To get in the car, Duke's style.

To be fair, homeboy probably did this for laughs...

Edit: Just saying that some things that get posted to this sub could have been made in jest and by friends just having fun and playing around. The comments section can get pretty critical and cruel when the person (like this guy) was doing this for fun.

He would not have fit through the window anyway.

Judging by the dent on the hood of the car, I assume this wasn’t his first attempt.

It was definitely a hazard.

seriously, i did this shit like it was my job for ten years

i am so glad the internet was not a thing

The windows on a '69 Charger are signficiantly larger than those on a 4-door Pontiac Sunfire...and the Duke boys are signficantly smaller than this guy.

bless his heart, mission accomplished.

tried that once wearing Levi's 501s - riveted pockets - don't tell my brother

Dude is too big, car is too small.

It can't be. Fat people never make jokes involving their own weight. This is why there has never been a fat comedian making fun of himself or doing physical comedy.

I thought it happened after

He totally can. Fat is very pliable.

So what your saying is he can fat through the window?

I'm dubious


Yeah. So many things from teenage years and early 20's that would be impossible to live down if they'd have been captured by phone camera.

Bo, Luke and the lesser-known cousin Dingus Duke

Nah, I'm betting he was genuinely in a hurry and the doors on that car don't open.

That man has an enormous heart.

That's Beuregard Duke trying to get into the Second Lieutenant Lee..

Precisely why I go a little bit apeshit every time someone leans on my car for a picture.


He's afraid we'll virtually lean on his comment for a photo once he tells us

Just the mediocre ol' boys

He was prepared to suffer for his art

Humor is whatever people laugh at, or are amused by. You don't get to decide what humor is, the audience as a whole does.

It's an exotic

I did it in the 80's and early 90s but my cars were still made out of steel then. I would not try and slide across the hoods of many cars today.

Why are people leaning on your car for a picture

I’ve never hated a rental more than a Pontiac Sunfire. It feels awful inside. I learned to drive a 68 VW bug, and that was comfortable as heck compared to this. The beat up Chevy Corvair my high school buddy owned was more comfortable. The early 80s Honda tiny pickup with the shit clutch was more comfortable. I don’t understand Sunfires or what goes through Pontiac’s head when they design them.

I see both though it's more pronounced after.


Lucky for you, Pontiac's been out of business for 7 years now!

I tried it one time, and the rivets on my jeans scratched the hell out of my hood :/


I’m pretty sure the end game was to use the window like a bottle opener to tear his knee apart

Well come on now, don't just not tell us what kind. Pics too.

Thats a lotta damage

Honestly, I'm kind of annoyed at how people handle these clips. It's partly why I became so anxious later in life. The shit I'd been doing for 20 years growing up, is suddenly not okay, because of internet assholes. Why I took it all to heart, I'll never know, but I do. Acceptance is a tricky bitch.

Fat guy in a little car, fat guy in a little car, fat guy in a little car ♪♫


Heh... or... OP will deliver. ;)

Yeah...  It's a Ferrari 355.
355 with a friend's 360 and another friend's 430
355 at Trattoria Lisina (dat sky doe)
355 with my daily driver B5 S4 on wash day

Heh... or... OP will deliver. ;)

Yeah... It's a Ferrari 355. 355 at Trattoria Lisina (dat sky doe) 355 with my daily driver B5 S4 on wash day

Well, of course it was done as a joke, but I do think he genuinely ate shit there. I'm thin and there's a like 99% chance I would too. It's an awkward move to attempt.

Trying to act cool but ended up a fool

Dukes XXL.

I can just hear the hood denting and the suspension wanting to give out followed by the thud of him hitting the rocks. /sub/loudgifs

It turns out that he is too muscular and cant fit through

What were some of the things you laughed at lately? I'm just curious what the superior humor is.


Well he better!

I’m impressed that considering it’s a Pontiac Sunfire that it didn’t just fall to pieces before he reaches the hood.

Looks like them boys of Hazzard county are at it ageen