TIL two women tried to smuggle their dead relative's body onto a flight by putting him in a wheelchair and putting sunglasses on him. It was only when airport staff tried to check him in and he wouldn't respond that suspicions were raised

TIL two women tried to smuggle their dead relative's body onto a flight by putting him in a wheel...

This article says they were later cleared of any wrongdoing and did not realize he was dead.

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I came here to say that they claim they didn't know he was dead!

That seems far fetched?

What do people think?

I think they wanted to burry him at the designation and realized how expensive and difficult it is to transport a corpse.

oh, and do me a favour: don't disturb my friend. he's dead tired.


Hospice nurse here

You would be shocked.....

So I once walked into a room to eval a patient. The son was shaving the patient and washing the hair. Mind you: family providing post-mortem care is normal in some cultures. Son doing this didn't really raise any flags for me.

I say "I'm sorry for your loss" and get ready to leave the room. Son said "why would you say that? Are you stupid?!?!"

Um. Okay.

Patient had been dead for a bit. Not "rigor" but definitely 89degree and waxy dead.

"Only when"

Oh so the moment someone looks at the body do they notice. They managed to trick all the people, from the parking lot to the security line!!!

He should really be flying United, that'd be a great movie: an unresponsive corpse versus constant physical abuse. Who gives up first?

I called into the room a coworker so we could pronounce death and do some bereavement supports. TBH people can have violent reactions when we pronounce so I wanted some backup.

All was okay. The son had normal grief.

A similar thing happened to an acquaintance of ours. While they were traveling the husband died, I believe from a heart attack, in the car when they were in Reno. She just kept driving back to her home state. She had to spend one night in a motel, leaving her dead husband in the passenger seat over night. When she got back home the next day, after unloading her things at her house, she drove her husband's body, still in the passenger seat, to a local funeral home. And yeah, this woman was already kind of strange to begin with, so people who knew here were not surprised.

Why didn't they just say he was deaf and blind as to not arouse any suspicion?

More like the perfect lawsuit.

Oh my god! You killed him!

More like /sub/absurdlyexpensive

The real LPT is in the comments.

Did security at a hospital, and had more than a few calls for violent visitors at a patient's deathbed... You provide an excellent service for a group of people often overlooked

What happened after he said that to you?

One where the family barred us from the room. The person was pronounced dead, the family was permitted some time in the room, and about an hour later it was time to get some information, some paperwork handled, and the nurses tried to enter the room. They had barred the door yelling "you aren't going to take ----- away!". They were three adults in the room. Security (me) was called and I had to slam into the door to get it to open, squeeze my foot in, then basically pry it open with myself. Then, even better, I had to pry them away from the bed while trying not to hurt them.

At the time I was mad, I had seen plenty of (other's) deaths, and couldn't understand why they would act like that. But later I understood that I DON'T understand what they were going through, who that was to them, and what it was to lose someone so important... Thus the people who do these things every day, they are the one to drop the news, and handle the initial responses no matter how irrational. You guys are heros


DIY corpse

Materials needed:

-one large knife

-a friend, parent or supervisor

Watch out, they practically got all the way to TSA!

TSA would have found a water bottle but would have missed the body.

Airlines ship remains for the cost of a ticket anyway. They literally saved nothing.

Remembuh Sully when I promised to kill you lahst ?

About two weeks ago, one of the sales agents at my work was pushing this very very large man to his gate in a wheelchair. Got all the way to the gate, asked where his boarding pass was, no response. Dude had a heart attack and didn't even flinch and ended up dying right there in the chair.


-Strong acid

-Spare bathtub polyethylene container


Wasn't that a national Lampoon's movie?

Death pro tip

You bastard!

Chevy Chase Vacation. Yeah in the movie they put grandma on top of the car.

The story I related was true, though. It was a couple of decades ago, I tried to Google search the story but I don't think it made the local paper. We heard about it from people who the woman worked with.

The guy already looks like a corpse in the photo used in the article. I'd say it's completely possible that the relatives just didn't realise he'd died at some point.

Right? I read this and thought, "So like... immediately."

I lied

Is that a picture of him alive or dead?

Any stories that stick out that youd like to share?

