To get away with the bike

Definitely wanted to see what happened next.

Wow... A beautiful takedown. 10/10

A serious shitkicking I imagine.

Just imagine how fast he is on the bike.

Why did the guy have a bike if he can run faster than it

Dude was so nonchalant walking in there

Act like you belong.

Act like you belong in a crowded area open to the public. Doesn't work so well in a private home.

Unfortunately the camera malfunctioned but the home owner kindly asked the young man to leave the neighborhood. Unfortunately the young man was suffering from shock and was unable to keep balances as he crossed the street, he lost his footing and bit the curb.

After having my motorcycle stolen, this video makes me sooo happy. There should be a subreddit for thieves getting their butts kicked.

Wish i had gotten a glimpse of the fuck who did this to my daughters bike.

She had just gotten back from her friends house down the street, parked it in the garage and came in for lunch. 15 minutes later it was gone. It wasnt even a month old.

"I pick up your bike to go repair it and you tackle me in the street?!"

Nice catch! Hope you kicked his ass

Hahahahaha no

Fun story: one year for Mother's Day, my dad, sister and I all got my mom a nice cruiser bike, pale blue, yellow trim, whitewall tires and a basket. The works. Mom was so excited to be able to ride around the neighborhood and rode the bike like crazy for a few days.

Not even a month into having it, she went into the back yard to ride it and it was gone. Some shitlicker hopped our 8ft fence and stole my moms bike. Well needless to say my poor mom was heartbroken, and I was furious. Cut to later that same day, I'm riding around with my dad when at a stoplight, I see a cop car WITH MY MOMS BIKE in the back seat. We flagged him down and the cop explained that he caught the guy with my moms bike, hopping someone else's fence and trying to steal from their yard in the middle of the day.

It felt good knowing he got what was coming to him, but it was such a weird series of events

its not about the bike, if someone walked into my garage and took a tennis ball i would be embarrased if i didnt teach people not to fuck around

No that dude slid a across the pavement 6/10

Maybe /sub/justiceserved

No, but really, imagine it

That's what he meant.

Helps keep the neighbors from being suspicious and reporting it. Improves the odds, anyway.

source: armchair redditor

In shorts... Fuck

say that to the bike! it didn't even put up a fight, it was just rolling off with him!

LPT: always park your bike in the highest gear possible. When the thieves tries to ride away they will take a long time to get rolling.

Kick his ass Seabass!!


Mods were deleting content if it didn't align with their thinking



Lol. I like the unnecessary cunts.

Just curious....are you calling the poster a cunt for reposting, or referring to the bike thief?