TIL The original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo DVD was designed to look like a pirated disc which convinced many purchasers that they bought an illegitimate copy

TIL The original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo DVD was designed to look like a pirated disc which c...

Haha so was Borat. Even the DVD menu.

Can confirm. Bought the dvd at GameStop, took it back the next day. Bought it at Walmart and was like ooooooohhhh. I see

edit: GameStop (or maybe it was EB games. Whatever the North Hanover Mall had back then) has a used DVD bin. I bought the DVD, took it back and said it was clearly just a ripped DVD. Manager looked at it and my receipt, apologized and gave me my money back.

Former Netflix employee here. People would call about it constantly. Their reactions ranged from a light chuckle at a misunderstanding to instant rage that someone had tricked them.

I worked at Blockbuster when this movie came out on DVD. It was funny until that first weekend (new movies are released on home video on Tuesdays). Then it was a nonstop flood of calls and angry assholes storming into our store to explain to us how we had somehow fucked them. Stopped being funny for a while. Then it kept happening and got funny again.

I remember System of a Down doing this with "Steal this Album"


I remember System of a Down doing this with "Steal this Album"


The rage doesn't surprise me. People generally hate being told they're wrong.

You returned an opened DVD for credit/refund? Now that's something!

I was working there too, we told every customer as they rented it, showed them the disc. That helped! Anything to lessen complaints.

Netflix was dvds delivered to your door before the streaming service...

Are we that old already?


My mom found that cd just laying on top of a trash can back then and gave it to me. Kinda 'stole that album' i always felt lol

He just did

Didn't a company release a 1/3 pounder burger which sold poorly as consumers thought it was smaller than a quarter pounder.

And then return something what looks like "pirated" ;)

I'm sure it was, but what does that have to do with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?

I worked in marketing and you can never underestimate how stupid consumers are. Either to our benefit or no...

Long, long ago, in the before time, there were magical places that rented out movies and video games. Blockbuster was one of these. Predating the Netflix and Redbox of the modern age, these video rental stores had a plethora of movies both new and old available to browse at your leisure. There are those who say the variety was even better than what we have today, although any documentation of this has been lost to the ages. Some say that if you keep a keen eye, you may even spot the ragged skeleton of a former Blockbuster. Many have been turned into ethnic haircare stores and sketchy payday loan providers.

Except this was at a Blockbuster so we know there was no profit.

Yeah I remember this happening with Borat, but I think it was almost expected with that movie so I can see it being less of a problem then it was with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

So what happened when someone actually replaced the disc?


Genius. I'm not returning a pirated disc, sir, it's supposed to look like that. Yes, including the crossed out "Wedding photos".

Great concept but poor execution. Unfortunately it looked too real and the genius of the design went right over most people's heads.

Stopped being funny for a while. Then it kept happening and got funny again.

That's the David Letterman school of comedy, right there.

I was working at Blockbuster at the time and it was a fucking nightmare.

If it's in the trash it isn't really stealing now is it?

A main premise to the story is that the main female character is a very experienced "hacker" and they thought it would be a fun joke if the disc looked like an illegally downloaded copy like she would have.


I can't remember what movie, but in the special features they included bootleg movie theater camcorder footage of their own movie.

yep. the eBay feedbacks were hilarious. "f- do not buy from this seller. sell illegal bootlegs. would not buy from again."

I bought Steal This Album

Great job following directions, buddy.

Duh. 4 is more than 3.of course I want 1/4 not 1/3

I once tried to order 1/2 pound of deli meat and 1/3 pound of cheese at a deli. The lady had no idea what 1/3 was. She kept asking me if I meant 1/4 and had to go ask someone else about it. The other person looked puzzled too. I ended up with a 1/4 pound of cheese :(

i think the point of the design was the whole DVD she showcase in court of the rape, but i kinda get why that would be confusing because american version didnt show that did they?

american version was bland as fuck.

Its upsetting how publicly acceptable is is to not understand basic math.

Is life? No. Demorez.