To heaven

I can't believe that in a group of three at least one person wouldn't be saying "guys, this is a bit over the top".

But I have a perfectly good bathtub at home.

They were watching Weekend at Bernie's

He might be dead, but Keith Richards can still put on a hell of a show. They just needed to put a guitar in his hands.

Wait. Do you think the name of that movie is "Chevy Chase Vacation"?

Well depending on the state/country there could be permits to buy.

I worked at a movie theater and this ladies hudband had a aneurysm during the movie and she didn't know until the credits syarted rolling (they were regulars and were the people who would wait till after to discuss movies)

She did not take it nearly as well as that women, that was a sad day

Has TV taught you nothing!?

Great, now I have to take off my body before going through the scanner.

When I die I hope its in a faculty meeting because the transition will be seamless.

Grief is a powerful and irrational experience. Think about how susceptible most people are to peer pressure and/or group think. Now think about being so distraught about your loved one's passing that you can't even think or make any real decisions, and suddenly you latch on to this one thought or idea that seems to make sense at the time. It may have just been 1 person's need, but I can see how the other 2 may not have been in a position to step in. I personally freeze up in shocking situations (would make a really bad emergency personnel person :( ).

And that's the end. Sets up perfectly for the sequel where a suspicious investigator tries to prove he wasn't dead. This one is mostly flashbacks.

The skin, after passing and with some diseases, looks waxy.

We use these and many other changes to get an idea of how long ago the patient passed. We rarely (twice in my career) have families request an autopsy. So the time of death is when the nurse pronounces it. We also describe the appearance of the remains for the medical record.

It likely happens more than we realize, at movies, on flights, etc. Come to think of it, my wife's grandfather died sitting in his recliner. He got up one morning, got dressed and was sitting in his chair waiting for his nephew to pick him up to take him to his daily visit at the senior center. He was dead when the nephew came into the house, just sitting there peacefully in his chair. That's the way I'd want to go.

I thought that it was a picture of a corpse from the thumbnail

A charge nurse at a retirement home told me a rather insane story: She got a new patient in one night near the end of her shift, and after taking one look at him she knew he probably wouldn't live to see the next day. Sure enough, she got a phone call from the home at three AM about him passing. She went to work the next day, and discovered that no one could locate any next of kin for the man, and therefore couldn't release the body to a funeral home yet. Problem was that the state inspectors were on their way, and one of the big no-no's was having a dead body in there. Out of time, they put this dead dude in a wheelchair and moved him from room to room as the inspectors made their way through the facility. They even had other patients helping! Finally, they ran out of space to hide him, so at the last second, they put sunglasses on him, a cigarette in his mouth, and wheeled him in the courtyard. Well, they got away with it, and the charge nurse told the staff and the other helpful patients "We're ALL going to this mans funeral, or we're ALL going to hell".

Some people don't let certain norms bother them I guess.

She may have thought "well shit, no matter how upsetting this may be I've gotta bring him somewhere and that body sure as shit ain't sleeping with me."

Some people function on pure practicality.

Idk if this is true. When I studied abroad my profs told me it would cost around 10k to have my body shipped back to the States. They could of been lying though too.

That seems far fetched?

What do people think?

You sound like the end of a Buzzfeed article which says "Sound far fetched to you? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!"

Flying a corpse outta a country cost more than 15k

There's a fantastic serbian comedy called Frozen Stiff about two brothers try to transport their dead grandfather by train. Look it up.

Did he get to fly?

When my Dad was traveling, he got sick, went into the hospital in CA. He had undiagnosed cancer that had spread throughout his abdomen. He was not conscious very often those last few days. But when he was, He wanted to go home to OH. Had he been conscious we could have gotten him a flight for $800. As it was, we hired an Air Ambulance with two nurses and flight crew to get him back for just over $50k.

I wish there would have been a better way. While I'' wishing though, I wish my Dad were still alive.

providing post-morgen care

not sure if autocorrect or one of those two German women

Or, the perfect plan:

1) Morphine meema to death 2) Bring on flight Weekend at Bernie's style 3) Sit in wrong seat on booked flight 4) Force a violent interaction with security 5) Omfg u killed gramma 6) Collect munny in court

"It was only when" the very first second they interacted with someone that they were discovered.


