TJ Dillashaw: Time for ‘scared’ Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson to ‘man up and take this fight’

TJ Dillashaw: Time for ‘scared’ Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson to ‘man up and take this fight’

My god, Dillashaw, fuck off with the scared talk. I mean, honestly, it makes you look stupid. DJ is not afraid of you or losing. He simply wants to be paid what he feels he is owed as the longest reigning champion and one who has been a full-on company man for the last 5 years.

The more Dillashaw bitches and moans about DJ being scared the less I like him. DJ has been VERY open about what he wants in relation to this fight. If a guy like Bisbing or Silva or DC or any of the other champs "deserves" their payday, then so does DJ.

We have 11 champions these days and of those 11 Five are trying to fight outside their division or contenders who arent in their weightclass.

MW: GSP looking likely to head back to WW

WW: Woodley trying to fight GSP at MW or Nate the LW

LW: Conor trying to fight refs, mobsters and Bellator employees but not UFC guys

BW: TJ trying to fight DJ

WFW: Cyborg fighting a 135er who is 0-1 at 145

DJ says "Pay me and I'll fight whoever, don't pay me and I'll fight the safest fight".

No MMA fan would gamble with their career the way they want DJ to.

Also DJ fought at 135 and amassed a 14-2 record , he's not afraid of anyone. He's afraid of being underpaid for his work.

And if Jon Jones didn't get busted he'd have wanted that Brock Lesnar fight too

How many times has TJ said this lol

You'd swear DJ was asking for McG money with the way some are saying he doesn't deserve a pay raise to fight TJ

If defending your title eleven times in a row doesn't give you a pay raise, I'm not sure what should.

DJ isn’t fighting TJ, unless he’s getting paid

What does this even mean? DJ is the reason this fight is a possibility...

"Man up" says the larger man

DJ won't fight the BW champ for the same money he could get to beat on Cejudo again... The UFC need to compensate both of these guys. TJ needs to lay off the trash talking, we've all seen that it never works out for him.

he sure ain't lining up to fight holloway though

Not really mental gymnastics, he wants to be paid more for a higher risk match and basically a super fight. Just pay the man.

He can’t shrink mate

Agree with the rest but Cyborg’s isn’t really her fault, it’s not like she’s avoiding other contenders to fight Holly, Holly is the only contender since Megan Anderson is MIA.

And I can’t blame him ... he’s not chattel

I doubt it tbh. Lesnar was a risk worth the money, Stipe is nowhere near as big a draw.

If they want a super fight then they need to pay DJ properly.

I do like the amount of quotations in the title.

What bums me out is he was probably going to fight Stipe and that would have been so good :(

Cringey. DJ is one of the most mature dudes in the UFC - he realizes this isn't a fucking fight to the death and isn't scared of shit. Every outing is a pay-day and a chance to add to his impressive record.

You missed the point. Almost comically so.

TJ is calling out the smaller man constantly but when Holloway needed an opponent TJ was very quiet.

Not saying TJ is afraid of Max but when had a chance to become 2 weight champ he didn't act on it because he would be the smaller guy.

And he will still remain 3 inches taller than Mighty Mouse, with a wider frame and longer reach etc. As well as likely having the weight advantage when they actually are in the cage, and not 30-odd hours before.

The UFC has lost control of its' own roster. And it is a shame because there is a lot of depth these days.

Seriously lol idk why this deserves an article every time.


TJ said he can cut to 125. He’s not challenging DJ to fight at 135. So yeah I don’t see your point

I Don't see You "manning up" to fight Max holloway?

Is this you admitting it, TJ? that you're not a man Cos you don't fight the bigger guys, as you clearly expect others to?

Overeem pissed hot and has been starched multiple times. He made $800k in his last fight, win lose or draw.

We say this all the time about multiple people. We all agree here but the public seems to like what it likes.

Yep, UFC better “pay this man his money”

MM is the one who can stop this fight from becoming a reality.

Then wouldn't that mean MM is the reason the fight happens? He holds all the cards, and he's using them to negotiate more money.

