To catch his first ball

To catch his first ball

I was rooting for him the whole time!

What type of dog is this? It’s soooo fluffy.

99% sure it's an Australian shepherd.

source: have one

On /sub/therewasanattempt?!

Always root for G O O D B O Y E S

I got this I got this... I don't got this..

Mighty floof struck down in his prime.

Did someone say puppy tax?

Pretty pretty bad, but brushing regularly helps a ton. Source: Have one myself

Pretty sure this

He looks like a football player when the ball hits its head. "Ahhhh! Deaathhhh is imminent!!!"

Root for him like a bad baseball team. You want them to win, but you're really just there to drink and have fun with your friends.

Excuse me you forgot the puppy tax.

How bad is the shedding

Lil doggo is not quite calibrated yet plz hold

I love how he gives of a little cry when the ball hits him, then he realises it didn’t really hurt at all

Looks like he thinks he still has a chance to catch it


it can be pretty bad at times (especially during texas summers), but we found a comb called a "FURminator" that seems to help a lot. We brush her maybe once a week to keep the shedding pretty unnoticeable. The biggest things to consider when getting an aussie should really be lifestyle. They usually are glued to family members and need a LOT of things to do and a good amount of space to do them. If you're gone to work for 8-10 hours a day, or live in an apartment, it's not the ideal dog.


me irl

A good dog

oh my god

I think he’s just doing a Chicarito impression

Happy cake day!

it looks like a bearded collie to me

Ours is wonderful (a girl though) and her name is Kaiko! I researched a lot of different breeds for close to a year before choosing. Aussies are extremely loyal to owners, love to please those they care about, were bred to be very energetic, smart yet compliant, they do well in most temperatures, and to me they are the idea size - large enough to play with but small enough to sit on the couch or in the car with you. My wife trains service dogs so she is home most of the day and there is always training being done (she includes our pups pet to keep them entertained). They have also took to the role of showing the service dogs in training how they are suppose to act. The black and white one can get a little feisty if the other dogs don't behave lol.

That nice floor ain't going to survive


Omg, thanks for the info, now i'm even more sure I need this dog in my life

edit: i'll get my own dog I wont come for yours