TIL the musical Hamilton has over 20,000 words, and would take 4-6 hours to perform if songs were sung at traditional musical paces

TIL the musical Hamilton has over 20,000 words, and would take 4-6 hours to perform if songs were sung at traditional musical paces
TIL the musical Hamilton has over 20,000 words, and would take 4-6 hours to perform if songs were...

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So like the average Bollywood film then.

That's very interesting to me, because while listening to the soundtrack, I didn't notice that the songs/raps were especially fast, barring the Lafayette pieces.

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Well, considering Hamilton is a musical... no.

I wonder what it considers as traditional. Because if you compared it to say Les Mis, like Bring Him Home then I'd say that makes sense as every word is really hung onto, Or Phantom where songs like Music of The Night are similar as well.


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Real Talk: "I come back with more buns" was exactly the follow-up I was thinking as well

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To be fair, about 1500 of those words are "shot."

I'm takin' this horse by the reins making redcoats redder with blood stains.

"Talk less..."

Until Act Two at which point there are only two Schuyler sisters and there have only ever been two Schuyler sisters.

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I meant the opposite, that Hamilton does have dance sequences... because it's a musical.


How about:

If you can marry a sis1 -ter2 you're3 rich4 son5.

Is it a question of if1, Burr2, or3 which4 one5 ?

That's a couplet FIVE consecutive rhyming pairs.

There are so many...

As you can see I kept a record of every check in my checkered history. Check it again against your list n’ see consistency. I never spent a cent that wasn’t mine. You sent the dogs after my scent, that’s fine…

Or the use of alliteration on this one

Now I’m the model of a modern major general

The venerated Virginian veteran whose men are all

Lining up, to put me up on a pedestal

Writin’ letters to relatives

Embellishin’ my elegance and eloquence

But the elephant is in the room

The truth is in ya face when ya hear the British cannons go...Boom!

Another 1500 each for "Burr" and "sir."

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Fun fact: My High School did a thing with them that allowed them to get 60 tickets, and I’m one of the students that were chosen! We’re going in about a month and I’m super excited!

I hear you. The lyrics need to do so much.

Before knowing too much about Hamilton, I saw someone compare LMM with Shakespeare. I thought it was irresponsible hyperbole.

I was wrong.


minus the random dance sequences?

That and "Congratulations", if only because Hamilton richly deserved Angelica's tongue lashing.

They kinda gloss over her death because it's not important to Alexander's story. They do the same thing to Theodosia Sr.

Lin Manuel seems to be able to do just about everything be it writing, singing, or anything else he needs to do. I've always had great admiration for writers of musicals, especially if those musicals are based on real events. The challenges of writings music that rhymes, sounds pleasing, advances the plot, and works within the constraints of the issue at hand(in Hamilton's case, his life and early US history).

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I wish they kept the Dear Theodosia reprise in the Broadway version because it gives Burr more humanity when he’s becoming increasingly more antagonistic.

The serious answer is it runs about 2 and a half hours plus an intermission.

Hamilton considered himself an American and not British, and from the moment the US was founded, he was absolutely an immigrant. His opponents used his immigrant status to attack him and build a case against him as a possible traitor.

Lafayette settled in the US for four years and fought in our revolutionary war. He wasn't here for a brief vacation.

You're butt hurt over political posturing, but it seems like you're the one creating political posturing by altering history to fit your narrative.

What? The performance I went to was 31 hours, broken up into 17 separate slots... weird. So hard to find out how long a musical typically lasts...

I think that's why they said 4-6. singing phantom of the opera style with rap would take so so long but like your average rock opera is in the middle somewhere

I believe the two characters are Alexander Hamilton, who immigrated from the Carribean, and Lafayette who was from France.

How are they not immigrants?


Just a heads up that Daveed Diggs, who plays Lafayette on Broadway is actually involved in some pretty cool music outside of the show if rap is your thing.

One of the best rappers going honestly.


"Don't let them know what you're against or what you're for."

The thing that gets me is the matching rhymes in A Farmer Refuted

That is insanely cool.

The thing that gets me is the matching rhymes in

That is insanely cool.


And I,

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Hell of a line.

Huh, i went to see Hamilton last week. And im still here! send help

20,000 words is like 1.5 rap gods

Let's just all agree on the fact that Lin-Manuel is a lyrical genius of the highest calibre. Unbelievable talent.

The BPM for most of the songs aren't particularly fast, but just the fact that the majority of the songs are sung in rap helps to up the tempo somewhat. You don't notice it being fast because that's how fast we expect rap to be.

You can't be serious.

An American who descends from immigrants successfully celebrating the success of immigrants in the musical he himself wrote is a circle jerk? Really?

Thankfully it was included in the Mixtape.

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really nitpicking to make a point, don't ya think?

Fools who run their nouths often wind up dead...

