Till death do us part

Till death do us part

That's one to show the kids.

I think they were copying the meme, but they did it pretty poorly. Also, explaining what the meme was to your children will be extremely difficult lol

wont be too bad once they take Meme history 101

Literally a pixelated photo of the back of a woman. It could be your mother

"Your essays on the Rise and Fall of the Pepe Empire had better be ON MY DESK by the end of day Thursday!"

To be fair, I stared at her ass for a good 10 minutes.


Not the original commenter but... it’s not pixelated for me (maybe bc mobile?), I also thought “damn she looks great”, maybe it’s her skirt accentuating her body

Sorry emperor, your domain has been taken down. Go find your people. Be free like the other incels.

Looks like she's in it for the money anyway.