TIL that in the US, peanut butter must contain 90% peanuts, otherwise it must be called "peanut spread"

TIL that in the US, peanut butter must contain 90% peanuts, otherwise it must be called "peanut s...

that’s why nutella is a hazelnut spread. it’s mostly sugar and chocolate

Yeah I heard that and confirmed it when I went grocery shopping. Not because I'm health conscious, I just wanted to justify eating a tub of frosting as a healthy alternative.

I remember seeing an article saying that eating a equivalent size tub of straight chocolate frosting has less sugar content than Nutella.

We have a similar rule in Japan. I don't know the exact percentage, but some of the shittier "peanut butter" that we have are actually called "peanut cream".

Also, for ice cream, we have "lact-ice" and "ice milk" that each contain less (if any) cream than actual ice cream.

ITT: nut jokes even though peanuts are legumes, not nuts.

The source article is much more interesting.

It details why the FDA was forced to make such a ruling (Hint: It was because all of the big brand names were putting random shit into Peanut Butter) and more or less why the FDA stopped arguing about what goes into our food and instead put their focus on labeling which no one reads.

Actually, I looked into this and Ferrero (makers of nutella) are rated as highly sustainable when it comes to palm oil.


I was concerned because I've been eating their chocolate for years now (I didn't even realise kinder surprise, bueno, ferrero rocher and nutella were all the same company) and then I heard about rainforest clearing for palm oil.

And happoushu v. actual beer. Happoushu is a malt spirit weakened and carbonated to about the same taste and flavor of beer, but at the same time not the same at all. It exists just to avoid beer taxes.

No pain, no gain!

Plus palm oil. They chop down massive rainforests to make the shit.

Frosting gets gross in small amounts on cake. What are you people.

When I was in high school a common "dinner" for me was a blunt and a tub of chocolate frosting at 2am.

Definitely leaves you with a unique feeling of regret when you wake up


They weren't random. They were ingredients to increase profit margin. If you cut your pricey peanut paste with cheaper things, like sugar and other oils you can charge the same but make more profit.

Thanks op, got me curious about cheese spread... cheese food, cheese product *actual cheese, moisture and milkfat content define the product.


now on to meat spreads...

The ones I've had are clearly low quality and a bit weirdly sweet, but they're cheap and they're not awful. They were totally serviceable if you were looking to drink and not spend a lot of money. But no, I would not choose them unless I were trying to go cheap.

Well, Nutella is 21g of sugar per 37g, and frosting is 24g per 38g, so frosting might be marginally worse for you. Marginally. That doesn't include the oils though - Nutella has 11g per serving, more than the 6g for frosting, and more overall calories (200 vs 160). Can definitely argue Nutella is worse than cake frosting.

In Holland they can't call it peanut butter at all, because the word butter can only be used for actual butter by law. So they resorted to calling it peanut cheese. Yes I know it makes no sense.

Endangering many animals in the process

Good to know when I snuck a thing of frosting as a kid I was making the healthy choice. 👍

Is there alcohol in them?


Did you mean they are more pea and less nuts ? Peanuts are peas the same way Peacocks are.. wait..

I always thought THE ingredient in peanut butter....was peanuts.

Water. Sugar. And of course... purple.

Is it decent, at least?

and making delicious nutella.


I'm literally coated in Nutella right now.

They spread it on everything

The only ingredients in peanut butter should be peanuts and salt. As argort said, the oil will separate, but you just mix it back together.

It's a size up from a bit, which is a bit more than a tad.

Glad I wasn't the only one. Made it worse that I was lactose intolerant too

Canadian here - our crappy additive-filled ice cream is labelled as the nowhere near as appetizing sounding "frozen dessert"

Breyers is soap

Dove is ice cream

This should be waaaay higher. I guess it's more fun to just grab the pitchforks though

Thanks, Paul.

Not only that, it encourages the growth of a cyanide (possibly some other toxin) producing grass that prevents nature from ever regrowing in that spot unless it is cleared out.

Lard is amazing for you actually. It turns your red blood cells into tortillas. Which everyone knows is the best way to move refried beans through your body.

Asking the important questions.

Grape drink.

Whenever I see labels like "made with REAL cheese!" I imagine the product being made in a factory that also happens to age cheese. As in made along side real cheese. Not that it's an ingredient.

Justin's is much better.

I don't know that hazelnut (or any non-peanut) butter follows a similar regulation. I suspect that this has less than 90% hazelnuts, but it does have plenty of flavor and way less sugar than Nutella.

No, this is Patrick.

You aren't living, my friend

Like a weed dealer cutting it with Oregano.

We need an FDA for Weed.

And no one is answering them...

I've never been that high.

Oil or fats aren't necessarily bad for you as long as they're the right kind and in moderation.

I doubt Nutella is in either of those categories, though

Turns out they don't even use real purple, legally they have to call it off-blue.

"Happoshu is a beer-like beverage that has a malt content of less than 2/3(around 67%), whereas beer has a malt content of over 2/3. It is known to be a cheaper alternative."

So whatever the fuck that means, it sucks but it aint too bad if u wanna stay there all night.