(parody of "Is it live? No, it's Memorex")

To be fair, Netflix didn't have that service in most countries that it now offers streaming so for a lot of the world Netflix has only been a streaming service. That, and yes you are getting that old.

Tell that to the NSA

More than her just being a hacker, a main part of the story revolves around a video recording she made with a hidden camera and then burnt onto a CD.

I feel bad for the seller! I guess they could've warned people but many people ignore stuff like that.

Unfortunately you'd still have to break the design concept somehow to make it obvious to the masses. Like an official seam or something.

Video store owner (yes, still!) here. It was kind of a pain explaining to everyone who rented it -- "okay, this looks like a burned copy, but you see..."

The 'Fight Club' 10th Anniversary BluRay had the menu screen from 'Never Been Kissed' come up briefly when you put in the disc, before glitching out and going to the real menu. They got me pretty good with that one the first time I watched the BluRay.

Actually you can rewrite certain kinds of CDs and DVDs.

I've seen both and they both have their strengths. The Swedish one is better if you are looking for more story and details missing from the American version. Also obviously the localization is more believable in the Swedish version since they are speaking English in the American version.

That being said, the cinematography in the American version is simply incredible. It was hauntingly beautiful seeing it in theaters. The score is a masterpiece by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. In my opinion, Rooney Mara's Lisbeth is more true to the books. The Lisbeth from the Swedish version always seemed slightly too cool. Lisbeth is supposed to be disheveled and I think the American version captures this look better. Furthermore, I would argue that the cast is better in the American version. Daniel Craig is fine but nothing spectacular, but everyone else is excellent.

tl;dr Both versions of the girl with the dragon tattoo deserve to be watched, and ignoring the American version might mean you are missing the better of the two. And for someone who has never watched either, I would recommend the American version.

Wow average buyers on eBay are lame. I thought that the bootleg style was fucking AWESOME, that's the reason that I bought Steal This Album.

Dental plan!

Lisa needs braces.

Dental plan!

Lisa needs braces.

Dental plan!

Lisa needs braces.

Dental plan!

Lisa needs braces.

Also...Sideshow Bob stepping on the rake and shuddering.

And we thank him for his contribution to his God and his country!

My favorite Aqua teen hunger force DVD had the option to "play all" the episodes of that season.

. . . and it played all of them. . .

. . . at the same time. o.O;

With Daniel Craig. He's pretty great in it, and the direction is fantastic. Haven't seen the Swedish version, though.

If that's all they had to do then people wouldn't have gotten confused. Because that's exactly what they did.

The movie has a rating "sticker", a DVD logo, a Sony logo with slogan, and an imprint of a razorblade(a symbol of the movie).

Ah yes, the child size burger.

Video store clerk (until a week ago) here. Confirming truth.

I had people drive up to thirty minutes home only to drive back in a rage and tell me I'd cheated them.

Or every family guy episode ever

There is an American version?

tl;dr: People generally hate being told they're wrong.

Early 2000's I was buying spindles of CD-R's from Office Max. I bought one pack of 50, and about 1 in 5 noticed wouldn't burn. Turns out that they had already been burned with a pirated copy of Shrek 2.

I went back to Office Max and tried to tell them, because I figured they wouldn't want to be liable for selling pirated movies, and they absolutely denied that was the case. They basically treated me as if I was trying to steal stuff from them, and I didn't even ask for replacement discs.

If you look on the underside of a CD or DVD, you can easily distinguish between commercially burnt and home burnt discs, because the color differs. I don't own Blu Ray discs so I cannot speak for those.

All they had to do was stamp on the usual age sticker and the DVD/BD logo.

They still do it!

I bought one pack of 50, and about 1 in 5 noticed wouldn't burn. Turns out that they had already been burned with a pirated copy of Shrek 2.

How the hell does a mistake like this happen?

Netflix delivers DVDs, you just have to pay more to get that service so people were thinking someone stole the legitimate copy and putting a place holder in.


Couldn't you just tell them that 1/3 pound is 0.33 pound?

