TIL The Last Emperor of China lived until 1967, and was a communist prisoner for years tending a vegetable garden simply as "Prisoner No. 981"

TIL The Last Emperor of China lived until 1967, and was a communist prisoner for years tending a ...

China also has the youngest political prisoner in the world. The Panchen lama, when he was 6 years old the Chinese Government disappeared him and his family. He hasn't been heard from for over 20 years by human rights organizations or his relatives.

Sounds like he isn't a prisoner, unfortunately.

Watch the movie. It's fascinating.

Oh definitely he's most likely dead, they were only supposed to keep him in seclusion until he was 18, he'd be 24 right now. The Chinese most likely killed him because they understood he's too dangerous to their long term goals in Tibet. Even after a decade of brainwashing if he got ambitious or decided to reconnect with their roots their puppet would be challenged.

That's kind of the point. If the Chinese government confirms his death, the search for his reincarnation begins again, and the Chinese government loses some control of the situation.

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I think this was because he allied with the Japanese in WW2.

The being prisoner? Common sense dictates you execute the "royal" family once they are overthrown or you end up fighting them again.

I was astonished when I learned they let him live.

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The Soviets also let the Russian royals live at first, until the white army got dangerously close to capturing them.

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Here's an interesting documentary about him:

Wouldn't he have reincarnated if he's dead?

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093389/ for those looking for the link. And yes, it is .. quite .. worthwhile.

I'm on Tibet's side, but they are not the most peaceful people on earth by a long shot. Their history is a mixed bag. The world is filled with nuance, one side doesn't need to be all good and the other all evil.

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For those that didn't read the link,

the idea is that since he is the lama that is supposed to assist in finding the new Dalai Lama after the 14th DL Tenzin Gyatsu dies, the Chinese will be able to pick their own Dalai Lama by using the legitimacy of our Panchen Lama here. Very sad. China has waged war on one of the most peaceful people in the world for over half a century now and nobody in power really cares.

Except for Brad Pitt when he wore that Free Tibet shirt for a couple weeks in the 90's. Oh well.

So much more authority than 9 Felixes.

The point is that paiting Tibet as this wonderful peaceful mystic place is just hollywood nonsense.

By all respects it was a shitty place even before the Chinese took over, an iron fisted Theocracy with clearly delineated upper classes and slave classes.

He was only benevolent to those belonging to his clan. Libya was doing decently purely because they have huge oil fields. Everything you said could be applied to Saudi Arabia as well. Benevolent and well liked my ass.

If Gaddafi was truly well-liked, the uprising that toppled him would've been on a far smaller scale.

Gaddafi is a bad example to use here because he was a socialist revolutionary. The people who killed Gaddafi were the actual counter-revolutionaries. If you do your research you'd learn that Gaddafi, albeit eccentric, was an overall benevolent and populist leader and well liked by the public. Under his rule Libya was (unofficially) the least shitty country in Africa.

Yeah what the hell kind of revisionism is that?


Thousands of political prisoners

1,270 prisoners killed in one day

Dissidents killed by hit men

Ranked poorly in human rights by various human rights organizations.

I can't tell if you guys are fucking with me

If they find someone new, then if the now grown boy is still alive then the Chinese government can present him and that serves to discredit the opposition.

The reason was that Communists took power some 40 years after Qing dynasty was overthrown. Plus the Manchu royal family was a foreign invader to China.

Basically he wouldn't have any significant support from any Chinese. So the royal family's unpopularity saved his live.

It was a very wicked garden. It always associated with hoes.

'Based off' is also correct.

Ask the Tzars how that feels

Oh .. is .. it?

They let Pu Yi live because he had no power anyway. If he had been an emperor in truth, yeah he would have been murdered. He was emperor only in name, locked away in the Forbidden City, while the world outside progressed, and China went from an Imperial state, to a Republic, to a Communist country, which it has since remained.

Prior to his time as a garden tender, he was the leader of Machukuo, a Japanese puppet state, and when he tried to make Manchukuo independent of Japan, thats when shit hit the fan and the country was liberated by the Allies, forcing Pu Yi to flee at gunpoint of his Japanese minders, leading to his gardening days.

full movie on youtube.

Let me know if you find out.

Just googled, Roger Ebert gave it 4/4. Something like 7.9/10 on IMDB?

Oh snap, .

Sorry, I could only link one thing, and wiki had more information. Here's another read.


Turn in your buff card: for not having heard of a film that won best picture.

Am I meant to feel bad for the Chinese here or what? Also "Support of 2100 Tibetan guerrillas". Yep 2100 Tibetans = all Tibetans trying to start an armed insurgency...

It's kind of wild that one brother died almost a hundred years after the other.

I think it would have been amazing to see it in Chinese. Yeah, subtitles, but it's such a minimalist movie it would have worked.

Detract, but that doesn't detract you from your point.

I liked the movie, but thought it was awkward that everyone was speaking English with Chinese accents.

Wow, didn't know about this, thanks

IIRC, they let him live to serve as an example, that no matter how high you were born into, you are just the same as the rest of us.

26, but it doesn't detract from the point

Whether or not its real, it's always entertaining to see an atheist state government in a dispute with a Buddhist sect over its policy of succession via reincarnation. The Dali Lama has spoken about his amusement over the PRC denying the possibility that he reincarnate outside of Tibet or as a girl.

The Wikipedia page doesn't list anything to do with a "Prisoner 981".

Well, he is supoosed to be a reincarnation of holy spirit. He is supposed to be great scholar, so, it should be impossible to brainwash him. Also centuries old religion cannot change with one short action. What Tibet needs is actually to change from religious state and convert to a democratic one. That is what Dalai Lama himself is trying right now.

only by a couple hundred years breh

They imprisoned the vegetable garden too?

Even during.

A modern classic.


Has no one ever read the book "The Last Emperor"?

His having been a revolutionary socialist doesn't mean he was a good guy.

China is Communist in name only.

Saw the movie. Best part? No reading.

These are deeply ingrained traditions, tied not just to the religion, but the overall culture's history. That would be difficult to accept. Further, the whole idea of occupation is to strip their traditions and their identity and replace it with the occupier's way. If they start adapting their religious beliefs just to face China, that's kind of admitting their religion isn't stronger than China's occupation, which is a very defeatist attitude (given any religion, not just Tibetan Buddhism).

And the Tibetans who would go searching for the reincarnation realize all that. It's a devious catch 22 that really plays on the religious emotions.

Even if they did kill the kid, he was 6 when he was last seen. They could present almost anyone of the appropriate age and general look and say 'this is him'.

It's so sad that a kid doesn't get to live because he's chosen to be special.

And you can take a nap afterwards.

That is goddamn fascinating.

So if you were dictator, you wouldn't be dictator? That's not the premise of this analogy.

The last of his brothers died just 4 months ago (April). Article in the New York Times.

Wasn't that after the Chinese invaded and occupied?

It was a resistance at that point. Are you trying to be funny or am I missing something here?

History. Read it. Dead royals do not come back, live ones often do.

They must search for the next nation in the cycle to find him.

Yeah, that does not sound like a bunch of propagandist bullshit at all.

That was standard practice during Communist revolutions in Russia it was the families of wealthy land owners and farmers. In China it was merchants, tax collectors, and land owners along with their families. If I remember correctly a few thousand in one county alone were murdered men, women, and children with being buried alive one of the most common forms of murder.

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The royal family had no real support among the various white armies, don't forget they were actually kicked out of power nearly a year before the bolshevik coup.