To bowl

How is it possible for someone to be this bad at bowling?

She wasn’t wearing bowling shoes...

She is not wearing any shoes at all! WTF

Why isn't she wearing any shoes?

I knew it was going to be bad as soon as I saw her outfit.

How is it possible for someone to be this bad at life? Wtf was she trying to do.

There's so much weird shit going on in this gif.

That floating square on the screen was a target right?

Jezus how light is that ball??

Where IS this? The balls have too many holes. Like 2 too many I think. Also, the ball must weigh nothing. No way could a person that size accidentally throw a regulation bowling ball that high and far.

I don't like her

It's probably one of those 6lb bowling balls made for kids, which is probably why her fingers got stuck.

Since when do bowling balls have 5 finger holes?

I've never seen a bowling ball with more than 3 holes.

I have i partially figure out.

First off.... girlfriend obviously doesn't do much bowling - or possibly hasn't ever bowled at all.

I rarely bowl - so I am one to talk, but looking at her stance and the way she is holding the ball - it is almost like she is trying to figure out the best way to move her body to accomplish this.

If you follow that line of thought then the shoes are suddenly kind of obvious. Bowling shoes are gross. Fuck that. I am just gonna go in my socks.

As for what she did and the holes in the ball and the holes in the wall....

They are connected. I don't bowl much at all. I have never seen a ball with 4 holes and a thumb before. Then again, I have never used anything but lane balls my entire life. There is much I have never seen in bowling alleys.

Consider: If someone managed to get all four fingers and there thumb in all of those holes they would have a pretty good grip.

If they swung the ball with enough force - and because of the grip it didn't come free when intended it would come free higher up in the arc of the swing.....

Finally... how did she manage to throw the ball that far up?

This is easy as well. Just think about it. That ball probably weighs next to nothing. Look, she hasn't been bowling before, she thinks house shoes are gross do you REALLY think she chose a heavy ball? Hell no. That is the lightest ball she could find that she can jam her hand into.

Conclusion: This is something that happens over and over again at this bowling alley because of those fucking holes and those light balls.

Almost looks like some PJs.

The TV wasn't working right anyway. She did them a favor.

How about those holes in the columns? Is that from people flinging the ball down the lane? How many times has that happened? Is this even supposed to be bowling?

Maybe her fingers got stuck in the ball. cuz she nasty

Got curious and apparently official rules allow for up to 12 holes on your ball. 5 finger holes (that you don't have to use, but must show that you can), 5 "vent holes" that are 1/4in or smaller and intersect the finger holes, a "weight balance" hole, and a "mill" hole for inspection purposes. Source from 2014

I didn't even notice that until you said something.

That's why you use the heavy ones when you are an adult

God I hate people like her

only 3 lanes.. maybe a private alley where they don't have shoes for rent and things of the like so they just told her not to wear her sneakers