TIL the birth rate in Japan is so low, and the boom of senior citizens so huge, that adult diapers have outsold baby diapers for the last 6 years.

TIL the birth rate in Japan is so low, and the boom of senior citizens so huge, that adult diapers have outsold baby diapers for the last 6 years.
TIL the birth rate in Japan is so low, and the boom of senior citizens so huge, that adult diaper...

Japan has the worlds gloomiest millennials. They're headed for future with a lot of struggle.

Learned about this in a case study for school just last week. This article says that 37% of them expect to work until they die, by far #1 in the world. http://money.cnn.com/2016/05/26/pf/millennials-work-japan/index.html

Pretty high suicide rates among the young too. :-(

My sister married a japanese man. His brother had to work overtime for three weeks to justify taking 3 of his vacation days to fly over for their wedding. Like most in his company, he has 4 weeks paid vacation, and doesnt take a single day of it most years. Japan is a fucked up place.

As an American millennial, I can't help but feel awful about that situation.

Me too. A lot of young people feeling terribly trapped by a bad situation that they didn't create.

Study all day every so you can graduate get jobbed, commute to work packed like sardines on a train and work 16 hours a day every day so you can afford to live in a closet on the 96th floor of a high rise. Who wouldn't want to bring a child into that world?

I love how everyone thinks immigration is the solution. How about they stop making the lives of there own citizens so shit and too expensive to have kids.

It’s going to be a huge problem in the West and the solution seems to be importing baby machines from abroad.

I’m not against immigration but if house prices, student debt and living expenses take up all your monthly wage how do they expect a population to grow?

keep in mind the old fogies are likely wearing diapers for longer stretch of their life than babies wear diapers...

Seems Japan will shortly be a wild west for international work, assuming they let people in.

Honor is a hell of a drug. You know those dudes that will put in extra work without pay at your job? They have that super self-righteous attitude about how much harder they work and all that? Japan has that attitude as the corner stone of their entire culture.

I had heard on a podcast from one of the guys that lived in Japan that they expect employees to clock out and work overtime for half an hour extra every workday.

If that is true, and they also don't touch their paid vacation, I have to wonder how a country gets that fucked up.

I'm currently working in Japan. It's possible to get in if you are an engineer or professional, but it's still difficult for a lot of people.

I don't think it's a self-righteous thing, it's just frowned upon to not be working hard. It's a relatively subtle difference. "the nail that sticks out is the first to get hammered" something something...

At least that's the gist I get from my from-Japan lab coworkers.

Battle Royale.

Recently read a nyt article “lonely deaths” pretty sad life these seniors are leading. I went home and called my grandma just to make sure she was okay, in a Hispanic family there’s always at her house (children, grandchildren, great grandchildren) so that was reassuring. Nevertheless it is still awful what these seniors are experiencing.

I feel like you could extend this to include the world. Like there is finite space in the world, so the population can’t grow forever. What will our solutions be then?

How many of them are for the elderly and how many for the workaholic that refuses to leave their desk for trivial things like toilets?

Too bad they don't work hard because they are at the office way longer than the amount of work requires. All I hear is story after story about how they pretend to do work and just try and outstay all of their co-workers. What a horrible way to live imo.

The people in this thread acting like Japan are suddenly going to let in millions of foreign people know absolutely nothing about Japan.

That's not how the world works, not even close. Even in Scandanavian countries where student debt and healthcare are not real issues, birth rates still continue to decline without immigration. This is a result of societies becoming too wealthy, too developed; it has occurred with every developed nation.

12% of Americans feel the same.

I've got some real bad news.

My favorite ramen place in japan made a restaurant in america. Tastes the same and the portions are bigger and cheaper. This is the age of globalization.

Fortunately baby diapers are excellent at holding number 2.

I wonder if they meme in a depressed fashion like we do to. My friends and I are pretty happy, but if our day gets a bit tough or exams are near our group chat turns into a discussion on the most painless ways to kill ourselves while we lament having not died in our sleep.

Damn, that's a lot of ABDL fetishists

Well all you need to do is watch a bit of anime and you're basically an expert. I don't really see the problem

And how many are for all the guys and gals and otherwise who just really like wearing diapers?

they'll create androids and working robots before letting in cheap foreign labor

The other 88 percent are obviously on drugs

And since their healthcare and diet are great they live so long

Is it weird that this is somehow abhorrent and perfectly relatable at the same time?

