Tim Cahill paid to do 'sponsored' goal celebration in World Cup play-off against Syria

Tim Cahill paid to do 'sponsored' goal celebration in World Cup play-off against Syria


I hope he made a fuck load of money.

I'd be doing unnecessarily elaborate 3 minute long Burger King promos after scoring if I was a professional player.

I'd sell out faster than Garth on Wayne's World.

That's embarassing.

Surprised we don’t see more of this. Just wait for the 10% off promo code - link in bio! On his Instagram lmao

Grim. Hope this doesn't become common.

Would be a shame if it started to affect players' decision making on the field... Guys going for shots instead of making the open pass because they want the sponsor money. Dangerous precedent here

I hope they fine Cahill for this to discourage other players from doing it. A rolemodel for all Australian football fans, and then he does this shit.

The man has invested large amounts of his own money and time in to children's football and opportunities in Australia. He raised vast amounts of money for the Queensland's flood victims in 2011. He continues to work for the Cancer Council and is a UNICEF ambassador in which he helps raise money and donates his time to children with cancer.

I'm sure his soul is fine regardless of his choice of celebration.

Let's not pretend, after scoring a 3 yard tap in, we wouldn't all be cutting imaginary pizza slices while miming the words 'Two For Tuesday' after Dominos lined our pockets with a couple of hundred grand.

My Nan would be getting that gold plated kitchen she's never wanted.

Okay, but why am I watching a 30 second ad for a 15 second clip.

Nicklas Bendtner did something similar some years ago and got relatively big fine for it iirc

Well considering he's still our only player capable of scoring on a regular basis I don't give a shit.

Oh how naive you are.

...how much are they paying you

Imagine if Jesus was sponsored by Coke and they told him not to pass to Aguero because he's sponsored by Pepsi and they don't want them to get airtime

Was waiting for him to box the corner flag that he usually does.

You have corner flags in your living room?

Now the money has breached the euphoria of a goal celebration. What has the world come to? At least it wasn't an ad for guns.

Imagine if Jesus was sponsored by Coke

I was told the good Lord prefers NASCAR

This is incredibly embarrassing and just plain bad for the sport, if it weren't Tim Cahill doing this but someone unlikable /sub/soccer would be going insane

Yep, remember the controversy over him being fined more than Lazio for racial abuse.

Thankfully, not naive enough to not see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the taste you can see!

Good thing you don't lose your soul for doing something after scoring a goal.

Silly thing to do but still a silly response.

Yeah same, if he's putting them in the back of the net, couldn't give a shit if he did a plane celebration or acted as a fucking horse, he's still a legend

That is so grim

Pele did something similar where he was paid to tie his shoelaces in a game to promote his boot. Perhaps a step down from a celebration but this kind of thing has been around for a while.

Use ublock origin and you won't have to.

Those bonuses are decided by the club. If the team is harmed by the bonuses because the players become more egoïstic, it's their own fault.

In this case, it's outside the influence of the club or NT. They have every right to be upset about it.

Timmy Ca$hill

Might have taken one as a souvenir one time

It's like people only do things cause they get paid.... And that just sad

The M'lady of /sub/soccer

Cashing in before he retires which is fair enough, but this should be banned asf.

Look, if PWC offered you a contract for a $550 000 annual salary, would you feel ashamed? If, after a year, Ernst & Young made a counter of $780 000 would you feel bad going to them?

It's a job. You'd be dumb to undervalue yourself. The money is always going to be there, would you rather it go to some corporate fat cat instead of you? At least by getting more money yourself, you can then choose to set up a charitable foundation or a grassroots program.

Plus, imagine setting up your kids, their kids, their children's children etc. Although that may just end up breeding a long line of entitled trust fund babies. Hmmm... Maybe better to give most of it to charity after all.

The lord himself

that's how I celebrated the goal, thinking I would have been mimicking him... how bloody wrong I was..

Good spot. Obviously there's a big difference between the two, but it is quite amusing to see a news organisation whinging about viral marketing in an article where you have to watch an advert two times the length of the content you actually want to access. It's almost hypocr*

*This comment is sponsored by Megacorp. Please visit their website to view the exciting conclusion to this sentence.

Cahill has made a lot of money in his career already, he didn't have to do this to avoid going hungry.

City was fined more for being a minute late than Porto whose fans racially abused City's players.

Yea I can't believe the top comment chain

A little while back I was listening to something on the radio about goals and assists and the bonus that goes along with them. So if a player gets a bonus for a goal and he shoots instead of playing an easy pass, is that any different?

I'm not saying that I like what Cahill did but I also don't really care enough to get upset by it.


Lazio and racial abuse, name a more iconic duo.

If it had been Suarez or something he'd have gotten fucking crucified

poor attempt

There was an instance with Neymar somewhat recently as well during a friendly.

Dribbled with a bit of flair despite not being under pressure, went down with "injury," massaged his ankle for a camera close-up of his boot, then resumed play.

That reaction from the manager afterward is sickening:

"This is the first step for us to formalise something on top of our really solid friendship," managing director Norm Black said afterwards. "This is a great stepping stone to bigger and better things. For us there is nobody better to have linked to your brand. There is no higher respected sportsman in the country."

Nothing matters anymore, only money.

He's earned it as well. I'm sure Australian fans wouldn't begrudge him anything.

Yeah, people on here don't do nuance. Like they can't accept the fact that Cahill is a good player and likable guy but also that this behavior is a fucking joke.

Yeah I think they did, was probably worth it for them in the end considering we're still bringing it up

I'm going to try something better:

Love thy neighbor and enjoy the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola

-John 4:17

I severely doubt you'd get an ad for guns anywhere near football. It'd only be relevant for the US and you lot are hardly keen on football.

Aussies banned guns after a massacre too, so they'd be even less tolerant of it.

I can't think about this right now, it's giving me a headache.

Paddy power paid the fine though did they not ?

yet supporting a yank team. i don't give a shit that he's aussie

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He's approaching the end of his professional well-paid career. If I was him I'd be looking to get as much now as possible.

Don't even have to click :)

Too bad you can't buy a soul right?