I didn't call, but I had definitely hit the report button on Netflix and then realized my mistake. Very embarrassing.

in the before time

And yet, they love being wrong.

Some people just want to have their cake and eat it, too.

Is life? No. Demorez.

What is a Blockbuster?

Wait why would they call Netflix about the DVD?

Edit: turns out they didn't have DVDs in Canada

TIL Netflix's streaming service is so popular some people didn't know they also had a rent-by-mail option

People are so fucking stupid. When I saw this DVD, I thought, "Cool, they made it look like a burnt DVD-R". It's kind of obvious.

Watch the Swedish version. Everyone I've talked to that has seen both says the Swedish one is way better!

In comedy this is known as a "rake bit," after the Simpsons gag.


So let me get this straight. Your mom finds herself near a trash can. She sees a CD in the receptacle... and she thinks to herself: "What the hell, I'll just give my son the trash"

But why?

When I saw The Social Network, I caught Rooney Mara as a standard somewhat pretty 20-something actress. When I heard she was cast as Lisbeth, I thought she would look like a pretty standard hollywood hacker: pretty, maybe with a mohawk, with normal-looking make-up. Maybe a bit like that one chick from NCIS, though with more punky hair.

What we got was a character that I could buy was a rape victim who hated everyone, including herself. Rooney blindsided me with her talent. I realized that the reason I thought the actress was just a standard 20-something somewhat pretty girl was because that's the character she was playing.

Turns out if you pay minimum wage, don't give raises and apply high pressure to get sales, the result isn't the pinnacle of customer service.

Source: I worked there for six years 0.o

They don't realize that netflix was only a DVD service when it started. Streaming didn't start until 2007.

If you go here: http://www.dvd-and-beyond.com/_images/articles/842279627piracy-discs.jpg and zoom onto the disc, you'll see it on the right side, with the 'DVD Video' thing

If you go here: and zoom onto the disc, you'll see it on the right side, with the 'DVD Video' thing

Agreed and blank dvd media doesn't come with an age rating.

Even more evidence he's old

Can confirm Worked at blockbuster when Borat came out and and middle aged couples either called right when they got home or complained about it being vulgar when they returned it. Some people just don't get Sacha!!

Guns and Roses had a best of album a few years back designed to look scratched to shit, threw me off until I realised it had a picture of the disk in the little booklet thingy that came with the album that had identical scratches.

I bought one pack of 50, and about 1 in 5 noticed wouldn't burn. Turns out that they had already been burned with a pirated copy of Shrek 2.

How the hell does a mistake like this happen?

Working at FamilyVideo.com, this caused our customer ratings & reviews to drop, because with us being a smaller online store, new and loyal customers thought we started running a bootleg operation.

Even putting the warning on the product page didn't help: https://www.familyvideo.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=397008

I'm all for creative artistry, and yes, it created a lot of buzz but... it was kinda at all retailers' expense. =(

Not according to Ricky

Borat was the first movie I ever rented from a RedBox, so naturally it made me think RedBox had some kind of illegal element to it.

remove the "/" and it would sell.

Hardee's/Carl's Jr? That's the chain that has a burger specifically called the 1/3 pound cheeseburger.

...There was brutal rape, bloody rape aftermath, and it's bland as fuck? I don't wanna know the shit you're into.

I liked the American version. Then I read the book. While I still respect the acting, they really took out a lot of plot.


Based on the books, the court scene would have been in the third movie. So far as I know, the American adaptations haven't gotten that far, but the original Swedish ones did.

Kind of weird that other guy is upset that scenes from the third book didn't make it into the first movie.

It goes with your 755oz child size drink

If you watch the Swedish version, make sure you get the Swedish language one with English subtitles. There is also an English dubbed version which I hear is pretty bad.

Netflix has the extended version (or did anyway last I checked).

Would you look at the kerning on the inside cover.

If Netflix is allowed to say that to a customer...man I would...do nothing...I'm already a hooked subscriber.