Would love to hear more of your story of how it is for you there. Also, extremely jealous of the thousands of Ramen shops you can enjoy.

Hey man 96th floor has a great view.

They work that hard but they aren't nearly as effective. There was a study a year or so ago about that. Those long hours actually cost more because people don't get as much done.

This kinda makes me appreciate my boss. For a while our team had this thing where we would just not leave work until our boss left. No one said that was how it goes, but it somehow just became an unspoken rule within the team. And our boss works long hours--he would often come in at 8am and then leave at 7-8pm. So one day, he started coming in extra early so he could leave earlier. None of us came in early to match his arrival time, and we all felt better about leaving at 5-6pm when he left work.

Man, I feel sorry for Japanese people. As soon as it hits 5pm in my office (architect) my boss says quite loudly “you’ve all got 15 minutes to finish what you’re doing and go home.”

I once saw him turn someone’s computer off at 530pm because this girl was still tapping away at emails. As he turned it off he was like “that email will still be there in the morning. They won’t read it until morning. It doesn’t matter if you respond now or at 830am. It’s not getting read until 9am.” And then turned her computer off (he made sure she had everything saved). I was still there because I was getting a ride home with him, I know to turn the computer off when it’s 5pm. I won’t argue.

I like my boss.

Just a thought...could Japan be actually on the right path? With increase in robotics you don't need as large of a population. This may actually eliminate future unemployment issues.

You joke but people might put this question off until violence seems like a good solution.

Plus you can stick several babies in one adult diaper and just leave them there all day

Your comment should be higher up. Birthrates are lower in developed nations, regardless of individual or government debt. It's a culture shift.

It was cheaper than Japan, so not NYC unfortunately. Southern California actually.

This is true everywhere. One of the girls at work that still hasn't adjusted to office life has a horrible habit of coming early, staying late and skipping lunch to meet "expectations," because she still has that retail worker mindset that her boss is looking for her to "look busy" and she's terribly unproductive with her time as a result. All she has to show for it is that current deadlines have been set based on past performance, which is itself the product of trying to rush herself more and more at a pace she cannot maintain.

I pulled her aside the other day to give her a few pointers about this, like how you'll ultimately get more done in less time if you slow down, let yourself think and budget your time efficiently, work smarter and do the right thing the first time more often. Not to mention how little delays add up, like how taking three minutes to proof read an email you can write in two only sounds like a minute unto itself, but adds up to 50% more time when your day suddenly get consumed by email correspondence and you're wondering why you got nothing done because you spent all day replaying to emails (this exact situation happens to her a lot).

All of this is just learned from experience, especially anybody that comes in with bad habits they picked up from the service sector that blinds them to the difference between looking busy and being productive that they have to unlearn first.

I'm of Asian descent with alot of Mexican friends. Think in both our cultures parents and grandparents tend to stay with family more than in nursing homes. It's like a weird positive stereotype.

Sounds more like working in any major city.

Fuck those places, they kill you inside. Glad I moved away and work in piece and have time for family

edit: moved from Tokyo to Ibaraki pref.

When the population of a city plummets, it typically doesn't go well for the city and its remaining residents. Sewer, road, water, fire, gas, electric, police, subway, etc systems built for 4 million people that are now serving 1 million people don't get any cheaper to run and maintain... but now they need to charge 4x as much per person to get the same revenue. 4x fewer people generate a lot less revenue to go around, which means fewer businesses serving them, fewer jobs to work at. With less money going to all the essential systems, fewer businesses paying taxes, fewer residents paying taxes, everything is starved of funds... and starts to decay. Including public services and schools.

If they dont, their economy will nose dive. It's going to be strange watching one of the most homogenous cultures fasttracked to be possibly the most diverse.

Exactly. Lower birthrates are a sign of stability. Even immigrant birthrates decline.

Water isn't the problem. Energy is. With unlimted energy we can desalinize water.

Am American also, but I'm gonna mutherfuckin retire, so help me. Not with social security because that's going to be like trying to get water from a dry well, but I started my 401K bright and early at 21 and I plan to be able to max it out by the time I'm 40.

