TIL that in 2013 Washington state gave Boeing an $8.7b tax break to "maintain and grow its workforce within the state" - the largest tax break in history. Boeing then cut its workforce in the state by 15%

TIL that in 2013 Washington state gave Boeing an $8.7b tax break to "maintain and grow its workfo...

But think of how sweet the bonus packages for executives were that year.

A dispute over $8.7 billion in Washington state tax breaks is heating up after Boeing Co (BA.N) joined a new lobbying group set up to preserve the industry incentives, the biggest in U.S. history.

The 2013 tax cuts were designed to "maintain and grow" aerospace employment in the state and are available to any local aerospace manufacturer.

Since the law passed, Boeing has eliminated 11,414 jobs in Washington, about 15 percent of its state workforce, the company's employment data showed.


But the very same day, the company announced a 30% increase in its quarterly dividend and a new $14-billion share repurchase program. Chairman and CEO Dennis Muilenburg crowed that those initiatives signified Boeing’s determination to “meet our commitment to provide competitive returns to our shareholders.”


Boeing isn't magically going to get more airplane orders because you cut their taxes.

Just like a Wal-Mart doesn't sell more Twinkies when you literally subsidize the stores free money.

Just like how Trump Hotels don't magically get more guests because you cut their tax bill.

No company, ever, has added more employees simply because they owed less tax money this year.

Many companies throughout history have added employees because of an increase in customers who had more money to shop.

When you cut the tax bill for a poor or middle class person, they use that money to buy stuff.

When you cut the tax bill for a rich person, they say "well thanks, I guess" then put it in a bank in the Cayman Islands.

I dare someone to show me a company that used tax breaks to hire people when there was no increase in business to justify additional employees. It simply doesn't happen. Any executive who would waste money like that would be fired.

Blah blah blah they fucking stole that money basically. It sickens me that shit like that happens in this country and people who use food stamps and medicare are the ones depicted in the news as leeches.

How did you grow?

We joined a new lobbying group!

I am shocked, shocked I tells ya.

Try ending farm subsidies and you'll be lynched, and I'm sure some will call you traitor.