Time for the UK to put an end to this savagery.

Time for the UK to put an end to this savagery.

Agreed. I’d be in favor of the death penalty for members of “grooming gangs.” This kind of evil must be destroyed so thoroughly that it will never rise again.

It's too late. They are everywhere. This is exploitation on an industrial scale.

The UK is already occupied by a foreign invader. It's already happened.

"Not with a bang, but with a whimper."

Don't just blame this on the police. Social Workers are also complicit, as is government.

But most of all, blame the media. They have known about this since 2004! For the hard of hearing, that's 14 years ago. And they refused to report on it. Flat out refused, and buried the story, because they didn't want to give publicity to anything that helped conservatives. Better to cover up the most heinous of crimes, and let thousands of innocent girls be raped, better that than the Tories!

And to this day, they are continuing to downplay and cover up these stories.

It's never too late to fight back. Whether we would be victorious or not, isn't the point. That we actually try is.

Americans... THIS IS HAPPENING HERE TOO. America first. Don't allow things to get worse here, while you focus on other nations. I love our UK brothers and sisters too. But that doesn't mean I want to repeat their bad-decisions and ignore the obvious until it gets as bad here as it is there.

Pedo-protecting Marxists, Talmudists, and Communists have been and continue to subvert our court-systems, make no mistake about it. Law-enforcement defers to the courts. They do not police them. (Especially, the family courts). And it is for this reason our enemies gravitate towards these positions. Marxism takes aim at our families. If they can disrupt the family-unit, they disrupt the nation. Get it? So, when pedo-protecting CPS, a Talmudist-judge, corrupt officers, abusive support-enforcement, or otherwise decide they want to fuck your life up, alienate you from your children and/or abuse you with excessive-litigation because your a fucking white-male, Trump-supporter, you will have very little recourse. This is happening.

You have all been witness on this subreddit to hundreds of examples of government abuse of power, negligence and depravity. Whether it be from the Clintons, Comey, Lynch, Obama, Holder, Strozk, Schiff, or any of the other losers. You have seen it and cannot deny corruption on a mass-scale exists.

Yet, why is it so hard for many to accept that this same corruption can be found in our courts, in law-enforcement, in the district attorney's office and elsewhere, here on our own soil, and likely very local to where you live? Not saying those of you reading this are resistant to this, but I see so many...

EDIT: Clarity

EDIT 2: So, the question is... How can we expose this corruption and end it for good? Autists?

What is the UK supposed to fight back with? They are toothless. There's probably more weapons owned by the invaders in the UK than by the natives.

Of course, I agree. But those people just don't care enough. They're already dead inside.

Cmon guys, they've got their hands completely full of looking for people who post right-wing views online, and for actual thought crimes! maybe after they finish up on those they can take care of this

When you have to list your rape gangs alphabetically, you know you have problems.

Americans, as the last free people on the planet, should be spamming all UK police twitter accounts with this daily.

I'd start putting up posters and leaving pamphlets in metros.

Oi watch it mate! Too much to think- wind up in the clink! —Big Bruv

Ask trump to remove our embassy with UK until this is resolved

CCTV everywhere in places like that. Police would track you down in 5 mins and arrest you for spreading hate speech.

Thanks. I knew that there were several stories along these lines, but didn't know that they were in so many cities. WTF, UK?

How do you spell Prima Noctae in Arabic?

Sauce, this is something that the MSN is trying to cover up!

We have to make this go viral.