TIL that the gym chain Planet Fitness, which charges between $10 and $20 per month, has, on average, 6,500 members per gym. Most of its gyms can hold around 300 people. Planet Fitness can do this because it knows that members won't show up.

TIL that the gym chain Planet Fitness, which charges between $10 and $20 per month, has, on average, 6,500 members per gym. Most of its gyms can hold around 300 people. Planet Fitness can do this because it knows that members won't show up.
TIL that the gym chain Planet Fitness, which charges between $10 and $20 per month, has, on avera...

Except between 5pm-7pm in January. Then there is about 400 people there.

It would be exceedingly odd for all 6,500 members of a gym that's open 24 hours a day to show up at the same time. A capacity of 300 is more than enough to ensure everyone gets an hour at the gym per day, were they spaced out evenly. However, I'm sure Planet Fitness hired someone to work out when peak hours were and optimize capacity vs max memberships.

Every gym does that. Not as extreme maybe, but that's just their niche. Make it very cheap, so people are even more likely to sign up and never go.

But every gym has a balance of people who go daily, some who go a couple of times a week, and half who never go, and only signed up as new year's resolution or out of some other impulse.

Only until about the 14th

Most locations also post peak hours so it is easier for members to know at a glance when it is "busy" and go at other times if they want.

I went to the gym the first week of January right after work to vent some frustrations.

I became significantly more frustrated when I showed up and EVERY SINGLE MACHINE was taken. Even free weights were taken all the way up to the 50+ range.

Thankfully some of the thigh separator machines or whatever they're called were open, and I got to vent to this nice girl that shot me down afterwards. My thighs were sore for a week.

That's mighty cheap, wow. I'd totally have a gym membership, if it was this cheap where I live.

Then also never go there

Some locations are basically just shower and get in out of the cold facilities for homeless people. $10 a month (which many homeless could easily panhandle in just a few minutes depending on location) is cheap to get clean and have a warm place to sit.

Those are rookie numbers, son.

You gotta pump them up, I've taken years off.

combat classes can’t really do any combat moves without hitting anyone

Isn't that the point of combat?

I was homeless for about half a year, once. $10 a month is a great price for a hot shower, snacks, and oh yeah, workout equipment.

Good girls/ bad girls?

How often are peak hours really going to change from place to place? It seems to me 99% of public gyms are going to be

Medium capacity 7-9am, then mostly empty

Until a little bump 12-2pm

Then sparse but not empty until

5-7pm, when it hits its max, and mostly stays there but peters off a bit until close (or if it's 24/7, until 11pm when it'll be mostly empty again)

Weekends it'll start getting busy around 7am, peak from 11am-4pm, then stay moderately busy until close/11pm.

That's in general true for every gym I've been to

Must have been for the Nascar drivers.

Just sleep on the weight bench, and if anyone asks tell them you’re recovering for your next set

Plenty of homeless people have checking accounts. Its not like the bank is gonna keep tabs on you and close your account the minute you're on the street. Hell, they might just be stoked on the influx of overdraft fees headed their way.

Wow the planet fitness in my country got bought over by True Fitness. And it is always packed there, to the point that the combat classes can’t really do any combat moves without hitting anyone. Also the membership is over $200 per month. This is the average price here.

I once pissed off a bunch of NASCAR fans by yelling "NASCAR SUCKS!!"

The entire mob chased me down the street but I got away by turning right.

The mob froze in horror, pointed at me and yelled "WITCH!!!"

edit: for those who can't tell, this is a (bad) joke.

$10 a month? Are gym memberships that cheap in the US?

Edit : wow, apparently it is a thing in and outside the US! $30 is considered a good deal where I live (western europe) and you still have to pay a yearly fee and sign up for at least a few months (and pay upfront).

My friends joked about signing up in mid November so they wouldn't get mixed up with the resolution crowd. Worked like a charm. The few times they went, they had a near empty gym to work out, and by January they'd already given up.

That's what PF advertises around here. I'm sure other gyms are pricier, but PF is pretty much bargain basement AFAIK.

Every year I take the month of January off from the gym. Have been doing it for years.

the yes/no machine?

Some people go nearly every day and some stay for more than an hour. If my math is right, every member could show up for over 8 hours a month and the gym would never be at capacity.

That's why I much prefer my PF membership. My gf and I first joined at like 11 at night.

Except you have to have at least a checking account. They don't let you just pay in cash. I guess for that reason.