The unsustainable economic system currently in place needs constant unsustainable population growth to support it.

Salaryman life 😃🔫

Just hope you don't get sick, lose your job, lose your insurance, and are bankrupted by medical bills. A lifetime of work and saving wiped out in a few months.

am american. Expect to work until I die. Not any real faith in being able to retire, living off social security, or a 401k making a huge difference.

oh hey look, a 10 minute video.

surely people will watch that.

It's like a weird positive stereotype.

I think that's just called "culture" or maybe tradition.

it isn't just culture, its technology as well. access to cheap and affordable birth control does wonders in preventing unplanned parenthood. it turns out that if childbearing is left purely as a choice, people choose to bear fewer children.

It's not about cheap foreign labour. It's about people paying taxes, this means everyone from doctors to mechanics. Japan is in massive debt and their entire social security system is set to crumble unless they do something about it. Robots can't fix a failing economic structure.

Japan is being stupid tbh. Many countries have realized immigration is the only way to keep their countries stable and have gotten ahead of the game before it became a critical need. These countries have had a chance to build governmental bodies and systems around immigration, have well established integration, education and language programs and (in my home country of canada), we've had good success. We've essentially had our learning curve well before we reached any sort of crisis moment.

Japan is waiting until the last possible minute and will end up letting people in only when it becomes a national crisis. When it happens, and it has to if they don't want to end up going bankrupt, it will be a disaster.

And it gets better all the way down

Space really isn't the issue. Water is probably the most impactful single variable.

Blame the 14+ hour workday, this is Americas future.

Edit: https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2017/07/japan-mystery-low-birth-rate/534291/

My gut says that old people spend more years in diapers than babies do, so maybe it's not that surprising? Better health care means more old people, longer lives, more poopy octogenarian and nonagenarian diapers.

Haha thanks! I actually first came to Japan as a volunteer missionary (Mormon) so I learned Japanese and later have came back as an engineering intern. If you want to work in Japan I would suggest trying to work for an international company doing business in Japan (mine is) it helps reduce a lot of the crazy Japanese work culture.

He watched tons of schoolgirl anime

Unfortunately a lot of the older generations of Japan are extremely xenophobic and racist. To them the idea of losing their culture by integrating foreigners is a fate worse than death. Most of them would rather Japan fade than be watered down, so to say.

I think a big part of the problem is that Japanese youth just aren't even dating or having sex at all. It's actually a huge problem.

Evergy isn't the problem. Time is. If we could go back in time when all water was fresh and delicious we could drink gallons for free!


It's part of this chain http://nishiki-diner.com/

I summon Saber

Culture build for corporation by corporation more like. Overworking the population into the ground and they wonder why so many people suicide / dont have kids.

Yup. Things like confidence are frowned upon in Japan. It appears more as cockiness. They expect all workers to be hard working, modest, and humble.

Over time you end up with a society where workers get overworked, and anyone who says anything is considered lazy.

The standards are insane. That's also why you don't see trash or garbage cans anywhere. People are expected to take it home with them instead of having someone else clean up after them.

South Korea's birth rate is lower , but I don't see people posting it....

Most baby boomers work until they die and so will most gen X-ers. The only thing special about the Japanese is awareness.

As Detroit and many other cities show, it becomes a brutal spiral. It's much easier for people with above average incomes to move away during a localized economic downturn. The people remaining still need services, and like you said, the tax base is now smaller. You can't really raise taxes on the poor, because by definition they don't have money. So you have to raise taxes on the rich. That prompts even more rich people to leave.

Japan is kinky

I watched it the tldr is same birth rate as most of Europe but they aren’t allowing in immigrants so technically most of the first world all has this problem they are just off setting it with lax immigration policies and not policies that foster growth of the family unit.

According to the WHO there are at least 25 other countries with higher rates. I'm inclined to think the lack of deaths from opiate overdoses and violence makes Japan's rate seem higher.

Here in the US our depressed people find other creative ways to die than outright suicide.

Americans solved that problem by being absolutely shameless. Sex drugs and rock n' roll is way more appealing than what a bunch of old people tell you to do.

If we can do it, why can't Japan?

It’s in NYC, isn’t it?

