TIL that whenever 'I Love Lucy' aired, department stores closed early and telephone and water usage dropped

TIL that whenever 'I Love Lucy' aired, department stores closed early and telephone and water usa...

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The mammoth Marshall field department store in Chicago switched its evening shopping hours from Mondays to Thursdays when it became financially clear that the biggest clearance sale in the store’s history was no match for I Love Lucy. So that customers and employees could watch the show, the management put up a sign in the window on State Street declaring: “We love Lucy, too, so we’re closing on Monday nights.”


George J. Van Dorp, water commissioner of Toledo, Ohio, had his own rating system in 1953. A glance at a chart form the main water pumping station, a few seconds work with his slide rule, and he could tell that I Love Lucy was Toledo’s favorite TV show. Van Dorp contended, “There’s an amazing correlation between the degree of attention that people pay to a television show and the amount of water they use. While I Love Lucy is being shown, pressure in the main is consistently high. As soon as the commercial comes on, the pressure drops because people are using the bathroom or whatever. That lasts only one minute: I don’t need a watch; all I do is look at the water-pressure gauge. When the show is over and people once again avail themselves of water services, the pressure sometimes drops as much as thirt percent, enough to burst a twelve-inch main.” Checking charts, Van Dorp was able to report, for instance, that on April 20, 1953, when Lucy and Desi went on the air, use of water in Toledo dropped thirteen percent, and at the end of the episode (“No Children Allowed”), it shot upward by twenty-one percent.

'I Love Lucy' was one of the first and most successful television situational comedy shows ever made. CBS debuted 'I Love Lucy' on October 15, 1951 and the 'Lucy' character made famous by Lucille Ball would remain on television in one way or another for the next 30 years, and also in conjunction with syndication has been continuously appearing on television in over 80 languages around the world since the late 1970's.

It is widely known as the most popular and most successful 'sitcom' ever made.

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What is this movie about and what does it have to do with telephone, water, and department store usage?


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