I don't see many people arguing against this fight though..

Because DJ has nothing to gain from this fight if he isn't paid handsomely for it.

So he has to absorb all the risk so he's the person with all the power here.

Agree with the rest but Cyborg’s isn’t really her fault

She could stop injecting testosterone into her eyeballs.

Still makes me laugh TJ was seen as the “good guy” in his fight against Cody.

Throw whatever you want against Cody, I’m not saying he’s a great dude, but everything I’ve heard about TJ paints him as a dickhead.

It’s a big fight and DJ shouldn’t take it unless he gets more than he would for a Cejudo rematch ..,

TJ wants to fight a guy who claims to be the greatest mixed martial artist of all time in his own weight class. You act like we don't see size differences of a couple inches in nearly every fight. This isn't Stipe asking to fight Conor.

If what Faber, and Cody says is true about him on JRE, he doesn't seem very likeable at all.

Microsoft Points

Some UFC fans are so fucking deluded they think paying DJ is gonna come out of their own goddamn pocket.

You're not shareholders.

The PPV ain't gonna cost more just because DJ negotiates a better deal. Stop being corporate fucking cheerleaders.

DJ/TJ is a superfight. It's champ versus champ. There is no reasonable argument for why DJ shouldn't want to be paid accordingly.

He is the record-breaking, 11 time defending champion. He has beaten world class strikers, wrestlers and grapplers and put incredible performances doing so. Why on earth would DJ, at this stage in his career, accept a fight with another champ from a division up for the same money he would make taking on a contender?

DJ ain't got nothing left to prove. He isn't fighting for glory or recognition. He's fighting for money so he can provide for his family. So the UFC can pay up or fuck off.

Doesn't every champion renegotiate their contract when they have a big fight? I remember Conor doing this for the Alvarez fight and no one batted an eyelid as well as bisping doing it for the gsp fight. Hell even tony renegotiated for the khabib fight which was absolutely the right decision so why is it now the wrong thing for DJ to do. He deserves to get paid

Did Max say he could cut to 135?

Well, Max Holloway isn't interested to go down to 135 because he has to chop his leg to make 135. TJ is the one offering to go down. TJ says he can make 125 and he wants to fight MM at 125. If he makes 125 he is a FLW. Funny thing is, he won't even be the largest flyweight...

Its a shit-show, but I'm trying to stay optimistic.

WFW is an empty division anyway.

BW and FlyW don't really have any contenders who are overdue a title shot (think Joe B should rematch with Henry, that was a close, controversial result).

For LW, I just pretend Ferguson's title is the real title at this point.

Woodley vs. GSP at WW makes sense, just please not at MW. Woodley's gotten in 3 title defenses in 2017 anyway so I'm not too worried about him, hopefully RDA/Lawler winner or GSP next.

MW will be okay if GSP leaves (Whittaker vs. Rockhold for real #1 spot) or if he defends against Whittaker.

He should be tho imo. If Miocic was marketed properly, he'd be a huge star. Fireman who became a UFC champion? That's insanely badass

But dj is a scared pussy cause he's not jumping to take fights out of his weight class with a guy who just won the title. I mean he tried to fight Cruz what like 6 years ago or something before he was even full time fighter, but he's at the top of the game, p4p best, and had the longest defense streak in UFC history... But he's scared.

People are fucking stupid, he just wants to get paid, and I don't blame him.

To be honest though, he’s calling out the champion but he’s expecting a relatively easy payday I think. If he wants a challenge, then why isn’t he calling out Max Holloway? This is virtually identical to the Bisping/GSP thing that /sub/mma has been shitting blood about for the last year, yet no ones crying about TJ holding up the division.

Why are you manufacturing quotes to try to bolster your argument? And why are you still using irrelevant comparisons? If TJ loses muscle and cuts to 125, like every other 125 contender, then he isn’t the bigger man

General rule of MMA; anything a fighter says in a lead up to a fight is to hype the fight unless the fans are supporting the other guy.

Youre right. Conor McGregor, George St Pierre, Anderson Silva etc. are all American sounding