Time is a flat circle

Time is a flat circle

God that first season of True Detective was such a masterpiece, I’m going to rewatch it again

True Detective (2014)

Surfer, Dude (2008)

EdTV (1999)

Because that picture is from one of the scenes taking place in the mid-90s, and the makeup artists did a reasonably good job.

Why does Matthew look the youngest in 2014?

I just rewatched it for the first time since the original playthrough. So damn good.

Tried to start Season 2 again, and failed...

And he was coming off of starving himself for Dallas Buyers Club.

People don't appreciate what he did for that movie. He went from "America's Hottest" to sickeningly anorexic for a temporary job. Massive props to him

Season 2 is a very good, completely different show.

I have never even heard of the middle one. I thought it was Fool's Gold at first.

If anyone is wondering it is a film called Surfer Dude and I probably will end up watching it today if anybody wants to know what it's like.

Edit: alright I just watched it. And like people were saying it's pretty spot on stoner humor, and I don't think Matthew McConaughey wore a shirt at all throughout the movie. So quick synopsis, a Californian soul surfer holds out joining this reality TV and the head executive then messes with his life, and I'm not completely convinced didn't take the waves away as well. Woody plays McConaughey's "manager" although no business seems to be conducted except the business of smoking pot. All in all, it's a pretty funny movie with a good soundtrack as well, and Woody Harrelson pretending to sound stoned and at one point sounding just like Pauly Shore.

When I get a temp job I only make $10/hour

I think he means it would have been a very good show if it wasn't called true detective, because we all know true detective season 1 is a masterpiece.

very good

I hope you weren't mixing that up with Fargo 2. Because True Detective S2 was a big let down for me, then I found out* almost everyone holds the same view.

— Harvey Weinstein




especially that part where Alexanderia dadderio got naked.

That scene with Alexandra Daddario, though.

Decidedly worth repeating.

/sub/ttdswad. That true detective scene with Alexandra Daddario. Obviously nsfw.

That's what I love about memes. I get older, they stay the same age.

you guys have jobs? How? Where I'm at there's no jobs at all.

Unless you wanna work 40 hours a week!

I'm temping for $15/hr. Movie star money

Nah I got a pretty bad habit of making up bullshit when I don't know the answer.


The intro for Season 1 alone was

I didn't know who she was at that point, but I knew them titties would take her places.

Good feeling about this. They should cast another actor as well, like Brendan Fraser. What a comeback that would be.

Apparently yes, with Mahershala Ali.

The Wheel of Time turns, and ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legends fade to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the age that gave it birth comes again.

With a name like Wang Danglin, you got it.

Holy hell. Go see True Detective season 1. It’s the best thing to have been on TV ever.

Started out alright but nothing paid off and I didn't care about anyone. Pretty much the opposite of s1

That scene has it's own subreddit.

In case you might be interested, the book The Conspiracy Against the Human Race by Thomas Ligotti is the philosophy behind Matthew Mc(not gonna attempt)'s dialogue and character's life.

Warning. Not lite reading.

It really is fucking amazing. The whole show could have just been Rust sitting in that interrogation room rambling drunkenly about metaphysical nonsense and i still would have put it in my top 5

And Woody Harrelson's hair is all over the place...

Because she recently converted to Islam.

I’m gonna go ahead and need a little recap after if you don’t mind

Are they working on S3?

I get the nothing paid off part but I was super invested in Colin Farrell’s character. He was heartbreaking a I thought he was incredible.

You have been banned from /sub/thebrendan

Alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright now ladies

This one track shot

is one of the greatest scenes ever made in television.

Ka is a wheel.

Yeah, I know what he means, S1 set a high bar and it was unfortunate to be related to the same title.

But I still think S2 was average on its own, not "very good". At most I'd say "it's erm... sorta good".

Christian Bale did the same thing for The Machinest. Dude weighed less than 100lbs.

Could you say it stared out alright, alright, alright?


as someone who walked into season 2 with no expectations after the first season, i completely disagree with you. it was just a very confusing, bad show. imo.


Edit: it’s not true, can’t find anything saying she converted to Islam you piece of shit liar.

