TIL: the original Fido was a 1940s Italian street dog who became famous for his loyalty to his dead master, who died in a bombing. Fido waited 14 years at the bus station for him. The name means "faithful" in ancient Latin.

TIL: the original Fido was a 1940s Italian street dog who became famous for his loyalty to his de...

and then an episode of futurama just like this made me feel

Is it being totally too pedantic to say that "Fido" is Italian for "faithful", as the Latin form of the same word is "fidus"?

"Fido" in Latin would be 2nd declension singular dative/ablative, and doesn't make much sense as a name.

What does Fido mean in Modern Latin?

Death to all.

I always thought that was based on the story of Hachi. I didn't know about this Fido story but it doesn't surprise me in the least that there are similar stories all over the world. Dogs are awesome

And also Hachiko, whose master died of a hemorrhage. Together, Hachiko and Fido are the reason why I'm a dog person.

"For the glory of Satan," of course

I guess Abraham Lincoln's dog Fido was named after this one then?

like you sir


I am glad they erected the monument while he was still alive! We had a similar story here in Spain, where a dog named 'Canelo' waited for twelve years for his owner to get out of the hospital (where he died after a rutinary check). Canelo died when a run and go car hitted him. Today, the alley next to that hospital is called after Canelo.

It could also be the present active 1st singular indicative of the verb, fido (in Latin, anyway) which would be cuter.

"dog that shits in the middle of the hallway just to prove a point"

It's possible. Lincoln was a time traveler, as everyone knows.

Latin is a rapidly evolving, dynamic modern language loved by the urban youths after all. Latin gangs, they're called...

Hachi ( Hachiko) was a real dog. There's a statue of him in Tokyo.

TIL there are a lot of stories about dogs staying faithful after their masters death.

No...this is incorrect! the original Fido was not a 1940s Italian street dog! The 1940s Italian street dog was named Fido and made the name more popular, but it was not the original. Fido in Latin means; I am faithful. It has been used as a pets' name long before 1940. There are several books and writing that mention this pet's name.

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I thought Hachi was based on Greyfriar's Bobby. The world abounds with bittersweet stories about loyal dogs.

Now in moving picture form

That comment made me want to watch Life of Brian again.

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