To jump in a hole gracefully

He seems so shocked

Owl just pretend no one saw that

"What in the hell?!"

Never had that exact expression been so vivid in an owl's eyes.


kinda like this

I assumed it was trying to strike/catch prey in the snow.

hey! hooo's over there filming?!?


When I don’t fit in my pants anymore

So, I actually know something about this. I was watching the BBC show - Yellowstone: Wildest Winter to Blazing Summer.

The reason this owl failed is because winters are warming up. And instead of the snow being nice and soft, it's started to thaw during the day, then freeze solid at night. This is making it very difficult for the owls to hunt.

Edit - Link to show



Following such a majestic landing, too!

"How could this happen to me? I thought I was smarter than this."

This one is more like /sub/holdmypellet. this how copypastas are born?

Was it not?

They got away owlbeit barely, which is why we have this footage.

And it still looks awesome.

I’m sorry...but I-I... read your user

It's trying to punch through the snow to get something below the snow.

Also a little bit of /sub/watchpeopledieinside

Pretty sure that's exactly what the owl is doing.

He's talon everyone not to watch the video.

Prepare for the facebook posts with this gif and caption...

I know right? I always upvote owls... such a cool animal.

Because the owl isn't trying to fit into the hole; it's trying to catch something beneath it, and the compacted snow is stopping it.

Celebrate its birthday 🎉🎉

this cat

Naw I think it just wanted a good resting spot like

Dude, you have every right to your opinion, but it’s a little misplaced here. I doubt anyone forced the owl to do this. It appears to have just been caught on camera. Animals accidentally hurt themselves in nature all the time. Just as we humans do also.

To think that it'll never realize how many people saw this

with 😂 emojis of course.

I can't believe I've done this.

They really are basically sky cats.

Owls are the cats of the bird world.

S/he’s a downvote troll

Even if this was sarcasm it’s still overboard and you need to calm down.

He was just winging it

That moment when you fucked up your gameplay and didn't quick save before to get a flawless achievement.

so that I could just enjoy my reddit experience in piece,

Looks like /sub/steak already has a lot of them cut up for you - should help.

These puns are owlful.

Temple University

I really hope so cause this is great.

/sub/superbowl as well. Just trust me

I’ll join the club...

Shit I lost the game

Ok wait odd because in America that same documentary is called “The great Yellowstone thaw” so where are you from?? Also, great documentary and holy shit the cinematography of the Great Grays took my breath away.

Thank you.

--- owl, probably

Because I can definitely see it happening, don't take the bait guys. Ken M wannabe troll account here. It exists to spam up threads with your salty replies. Just move along.

EDIT: Fuck, I was three minutes too late...

You can tell it’s not his first time by how flat his face is xD

These documentaries are often rebranded and re-edited for different audiences, American versions of UK produced nature docs will have entire scenes and sections cut to allow room for advertisements.

They'll also sometimes do terrible things like redub Attenborough with an American actor instead.

I got most of them, but some just flew right over my head.

/s ... right? right??

I dunno, I was having a hoot of a time

"You win bird" ...flop. hahaha

Roy Moore spokesman finds out you don't have to swear on a Bible to become an elected official

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I trusted you... how could you deceive me like that?

He went from majestic soaring falcon-kin to /sub/startledcats in about two seconds flat.