I find nothing wrong with this.

Hell yes, it was. There are only 4 things that have truly freaked me out on screen. Jack Nicholson in The Shining when I was 5. Tina Turner in Thunderdome when I was 6. Freddy Kruger when my grand dad morphed into him in a nightmare I had after watching the movie when I was 9. And that crazy motherfucker as he gave his "Come die with me today" speech in Carcosa. The intensity that first season had, from start to finish, will probably never be topped. I wish I could personally thank everyone that had a part in making what I consider the absolute best show that was ever written, cast, directed, and acted out.

Spoiler here too, but the gunfight in the street was amazing.

Let's keep it about Rampart, ok guys?

Your loss... If there were 5 seasons at season 1 quality I would call it my favorite show ever. Instead, that position is held by The Wire.

The money isn't temporary though.

Oh yeah? What, um, what’s it called?

I own it on DVD. A few of my friends and I fell in love with it a few years back when we were all huge pot heads. It's dumb as shit, but it's super relaxing, has a good soundtrack, and has some pretty good stoner humor if your into that. It has boobs and shows mccaunaghey's bare ass, so it has something for everybody. Most people would probably absolutely hate it. If you have a few hours to waste and you like stoner humor I'd say check it out.

I can't believe how many people missed this comment

Eat for the job you want, not the job you have.

I mean, AAA is like $20 a year, anyone can get it.

If you think about life as though its a computer simulation, these guys are clearly a pretty stable, repetative process. A pretty sure sign of the computer's inability to randomly generate numbers.

A movie about a tv show

In the Machinist, he played a guy with severe, chronic insomnia, and he lost like 65 pounds to get the sickly look. Then, he gained it all, and more, back in a few months for Batman Begins.


Then the wind blew and some Aes Sedai crossed their arms under their breasts.

Ah. I have never seen the show but that makes sense. Good job, makeup artists!

Because time is a flat circle

Yeah, Colin Farrell was amazing in S2.

Yeah, let's be sad for the millionaire Hollywood actor/model with his triple A status.

A friend showed it to me.

Three days later, I had seen all of season 1. It's the best trailer ever made, and it spoils absolutely nothing.

Saw them jogging together on an Austin "greenbelt". Nearly everyone who saw them yelled 'Woody'. Didn't know whether to be glad or sad for Matthew

S1E1 had me absolutely hooked after 5 minutes.

I started season 2 and trying to start the second episode feels like a chore.

Makes me realize that only HBO still does intros for their shows. And they are all really iconic. True Blood, Game of Thrones, True Detective, etc

true detective http://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2017/03/28/true-detective-season-3-to-solve-mystery-of-why-seaso...

They didn't get it wrong, because they weren't trying to get it right. The plot point is about Rust's warped understanding of Nietzsche. He's not a nihilist, he's a pessimist, but he aligns with Nietzsche's moral psychology. The time is a flat circle bit is literally Nietzsche though, it's the doctrine of eternal recurrence, and Rust is taking it literally.

And come on, that video is ridiculous. The very first part is from a scene in Sopranos where a young AJ is clearly taking his writings literally because he just learned about Nietzsche in school. They weren't exactly trying to make it accurate.

Edit: You replied to me and deleted your comment. You really didn't understand my comment. Rust is taking Nietzsche literally, or at least some of the philosophy literally, which makes it 'wrong'. But it's intentional. And it's pretty clear that you just Googled an overview of his personality.

We he won the Oscar for it.

Also: he doesn't. He clearly looks the youngest in the 1999 one. I have no fucking idea what that guy was talking about.

God, that first season of True Detective was such a masterpiece, I'm going to watch it again. Amen.

I feel like actors have pr people that come on here and make these comments. As if his life is a struggle.

Woody Hairplugs

Additionally, the king in yellow is very heavily involved in the story surrounding the cultists, if you're looking for more outside reading connected to the show.


If I wanted to work that little I'd find a different job...

The Handsome Family!! Incredible band!

It's amazing how much their resolution changed over the years.

Good flick about ones priorities in life.