm