TIL the man who made a fortune selling Ouija boards built a factory according to what the board told him, then fell off its roof and died

TIL the man who made a fortune selling Ouija boards built a factory according to what the board told him, then fell off its roof and died
TIL the man who made a fortune selling Ouija boards built a factory according to what the board t...

Now he runs the company from the other side of the Ouija board

My Ouija board told me you would say that.

"I told you to build the factory, not get on the roof you idiot" - The Board

My psychic astrologer told me that Ouija boards are bullshit.

How can I get on his company's board?

In 1882, William Fuld became supervisor of the company. Fuld made a fortune on the Ouija board and opened several new factories. Eerily, he died in 1927 when he fell from the roof of a factory he claimed the board had instructed him to build.

Never played the Luigi board.

Your not going to like it if I told you.

Would it help if I told you I'm willing to relocate?

If a game told you to jump off a cliff, Ouija do it?

Assistant TO THE Branch Manager

The board is overly opinionated.

"I know what I must do now. The board has given me some great advice."

"Well, that's good. They are made up of some of the brightest men and women-"

"Not those heathens...the Board."

Holds Ouija board over head

This guy is lying.

Source: I'm they guy who sends the messages from the other side of the Ouija board.

"Damn board. You think you're so high and mighty telling me not to get up on the roof today. I'll show you ... ahhhhhhh!"

You mean wedgie board?

I've always wanted to try one of these. I'm not superstitious so I don't think it would work and it's all bullshit. But I am a little stitious so I'll probably never touch one.

The Ouija board also supposedly named itself. The inventor's sister asked it what it wanted to be called.

Yes. The quiche board.

You mean I can finally be Assistant Branch Manager?

Yes you should include that on your CV when you apply for an entry level job. After decades of hard work and dedication you will work your way up the corporate ladder finally get the position you want.

The ghosts where getting back at him for giving teenagers the ability to annoy them to no end.

Man, those board meetings must take forever.

he died in 1927 when his broken rib pierced his heart in a hospital after he fell from the roof of a factory he claimed the board had instructed him to build.

"What does the Ouija board say to do?"

board does absolutely nothing

"Uhhhh...it says to hire a contractor?"

"Whoaaaaa spoooooooky!"

And I suspect under-qualified so basically a Redditor.

But I am a little stitious...


"you make me look bad, boogawoogawooga!"


No it's wedgie board.

Source: am vegan witch

Is it possibly I'm gregnant?

Unclear. Ask again later.

Does that even sound like "would ya"

It gets way worse than that though. His family is cursed.

After he died, his 3 children used the Ouija board asking where he'd like to be buried. Within 60 to 70 years later, they all died in horrific heart attack and old age accidents.

That's exactly what the devil would say.

Can a ouija board get me pregart?

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

That's a bit of the long game there. Becomes head of the company in 1882, and then almost 50 years later falls of a roof?

I mean, as long as the Board didn't tell him to get out on the roof as an old man, I can't really blame the Board.

Only makes it worse. Survives the fall, still dies.

I'm a Capricorn, so I don't believe in all that astrology crap.

Wayne Gretzky - Michael Scott



Wega Borad.?

It is bullshit. If you ever do play it with someone who really does believe it (or worse someone who pays to do a "safe" play of it) tell them to do it with a blindfold on and they'll quickly realise how bullshit it is. Its called the ideomotor effect. Its basically your subconscious guiding your hand, your just not aware of it.

The brain also named itself.


"we-gee do it?" still sounds pretty funny tho lol

In the 1920s, Ouija boards outsold Monopoly; nearly every household in the USA had one either stashed in a cupboard or displayed on a coffee table. The movie ‘The Exorcist,’ stopped the nation-wide Ouija fad dead in its tracks, resulting in many people destroying their Ouija boards in fear. Source

But then wouldn't it have named itself Boardy McBoardface

Did they ask it to spell out the pronunciation phonetically too?

can u pregananté weej bored?

I s ouija did there.



"Is this outlet properly grounded?"


more facts here

Entry Level Customer Service Representative: -Must be able to accurately follow a script -Must be comfortable talking over the phone -Must be willing to relocate -3-5 years of Customer Service experience preferred -3-5 years of Help Desk experience preferred -Ability to work holidays preferential -Starting pay is experience based, up to 7.65$/hour

I was thinking more of a comedy where the ghosts are confused why this man keeps asking them what to do. They tell him random things and send him on nonsensical adventures leading to the conclusion of him joining them on the other side. They all laugh their asses off.

He died from a broken heart.

No he obviously means ojo board

Wait til I tell Jumanji about this

You're being a total Capricorn right now.

Don't take architectural advice from the ideomotor effect.

No, unless every American I've ever talked to has it wrong, (we might, it's not called American), it's pronounced 'we-gee'

This so accurately describes the job market it should be the all time top post of /sub/nosleep

The Devil is a kingmaker, but in the end he gets his due.

"lol" -the board


Eustace Baaaaaagge.

That's crazy

"It also is saying to let me bang your wife."

But do you have starch masks??

I guess he was board to death.

You are*. How difficult is it to distinguish "Your" and "you're".

Your shit. You're shit.

I tell hue hwat

Ok but tell me a bad ass movie can't be made of this and use the based on a true story tag line.

WA weg board?

And the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous allegedly got his idea for the 12 step program by contacting an old dead monk through it.

That's kind of scary for all the wrong reasons.

"So... uh.. what did it-"


Hank Hill was the pinnacle of human excellence. RIP in peace KotH, and the best Cowboys fan who was ever drawn.

I'm interested to know what makes you think there are people that Ouija boards work for. I get that there are people who believe it works, and can be taken advantage of, but that to me is people taking advantage of other people , and has very little to do with the board itself.

"Why do only idiots listen to me?" - The Board

This is the fortune telling version of not sampling your own merchandise.


What is their opinion on magic 8-balls?

To this day, a lot of older women I know are scared of ouija boards. For some anomalous reason I've never met an older man who gave a shit one way or the other. When my friend and I told our moms we bought one way back when, they both gave us the equivalent of "There's no way that's coming in my house!!!"

I don't understand the fear of Ouija boards.

It's a massively produced, etched piece of wood with a triangle looking-glass also made of wood.

How do people think it has the power to conjur spirits from another world? Unless they just curse every single board they make in-factory.

The board probably kept saying "One of us, one of us, one of us..." afterwards.

"Jefe, we're halfway through the foundation, but the board just keeps saying 'SEND NUDES'."

three fiddy


"My cousin was made into a roof." - The Board

Gonna need a source on that, /u/Big_Cock_Cunt_Fucker

"If yah had the change tah change yah fate, Ouija?"

My Huge Cock.

It's *Grammar.

"oh great and powerful spirits, should I put handrails on the roof?"

Well its better then having a creepy little girl bridge the gap on your behalf.

Common, dream higher than Hank Hill aspired to be.

One dollah!?

I think the guy who built the first Magic 8-Ball factory had a similar story.

The au jus board?

this is how my brain works as well

obscure holes are the juiciest

this whole story is obviously bullshit. like l ron hubbard saying he was told to open a bank account!

Ohhh it's CV. I've been sending out a CSV. I was thinking that it would be hard to read...

Weegee knows all.