TIL that the Polish government wrote a White Book with proof of the mass extermination of jews in german occupied Poland and gave it to the United Nations on December 10th, 1942.

TIL that the Polish government wrote a White Book with proof of the mass extermination of jews in...

Decades after the war, Hitler's right hand man sent a letter to a South African court with several PAGES of reasons that the holocaust had indeed happened. He was the only Nazi not to die or be executed, and personally ran the slave program which took people from the concentration camps.

But if you read Wikipedia, this is completely absent. The rifhtvwing members delete the information and claim it's "not relevant".

In fact, they also deleted several entries where Speer talks about how technology and the mass media allowed Hitler to rise, and he issued several warnings that we have ignored.

Speer even took direct responsibility for the slave camps and admitted that he deserved the punishment he received.

He also once told Hitler to kiss his ass, probably the only person who could do so and live.

He was the only Nazi not to die or be executed

if only this were literally true

Here’s more about it - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Witold%27s_Report. How Pilecki infiltrated Auschwitz to get the intel is a hell of a story.

Some are good, and some are awful. Same as everyone else.

An inconvenient truth. The Jews were widely dispised throughout the western world, and it took their near extermination for some to care.

The only one of Hitler's inner circle to survive, anyways. I could have phrased that more accurately.

I'm fairly sure the United Nations even existed at that time, maybe you mean the League of Nations?

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Well, it says in the document itself “the Government of the United Nations”, but wasn’t the UN. It was the Allied Powers. They even made a Joint Declaration

Doenitz was not in Hitler's inner circle, he became President completely by chance, as Hitler believed the other two military services had betrayed him. Hitler wasnt particularly close to him, and the Kriegsmarine avoided aligning itself with any political parties, instead choosing state over party. Its very complicated.

Rather than designate one person to succeed him as Führer, Hitler reverted to the old arrangement in the Weimar Constitution. He believed the leaders of the air force (Luftwaffe) and SS (Schutzstaffel) had betrayed him. Since the Kriegsmarine had been too small to affect the war in a major way, its commander, Dönitz, became the only possible successor as far as Hitler was concerned more or less by default

I knew a few Jewish millionaires, and you would never know they were rich or Jewish. They were just regular people.

Every once in a while someone would tell me about some huge donations they made, but they never talked about it themselves. Very reserved people who secretly nurtured education and science in the community.

If people only knew how much they did for society. They're good people. They just don't brag about it.

The allied forces were called the united nations for a while. After the war, they decided to use the name for the current UN.

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It’s what the Swedes yell when they accidentally knock a golf ball in your direction.

I'm sorry, you just said Speer should know if it happened, and you're replying to a pretty starting he provided documents explaining how it happened. What am I missing here?

He also once told Hitler to kiss his ass, probably the only person who could do so and live.

Rommel did so on multiple occasions. Are you writing some kind of fan fiction?

As for the polish 'knowing' about ' secret death camps', well of course they would know. Many of those concentration camps were built by the polish before the war to imprison germans. It was one of the big reasons the nazis used to justify their invasion in the first place.

Drinking game: take a shot every time someone comments that the UN didn't exist at the time because the commenter doesn't have the good sense to check other comments before embarrassing themselves.

Also, thank you for this - it's rare that I can say I'd never heard of something Holocaust-related but this is legit new information to me.

Wow. I've heard of holocaust deniers but this is the first time I've seen one in the wilds of reddit.

'cyanide residue'. What a bs pseudo science comment. I've worked in the surfactant chemical industry and the science is extremely complex. We go though great length to ensue processes are controlled under tight standards so our stuff sticks together right and we are amazed at the seemingly trivial things that upset the processes. I would love to see your research just so I could get a good laugh.

The condition of Jews who lived in the Arab world (called Mizrahim) was usually better than that of European Jews (Sephardim or Ashkenazim) - though neither were exactly enviable.

You’re welcome

"Could it be that the holocaust story has atleast in part been untrue atrocity propoganda?"

Yes it could be part propaganda as almost in all historical cases thngs can get embellished and exaggerated. The question is by what degree. If you are questioning the acourance or the extend of it with this piece of "evidence" then you are absolutely wrong and are trying to fish for any little "evidence" to support your agenda.

The mass, systematic and planned extermination of jews did happen - deal with it. The is sadly PLENTY of evidence to prove beyond any doubt that the Holocaust happened. No one needs to prove it to you on Reddit. You just need to do a simple Google search.

"There is no doubt - I was present as Himmler announced on October 6 1943 that all Jews would be killed."

I think he means the justice league.

We're talking about the actual killing of 6 million people which is a historical fact. Get your head out of the sand kid. One of your leaders claims himself to have known about it. Sorry you can't accept it. Bye :)

Rommel committed suicide in lieu of facing trial for being part of a plot to kill Hitler.

Whether or not he was actually involved is probably debatable, but if he'd been a thorn in Hitler's side, I'd bet the furher didn't require much evidence before allowing the accusation too be made.

Government in absentia is a pretty common thing in wartime occupied states.

but what about donitz?

No, the Allies of World War II called themselves the United Nations

He also once told Hitler to kiss his ass, probably the only person who could do so and live.

Didn't Guderian get relieved of command several times for getting into fights with Hitler?

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I shouldn't bite on this.. but what about all of the first hand accounts of those that were in concentration camps?

It was not the same UN as we know it today

Just wanted to say thanks to the OP for posting this.