She broke out her trombone and played the 'Womp Womp' tune

Next terrorists plot. Hide bombs inside body

They were. I dispatched air ambulance for years and also have shipped a few bodies.


Oh no, he's just pining for the fjords.

Gd bless you for what you do. Both my grandparents passed in hospice and they were able to die in a dignified way.

just leave me there if that happens

Depending on when he died, I could believe it.

I worked at a hospital in the past, as a valet. A woman drove her mom up for a clinic visit, and needed some help getting her into a wheelchair. She hadn't been very responsive, and it had been difficult to get her into the car. Two of my coworkers lifted her into a wheelchair, with some difficulty. The daughter wheeled her up, and checked her into the clinic. They realized she was dead when the MA came to grab her to get vitals. She had died somewhere between getting her in the car and getting her vitals checked. She was still warm, according to my coworkers.

Layover at Bernie's

Yeah, kinda dumb title. Checking in is basically the first thing you do at an airport, it's the first interaction you have with the airline. He didn't even get to the line before security.

that was a weird inhale

It's called agonal breathing - sounds a little like snoring a lot of the time, but it indicates someone is about to die. I heard it on the phone a lot as a 911 dispatcher.

I've seen people die very subtly such that you wouldn't know they'd died unless they were on an EKG. definitely a possibility.

It is hard and expensive to move a body.





Guys you need to let this United thing go. It's like beating a dead... body?


I think you should go for a ride along with your local EMS/Fire. You'd be surprised the conditions they see people in. I just got back from a CO alarm from a 91 year old who is diabetic and hadn't eaten yet today. I honest to god thought it was a corpse until I saw the EMT put oxygen on the "corpse".


I mean yeah, it's not like I would mind.

Because logic seemed to abandon them long before they left for the airport.

My great grandfather, I think it was, came in from doing some gardening, told his wife to make a cup of tea or something, and sat down on his chair. All that she heard after that was a weird inhale, and asked him if he was okay, and that was it, he was gone.


Death is just too fucking surreal and REAL for there to be any reasonable expectation of how people will react to its news. I still don't understand how we cope...

One time we had a neighbor at a condo my father was renting out that started to smell really, really bad. It got worse and worse as the days went on and there were flies in the window whenever we passed. An elderly man lived there and we ran into him twice while passing his door/smell. He would quickly close the door and try his best to smile, but it was clear he was disturbed. I finally convinced my dad that something was seriously wrong in there because if you've ever smelt a dead, decomposing body, you'll understand this...it's like nothing else. It was the first time I smelled it and yet I knew what it was, nothing smells worse. He called the HoA. Turns out his wife had died and he just couldn't cope. He kept her in the bed and slept next to her for two weeks pretending everything was normal. :/

I couldn't agree more.

To play with that a little more. I could see there being an element of denial here. Like the idea that he's died being so problematic/traumatizing that they just kinda collectively said "nah he's just sleeping" until an outside actor had cause to interfere.

They generally don't publish up-close photos of corpses. This is the BBC website, not Daily Mail.

The odds are not in their favour, but it is conceivable that he died en route to the airport, and they would have just thought he was sleeping or something.

Eventually, you'd expect something like that to happen to someone somewhere.

Careful, things could get sp00ky


As a physician, I really wish more families were amenable to autopsies. Quite a few cases where it would have cleared up many questions regarding exact cause of death.

The title made me think the body got all the way to the gate, which is way more interesting than it making it to the first checkpoint.

Brackets are used when the writer alters the quote to try to make it more clear. I'm not sure what the original text here was so not 100% sure but that is the expected usage.

Thank you! What kind of fat cats can afford plane tickets? Not only that, but clearly consuming the meat should provide enough calories to survive for months!

That seems far fetched?

What do people think?

Might as well tell us which "news" station you are working for with these open ended questions.

Without the sunglasses, Weekend at Bernie's would have been a very dark, strange tale.

Damn it, jessie

Because I was instructed to get access to the body. I didn't get to make those decisions. That's why I'm out of that business now

You get a replacement in 4-6 weeks pending approval of all the correct forms submitted in triplicate.

John? I'll be ready John


Weekend At Bernice's

I should have googled it. "National Lampoon Vacation".