I don't think anyone thinks immigration is the solution. It would just help alleviate the problem of lack of laborers. And yes, I think everyone agrees that the culture needs to change to make life more livable if anyone is going to be expected to want/be able to have babies.

Yo listen, I've watched a few animes. I think all you need in Japan is to know how to be some kinda bad ass traveling shaman with a large stick. The ability to see yokai is a plus, and probably also making a pact with a spirit. Also there is food that requires no refrigeration and you can carry it in a backpack and just live off like 1 or 2 of it each day.

Japan is probably pretty cool.

Honestly, I've always felt work makes a poor purpose in life. It also creates unrealistic restraints on a person doing more harm than good, but those are merely my opinions.

I’ve been somewhat isolated from this culture. My father-in-law is a CEO in Japan. He works hard as hell, but he also takes vacation and I know he insists that his employees do too. He also takes a very moderate income, not the 4,000x that of the lowest employees like you see here, but something like 4x the bottom salary. He loves to golf and take employees with him whenever he can.

Also, when they come visit us here in the states, he takes back tons of gifts for everyone. It’s not a huge company, but they own a medium size business in downtown Tokyo, so not small either. He’s a good dude... and honestly sometimes I feel guilty for marrying and taking away his only daughter (I treat her as well as I’m able, but you know what I mean.)

It's both, especially to gaijing (gringos) the cockier guys think that. Everyone else is just programmed to assume if like isn't an absolute struggle you're not working hard and doing things right.

So they literally make up extra roles, paperwork, anything.

The sex drugs and Rock n' Roll crowd are now the old people tell everyone what to do.

Japan is hardly alone here. America also has people who would rather work than take vacation days. America also has an issue with workaholism in its own right as well. It's just that it's more culturally ingrained in Japan.

I expect to be in the hospital for a few days before hand.

Time isn't the problem, gravity is. if we could manipulate gravity we could theoretically Stephen Hawking that shit to do stuff to water, thus making it drinkable and space-y

I honestly believe it to be fairly healthy. I've always had what looks to be, from the outside, a 'grim' outlook on life and have even come across as suicidal. However, I love life and the ups and downs that come with it. I'm comfortable with death and the fleeting nature of life. So are my friends. Sure, we only get one shot at life here on earth (barring religious beliefs of what may or may not happen in an afterlife), but that doesn't mean death should never be spoken of, joked about or in some cases even pursued. We're all living on borrowed energy for a borrowed amount of time. Reminding myself of this makes my life seem much more precious and I'm more appreciative of it.

Kind of a sad irony.

american millenials aren't that much better off. boomers are leaving one hell of a mess to clean up

Sadly North America will probably run into this in the next 50 years.

Well.....yeah but the transition period will really suck.

Yeah, they’ll die before they let foreigners in. Literally, they are going to die and then the younger people will have to let them in.

Diapers use these 6 simple tricks to hold liquids. You won't believe number 3!

I thought that the prevalence of diaper-wearers was due to all of the weird porn and fetishes the Japanese are into.

didn't you read the article? clocking out half an hour extra is nothing. these people are working overtime for an extra 8 hours, and leaving work at midnight.

MOST people are still working at 60. In the states, you can't even start withdrawing social security until 62 to 66, depending on the year you were born.

Hey, we exist, and probably skew the results of the study because we never stopped buying them. I'd wear cute printed baby diapers if I could fit in them, adult diapers are such an eyesore, and cute printed adult diapers are expensive.

Edit: If you downvote this because you think wanting to wear diapers is weird, you should know that diapers are comfy as hell, so just get over it.

No shit...

I suppose it depends on your perspective. It's a terrible thing for currently living Japanese people. It means way too few workers along with way too few people to care for the huge amount of elderly. It's a disaster for their economy.

Lots of details in the article

The problem seems to be a work force that treats people like shit, not the population numbers. Japan could easily be poised to come back if it retreated to its past values in a way. Allowing immigrants in without changing anything just prolongs the current system. It will be shit for the immigrants as well. Just look at the US. There’s a lot of immigration but the system doesn’t change; it relies on expendable work. So immigrants and citizens are still treated like shit.

No, a bunch of young ones moved out. And the other bunch that didn't, they aren't making new bunches to replace the ones that did.

So much shit, it's going to hit the fan sooner or later..