Tip (AbusivePillow) is a 2 faced snake

Tip (AbusivePillow) is a 2 faced snake

When he was still on Twitch he always laughed at Ice and his followers, and would ban anyone who types Cx in the chat or anything related to Ice Poseidon. Now that he got banned and is a dying streamer on Youtube, he's trying to do some duo stream or discussion streams with Ice. What a hypocrite.

Ofcourse Ice will do a stream with him because his career is also dying lul

Yet another cumrag who thought he was too good for everyone, crawling back slurping up the scraps. If Ice really wants to kill his career he'll collab with him. Inb4 collab.

well ice was a fucking retard u cant deny that lol

Nosleeptv has always been a snake

im pretty sure that tip was one of the jackasses who laughed and expected him to fail when he got banned off twitch

100% he did. He called him a fucking retard for leaking his gate and said he would be banned soon. Karma is a bitch.

I've had a Twitch acc since 2011 and the ONLY channel that's ever permed me was that loser. All I said was "No need to kick him when he's down" in regards to Ice being permed from Twitch, when Tip or w/e the dude's name is was mocking him for getting banned.

Dude's pathetic. When he got banned it felt like some serious karma shit.

Watching ResidentSleepertv LUL

The word Cx was banned in his room and he always shit talked 'the community'. Fuck this irrelevant streamer

https://overrustlelogs.net/Abusivepillow%20chatlog/May%202017/userlogs/GratefulLoC https://overrustlelogs.net/Abusivepillow%20chatlog/April%202017/userlogs/GratefulLoC

fuck are u talkin about boi

few years ago he got couple k viewers every stream, now he gets 200 max lmao

Abuisve pillow ResidentSleeper

If it means a collab will kill his career that means we should be expecting a collab soon

not surprised, seems like the kinda guy would be 2faced

You new fag 12 year olds are what killed this reddit. Tip is and always has been a meme. He doesn't actually mean what he says. He used to pretend to be Christian, pretend to get butthurt over troll donations and thus bait more donations. "Out troll the troll" is a good but haHAA way of saying it. But keep getting butt hurt over jokes. That is the drama filled content you are used to over at drama alert? Right? Jakepaulers and Logangers unite! Fuck off :)

I wouldn't say Tip is a snake, I would say he's more of a sociopath than Ice. Ice at least shows some care for people, Tip on-the-other-hand shows nothing. Tip will use people for content and when they try to branch off from him and make something of their own he'll send his dogs after them and bring up all this dirt on them to ruin them before they get a chance to build a following.

spotted the abusivepillow viewer

who did he send his dogs after?