It's really strange that the question "Did the Allies know about the Holocaust before the end of the war?" is asked about once per week on /sub/history and /sub/askhistorians and the top answer always seems to be based on the first person to write over 2 paragraphs no matter how wrong.

I also remember seeing a post about the NYT reporting about concentration/death camps and it basically being a last page story. Showing that it wasn't that people didn't know, they just didn't really care.

What are you implying?

Sort of. The Ottomans tolerated minorities, they didn't respect them or keep them if it became inconvenient. The only reason Jews had "Peace" was because they were disparate enough not to form a united opposition.

But once a people do begin opposition you get Kurdish, Armenian, Greek, Assyrian genocides. As soon as Israel came to be (under the view of the Ottoman successor state, Turkey) it signaled united Jewish opposition so they showed their true colors and expelled them.

Yep that's really all we ask for. To be treated like everyone else. Some people think we are literally Satan and some (mostly our own, but still) see us as this Superior group, because we've been so historically successful.

Really I just wish we were seen as any other group.

The Allies called themselves the United Nations

Let's, for a moment, pretend that there were no survivors from one of the 6 death camps in Poland. This in and of itself is a far stretch, there were over 600 survivors from camps alone in the Dallas area in 1985 when the museum here was founded.

Zyclon B is a hydrogen based pesticide. It original use is to kill pests on crops not "dye". The actual method for gas chambers started by stripping men and women naked and loading them into box trucks and exterminating them by CO2. Zyclon B is a poisonous gas but is only poisonous at warm temperatures. This is why gas chambers are partially underground (insulation from cold Polish winters) and why they stripped people naked and crammed them into small spaces (body heat). Because of these unique temperature conditions, Zyclon B was only a popular gas in the southern most death camps (like A.-Birkenau aka A #2 and Majdanek). CO2 was the cheap, effective method to gas people in the northern camps where temperature never got warm enough.

1 million people were murdered by this method at Auschwitz alone included in meticulous documentation by Nazi officials to prove this. And I get irrationally pissed when I meet Holocaust deniers (which I do pretty regularly unfortunately). 6 million Jews alone were murdered by hatred between 1933 and 1946. You're willfully ignorant if you think otherwise.

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Thats all you got? I can easily see a big difference there already. Disinfecting clothing takes much higher concentrations and dwell time because it take a while for the fumes to diffuse completely through the clothing. To kill people only small concentrations are needed for a short period of time because people are breathing it in.

It was in a personal letter to a former Belgian contact of his if I remember correctly. Why would he lie in a personal letter? The guy himself says he knew about it but that's not persuasive enough? Lol alright bud.

Mmmmm, donitz... https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/simpsons/images/b/b4/Homer_drool.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100...

It's funny too because /u/newestnude is portraying Gerard Rudolf as if he was just some random chemist graduate student doing his due diligence who happened to stumble upon these findings. The guy (Rudolf) has pretty much devoted his life to denying the holocaust. Look up his life and his books/works.

Here's another take on it pulled from the goodreads page he sourced

"The properties of hydrogen cyanide from Zyklon B are consistent with its use as an agent of mass murder. The fact that Prussian blue is prevalent in delousing facilities but not in homicidal chambers is not evidence that no gassings occurred. In fact, Prussian-blue formation is extremely sensitive to conditions, and it is quite reasonable that Prussian blue formed in the delousing chambers but not all of the gas chambers used for murder. "

Can’t believe I have to repeat this all the time

The Legitimate Polish government was in Exile in France (then in London after Paris fell) from 1939 until 1989

There was no puppet government set up like in France, since Poland was to be fully annexed and all "subhuman" Poles were to be killed or used as slave labour with Polish children who displayed "Germanic genetic traits" being kidnapped and whisked away to Germany proper to be raised as Germans.

They called themselves that.


Much like the countries of the great Shoelace war called themselves the Untied Nations.

No surprise, when you are the only ones allowed to lend out money, and therefore become the person everyone owes money to, you tend to be hated. Especially true if you got rich from it.

Look at people’s opinions on banks and bankers today, they perfectly mirror the opinion on Jews.

That's literally what my quote says...

"...but not all of the gas chambers used for murder."

The US and Canada turned away Jewish refugees, some of whom ended up in gas chambers


Ironically Iran gave refuge to thousands of Jews and Poles, many who settled there permanently




Iran had its own Schindler who saved Jews from the gas chambers http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-16190541

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Not so sure about that. My grandparents came to Israel in the 50s from Kurdistan. They are Kurdish Jews. A very small group.

She has way too many stories of being hit, yelled at, thrown rocks at, etc while being a young Jewish girl in Kurdistan.

Sure there was no holocaust over there, but I wouldn't say we were treated very well either...

The Allies called themselves the United Nations

Can you read? The study literally says it is perfectly reasonable that Prussian-blue would have formed in some of the gas chambers used for murder but not others.


In fact, Prussian-blue formation is extremely sensitive to conditions, and it is quite reasonable that Prussian blue formed in the delousing chambers but not all of the gas chambers used for murder.

Not all is not the same as not any. There is a difference. I realize English isn't your first language but you need to be able to comprehend this stuff if you're arguing it.

Witold, Witold, who knows his name?

Plot twist: it is useful to read other comments before commenting

What should they do about it? Declare war against NK and hope that NK doesn't fire off nukes?

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The United Nations was not formed until 1945, after WWII. It was founded in San Francisco on October 24, 1945.