To discredit CNN..

To discredit CNN..

It's weird how irrational US politics have become. It should be so serious, but it's becoming a circus.

He said 'is one of the', meaning he isn't wrong, technically.

It feels like I'm living in an alternate reality sometimes.

discrediting itself

well, to be fair, CNN does a pretty good job of

I'm too busy correcting OP on Reddit to have time for silly things like parties.

Kinda weird that he would put 'other' as an option. Wouldn't anyone who really thinks about it put other? I mean they're definitely a bunch of shitheels at Fox, but there're much worse out there, depending on your definition of news network.

Marty McFly went into the past a long time ago and started the Biff Tannen alternate timeline before we had a chance. We all hoped for something better but all we can hope for is that he meets Bernie Sanders in 1885 and they make a train time machine to rename Sarah Palin Gulch into Clinton Gulch.

Yeah since CNN is on the top of the most worst news channels, his point was not false

My dad fucked it all up.

It's irrational on purpose. Divide and rule. Distract using a lot of exclamation marks. Usually statesmen and diplomats are quite sophisticated and elaborate about it. The current U.S. government on the other hand utilizes racism, dishonesty and Jeff Sessions. That much is how valuable their flags dignity has become to them. Yet they demand loyalty. While severing the next generations liberty and independence by selling out the means of education, Labor opportunities. Ignoring facts comparable to the church in the dark ages. In consequence Trump will make America ( the continent) great again. He only needs to leave.


So your complaint is you can't be an asshole.

Might want to do some self-reflection and wonder why the reason you don't like something is because it encourages you to be a decent person.

I can't tell if this is a joke but I'm laughing either way.

Nice fail .

Or polls on social media are dumb and don't actually mean anything since they're easily manipulated, but sure let's go with that.

Net Neutrality is the framework that prevents ISP's from fucking with your traffic and charging you extra for certain sites - eg the "YouTube Package, + $4.99/mth".

Obama Care was an attempt to bring your archaic healthcare system up to anywhere near the standard set by literally every single other first world country.

You should be embarrassed about your lack of knowledge, and stop spouting false bullshit all over the internet that only exists as it does due to Net Neutrality.

And maybe go see a doctor for acute mental necrosis.

Twitter is the literal bastion for trumps batshit stream of consciousness tweets. It absolutely blows my mind that you can say twitter is anti trump, yet its trumps favorite website

Yeah Trumps twitter outbursts usually coincide with congress passing a fishy bill or something else that the public needs to be distracted from.

Ive always been amazed how much hate the PC movement gets. Yeah some SJW take it out of proportion, but for the most part, it just seems like these "anti-PC" people are just mad they are finally getting called out for their bullying and discriminatory behavior.

To be fair, Abe did it first. Trump followed his example

To the 74 million people saying "but wait CNN is bad too!" I'm fully aware, the fact that anyone still gets their news from for profit cable tv stations is beyond me. HOWEVER this guy was expecting completely different results when he posted this poll, thus /sub/therewasanattempt .

You don't believe in censorship, but you're happy to participate in the_donald which censors all views that are not pro-trump. Lol stfu kiddo.

apparently saying you cant call someone a nigger on a private companies website is oppression ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Trying to use the word "cucked" outside of a T_D safespace. Bold move.

Everyone should be allowed to voice their opinion. The problem is when these same assholes prevent anyone else from voicing theirs.

Dark twitter was some of my best times.

That's pretty sad.

But it’s his right to be an asshole... now whether or not twitter is required to give him a platform to be an asshole is a different question. Also a lot of people seem to forget that freedom of speech is not freedom of consequences for said free speech.

To be fair I dont get any of my news from those dumpster fire tv stations. They are both pretty terrible, I just thought it was funny that this guy came in super confident then got destroyed in his own poll.

Edit: Also Im just a guy not CNN..