I switched my LA Fitness membership out for a PF one despite the lack of a pool because the hours were better, the facilities were cleaner, the equipment was better maintained, and the whole place didn't smell funky. The last time I went to LA Fitness, I ended up picking out a treadmill that was slanted to the left.

source: myself, still paying $10/month to a gym i haven't been to in a year

You can pay me 5 bux a month, I'll cancel your membership for you and make weekly posts on your Facebook about how we totally "blasted" our "session" at the gym.

Pro tip: never get overdraft protection. If you don’t your card just gets declined and there is no overdraft.

Overdraft “protection” pretty much just lets you save face and charges you 35$ for it later.

Should have stopped at "got away by turning right", Jean Ralphio.

I like to call that the clam snatch but yea that will fuck you up if you’ve never moved your body like that

I call it my fat tax.

I need to start going again...wasting money

no, the point is planet fitness and other similar gyms know people like to sign up for memberships, go for a few weeks or months, and then slowly stop going. but they don't want to cancel their membership because that would mean they've completely given up on getting in shape.

source: myself, still paying $10/month to a gym i haven't been to in a year

I call it the "Manspreading machine". I tell my workout buddies I need to improve my potential for manspreading.

All gyms work this way

Probably because gym equipment is hella expensive in Australia since every single thing has to be hauled into your death trap of a continent?

Edit: I mean death trap in the nicest way possible :)

My planet fitness gets busier every day of the week until peaking on Thursday. Friday mornings are just as busy as the other weekday mornings, but Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings are pretty much dead.

Yes, it is very cheap, the 10 dollars membership has all the normal machines a d weights and the 20 dollars has massage chairs, hydromassage beds, tanning beds, red light therapy, a free guest pass with every visit and access to all planet fitness not just one location.

I'll do it for $10 because it'd be a shame if someone posted the truth on their facebook and let all their friends know about the scamming.

Yeah, they actively discourage gym rats. Its a clever marketing gimmick.

This isn't just a Planet Fitness. Every gym does this. Most health club memberships don't get used frequently.

Every health club sees a spike from January through March each year. These people bring in much of the gym's total revenue for the year, allowing the rest of use that do go frequently to have the place the rest of the year.

Technically true.

Don't go to the gym

The funny thing about that machine is that it actually does a decent job toning up your ass.

People just see it and think gynecology exam.

I purposely didn't sign up last year until February as to not be perceived as a New Years resolution-ist.

My daughter worked at PF for about 18 months and said there were a lot of people that joined because it was cheaper than a tanning salon membership.

My friend and I have been calling this one the whooore machine for the last 14 years. We use it regularly on leg day but we seldom see other gentlemen using it.

No offense to the machine, we just think it's funny name for it.. Pretty sure everyone in our high school thought the same.

What country is this, Monaco? That’s ridiculously expensive, even for New York or London standards.

Seriously, why is PF getting singled out when every single gym in the country does this?

Is $20 a month cheap in the USA? Its damn cheap here.

You have to have money in that account

Fuck this guy, I will do it for $4.

If they are doing over an hour a day, every day, do you mean 8 hours a week?

They have can hold 300 people. They are open 24 hours a day. If each person stayed for only one hour and they were at max capacity the entire time they could see 7200 people a day. 300 people an hour every hour x 24 hours = 7200. This would be highly reliant on everyone leaving as soon as their hour is up.

If near a large hospital or other campus that has all three shifts staffed you are going to see people at all hours.

TIL Bank of America doesn't actually keep enough money in their vaults to cover all their accounts. Bank of America does this because it knows most of its customers won't withdraw their money at the same time.

My guess is they're the only ones who openly published numbers. Every gym most certainly does this.

Hell, everyplace with a membership does this. Zoos and museums would be overcrowded if all members showed up at the same time but we know that won't happen, which allows selling of more memberships than there is physical room in the space.

curling in the squat rack

You're scum.

And that way they keep all the cheese

Was homeless for a year and a half. Still had money in my checking account and showered at the pf. Homeless people still work jobs you know

Most gyms survive because most of its members don't go. It's one of the reasons why more serious weight lifting gyms, where members go regularly typically cost more to attend, they aren't being subsidised by non-attenders.

Planet fitness specifically targets non gym people by making it friendly and accessible, they actively discourage serious gym users with things like lunk alarms and no freeweight barbells or racks. As a business model it makes a lot of sense, the most profitable members are those that pay but don't attend, tailor your business to the most profitable and dissuade the demographic that costs you money. They add value to the membership of people that don't go often in other ways (pizza days, therapies etc).