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by the definition of the word "nitpicking"... "looking for small or unimportant errors or faults, especially in order to criticize unnecessarily."

we can go on at length, but considering that Hamilton HIMSELF considered HIMSELF an immigrant, and is probably A LOT more versed in the topic than EITHER of us, just... maybe... uh... oh never mind, just continue on with your narrative...

I'm a pretty huge Hamilton fan, just eyeballing the tracklist I'd say probably two thirds of the tracks have some rapping in them. Plus you've got things like Lafeyette's bars which are so lyrically dense they more than make up for the songs that are sung more slowly.

Also even the tracks that are mostly singing cram lots of lyrics per song. Listen to a song like Satisfied, Angelica's verses that are singing are in a quick staccato style that crams lots of words into one phrase.

Farmer's refuted is nothing short of brilliant. It is simply astounding how they rhyme and harmonize.

It's only 12.3 Eminem's though.

In their time, Hamilton's enemies considered him an immigrant because he was born to a Scottish man and not a native of the 13 prominent colonies. They used the word to disparage his reputation. I'm not sure that the use of the word "immigrant" is false or misguided because the play is just using the very same word they used about him at the end of the 1700s. In that sense, it seems fairly appropriate that they use the word. It's a historically accurate use of the word.

Factually and literally, no, Hamilton did not migrate to a foreign nation. However, they considered different "colonies" to be much more separate than we do today. Yes it was under British rule like all the 13 colonies, but those colonies saw themselves as independent from one another. When asked what county they were from, they would say "Virginia" or "Massachusetts", and not "England". So again, the word immigrant was appropriately used in the late 1700s, as it was in the play, as he moved from a "foreign" state or colony.

I think the bard's insane volume of work makes it hard to compare to anyone. But check back when Lin is in his 60s.

Watching Moana with my kids, I noticed that some of the songs had so many words so quickly that they were often unintelligible. Then I saw that Lin Manuel Miranda wrote a great deal of them and it made sense.

John Laurens: yo yo yo yo yo what time is it?

Laurens and Lafayette and Mulligan: SHOWTIME!

Burr: Like I said...

And then Laurens ends up dead.

Even in the smallest of lines...

I hadn't noticed that one. Thank you!

That's because, at the time, Peggy is dead. That's one of the reasons Angelica came home and wanted to go away for the summer with Eliza. Both were mourning the loss of Peggy. I think she died in childbirth.

Stage musicals always have at least a couple dancing sequences, mainly during the big numbers, but you're right that there is more singing than dancing.

It's probably because much of it is rap. Rap is just inherently faster than most traditional theatre music is. Plus, Guns and Ships. Just saying.

It is about 8 hours long plus intermission.


1) Rap has more words per second than other genres.

2) If Hamilton was performed slower, it would be a longer show.

Really enlightening article right here!

It wasn't really political posturing initially. It was written before immigration crack downs and travel bans. The author of the musical (Lin Manuel-Miranda) was raised by immigrants, so he has a personal connection there.

I am a poet.

You're right, no human being would pair rhymes like this.

Which is basically the average length of a stage musical.

My wife and I saw the Chicago production back in July. I'd heard the soundtrack probably several dozen times by that point, and absolutely loved every minute of it.

There was not a dry eye in the house when It's Quiet Uptown came up.

That's fine - I'm just saying that if you saw a shitty bootleg recording, it's no wonder you couldn't understand it very well.

TIL: roughly 47MM people (or 1/6 of the entire US population, including infants and seniors) have seen a live theater show within the last 12 months

she has to keep up the pace for entire verses.

People talk about a line in "Guns and Ships" being the fastest line ever delivered on Broadway.

They ignore that it's a single line, and in "Getting Married Today"

PS: I love the fourth wall breaks in this one.

And I'm never gonna stop until I make them drop and burn them up and scatter the remains.

I love how much emotion Lin puts on the "that's fine."

Now I’m the model of a modern major general

Well Lin didn't make that one up to be fair. He borrowed that line from The Pirates of Penzance


Except he is a pretty fast rapper, those videos aren't great examples of that, though I admit it's nothing new to have a fast rapper.



Edit: not to take anything away from the production team, they are fantastic and you are completely correct that they are doing the most interesting stuff for clipping.

Too many notes. It's taxing on the ears. Just remove some of them.

I wrote this song


I consider you a moron.

Of course, but using it knowingly and following it up with "venerated Virginian veteran" is very cool.


He said that I was stupid, I am not stupid.

I believe its difficult to compare the two. I think Shakespeare's prose is more beautiful, but that's just my opinion. But within the constraints LMM has to write, there is no doubt that it is incredible what he does.

Congrats! I hope it's amazing!

I listened to the soundtrack and was able to keep up with what they were saying. Perhaps it is because of the sound quality of what you were watching. I'm seeing it live in three weeks and am very excited!

Lol, they just summarized a FiveThirtyEight article and called it content.


Is there any way to view this aside from seeing it live on Broadway?

i liked the part where the two characters who weren't immigrants high five after calling each other immigrants