To catch the red light runner

To catch the red light runner

Dude had hands on head as soon as he got out. Pre-emptive.

Who runs a red light when two cop cars are at it

3 cop cars but hey he got away with it

That’s what you should do, making sure they understand you aren’t trying to hurt them

Definitely erring on the side of caution.

Yeah especially if you just hit one of them.

100% correct move and exactly what I would've done, but I like not being shot at.

Probably, the video shows the lit-up police vehicle in the intersection long enough to prove the driver was being inattentive or travelling at an unsafe speed.

I can only assume most people who run reds don't pay attention to what's around them in the first place.

It looks like the driver did make an attempt to slow down. It's not against the law to drive the speed limit at an intersection on a green light, not smart , but none the less. Another thing is maybe he was trying to beat a yellow light? To many factors involved i think. I think the fault will fall on law enforcement in this case.