Weird it’s almost like people don’t all show up at once or something. As if people are just going to show up for a short amount of time at various hours of the day.

Everyone in your thigh school you mean

Seriously. The best, most fashionable, and highest end gyms in New York like NYHRC, NYSC, and Equinox range from about 100-120 a month and many members have corporate memberships knocking it down to about 70-80. And these are state of the art too---not some overcrowded thing.


I read this in Frank Reynolds' voice

Ally has overdraft protection that just draws money from your savings account, free of charge

Teach me your ways.

Good lord. Here in Australia I've been paying what was a great deal at the time I signed up, $20/week. I know people that pay $50/week. I also know this year I've been one of those who haven't shown up as much as they should have 😑

Shhh... not while I'm peaking bro

If make noise with the weights or grunt then they ring a bell to ostracize you.

Judgement free my ass.

PF near me has free tootsie rolls at the door and the first monday of every month they have a pizza night for members. Basically fattening you up so you have to come back lol

If PF had squat racks it wouldn’t be PF. PF is Cardio World.

PF is what convinced me to just buy my own equipment and train at home. After seeing how cheap it could be I realized paying $40+ a month was silly if I never plan on stopping my gym-going.

Edit: also no lunk alarm

I wish planet fitness wasn’t always tempting people with pizza

Lunk Alarm.

And their marketing, check out any of their commercials.

Sure they make money off it but it’s your fault for not going.

I mean you can always just not eat the pizza? That’s what I do...

I just curl the resolutioners in the squat rack

Well it wasn’t a one on one class. It was like a yoga class set up with the trainer at the front and the students lined up in front and facing him. You’d be restraining yourself from doing the full punches so as not to punch the stranger beside you.

Should have stopped at "turning right", Dale Earnhardt

It definitely will help with loose skin around groin and ass too

Source: used to wiegh 300lbs now 180

Of course they can. I would say many probably have a account. But many also never have enough money at one point to warrant having one. Or they don't have enough for an opening balance. There are many reasons. There are also many non homeless people who don't use chedcking accounts. Either because they can't get one, or they "don't trust the banks to hold their money."

The one I used to go to was literally in a basement around back of a shopping center

haha yes.

Did you know banks loan out most of the money that people put in savings and checking accounts?

Because like gyms, they don't expect everyone who banks with them to come in at the same time and use their service.

I believe they are called adductor and abductor machines https://imgur.com/gTW6lSH https://imgur.com/RnfhQG7

I believe they are called adductor and abductor machines https://imgur.com/RnfhQG7

If PF had proper squat racks I'd be all over it for that price.

Pretty much all subscription services do. Pools, private clubs, Movie Pass, streaming service, etc. only work because many people rarely use them. If every Netflix subscriber tried to watch at the same time they'd overload it.

Basically, they prohibit all the stereotypical "gym rat" behavior. No water jugs, no grunting, no clothing that might make someone "uncomfortable" (e.g., stringers, tight shirts, etc.), no clanging of weights (this is bad etiquette in general anyway, but it tends to happen sometimes when you're pushing yourself - it's also unavoidable with certain lifts, like deadlifts), etc. Also, I've found that some PFs will avoid having the equipment necessary for your typical gym rats - limited benches, no/limited power cages/squat racks, no heavy dumbbells, etc.

There's a lot of discretion when it comes to these rules. Some PFs are super lenient with their enforcement and the environment is virtually indistinguishable from other gyms. Others are incredibly stringent and uptight.

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And even then that's only if all 6,500 want to go on the same day

Assuming people spread themselves between 6am and 10pm (16-hour days) this is enough capacity for everyone to spend 5 hours there each week

Hitting on people at the gym is weird

This man knows exactly what he is doing, he's paying $10 for a pizza buffet one a month

Can confirm, Equinox starts at 200 in NYC with another 100 or so for activation.

Source: Am gym.

Are you saying $200USD? What country? That's mental.

I worked with a guy who didn't like banks. It cost him $15 to cash his paycheck. I will never understand that. $30 a month to use your money. And these were only like $400 paychecks.

Singapore. $200SGD Which is around USD150.

So like disco Tai Chi?

This isn't a revelation... This is how most memberships and insurance for the most part, function. Prices stay relatively low because of the amount of people who pay in but don't use it.

You could say the same damn thing about Costco.

EDIT: Judging by EVERY reply, I was wrong about Costco. That considered, my point still stands.

I feel personally attacked by this.

Unironically, like Shia Labeouf said, just do it. No reason not to better yourself.