Not really, they went to court because they were making wild claims about the health benefits of their juice, not because they were mislabeling it

They seem like really responsible users of palm oil. They seem really focused on sustainability but it begs the question, if palm oil manufacturing is so detrimental to the environment why is it used at all?

It's the only saturated fat that remains liquid at room temperature. Foods made with it stay fresh for a long time while still being moist.

They do!

We really don't need more Cyanides. /u/SovietWomble can agree.

As some one who is a die hard cheese and cheese product fan... That link is staying blue. I don't want to know the cold, harsh truth.

dabs and chips till 6am here

the trick is to regret everything else in your life so much eating absolute shit and not sleeping doesn't even make it onto the list

How big is a "thing" of frosting, exactly?

Yeah, those are Frozen Desserts.

That's how it is in the US too.

That is a kickass evolutionary trait! Like "oh hey this big ass tree is stealing all my sunlight, I better poison it with my in-house crafted cyanide."

You and I have very different approaches on vodka.

And Ferrero Roches.


I hope this answers your question.

This is the result of somewhat recent efforts. I remember Nutella had made it part of their mission at least since the last world fair in Milan. It's great.

Thats likely because frosting is whipped and thus has more air in it (like ice cream) and nutella is a quite dense spread.

ice cream vs. frozen dessert vs. frozen custard requirements for "ice cream" are so technical and convoluted


that's because if you don't do this, manufacturers will put whatever the fuck they want into it and get away with it. they even specify the font sizes to use so you're not hiding artificial ingredients

"Ice cream contains not less than 1.6 pounds of total solids to the gallon, and weighs not less than 4.5 pounds to the gallon. Ice cream contains not less than 10 percent milkfat, nor less than 10 percent nonfat milk solids, except that when it contains milkfat at 1 percent increments above the 10 percent minimum, it may contain the following milkfat-to-nonfat milk solids levels:"

....and you're not allowed to call it frozen custard, or french ice cream unless you have a minimum level of egg yolk in it.

peanut cheese

...Isn't that just as misleading?

On a similarly nonsensical note, the cooks at the restaurant I work at have clearly never seen nor tasted apple butter. (They mix applesauce with our honey butter. It is disgusting. I'm bringing in a jar on my next brunch shift.)

You're a legume.

I’ll have the aged peanut cheese.

Breyers is no longer ice cream.

Dove is no longer soap.

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fun fact: runner peanuts is the typical peanut flavor everybody is familar with.

there are also 3 other peanut varieties that have a different flavor profile. valencia, and spanish peanuts (sweeter), and virginia peanuts (similar to runner in flavor).

years from now, nobody will know what the three other peanut varieties will taste like due to monocrops. it's just like nobody here remember what gros michael bananas tasted like before panama disease wiped them all out and replaced them with the banana we are all familar with, the inferior tasting cavendish (Grown because they are more disease resistant and easier to ship and less easy to bruise). it's also like how out of thousands of apple varieties, the red delicious apple are the most sold apple in the supermarket because they look pretty and don't bruise, yet rated the worse tasting apple.

hooray for monocrops and industrial agriculture.??

You remind me of one of my college roommates. He was a marathon/cross country runner who would have a tub of frosting with a scoop of ice cream for desert every Thursday. Then he'd be late for class on Friday morning because of the intestinal distress.

Is there a brand that sells hazelnut butter?

I feel like this is going to reach front page

The biggest difference is taxation. Beer is taxed to hell - to the point that a 24-pack of cans of cheap lager is around $50. You can get a decent bottle or two of liquor for the same, or around twice the amount of happoshu.

That's Rick

90% !? Gimme dat 99.9% with just a pinch of salt.

Jiff and Skippy and all that with hydrogenated oils and sugars doesn't even taste like peanut butter.

I mostly stuff myself of Nutella with the help of a very large spoon.

Breyers is "frozen dairy dessert" which is why they focus on candy and cookie additives to market their product.

He meant to say a bit is a tadbit bigger than a tad

He probably means that it ways nothing relatively, because when we weigh things we zero the scale based on air pressure. The air added to the product (unless it's under pressure) will be canceled out by the bouyant force because the product is submerged in air already. There could be slight differences, but as you said, they would be neglible at these scales.

It's true. He is.

Pâté, probably

air is negligible, it certainly has weight or else we wouldn't have an atmosphere.

You can make it out if peanuts (with salt or it tastes like crap), but the oil will separate, and you have to mix it back in periodically. It is also not as sweet.

If a bit is a bit more than a tad, would that mean a tad is equal to nothing?

I don't blame you. I like hot dogs but i"ll never find out what goes in them.

Just keep your head down and eat your damn cheese food.

So pure...


They are more pea and less cocks. Peacocks are peas the same way peanuts are... Wait...

It is also not as sweet.

That's what jam/jelly/preserves/honey is for, mate.

Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cups are my weakness. I don't really eat sweets but they win more than my willpower when I'm waiting in line at the grocery store.

Seriously. Sometimes I peel frosting back. These people are eating it straight. This has got to be some weird Men In Black thing where aliens like chocolate frosting. Can't be any other explanation.

yeah but putting it in the fridge means it's harder to spread; I find I just don't wanna deal with getting cold peanut butter from the jar onto my bread

That’s really interesting. They seem like really responsible users of palm oil. They seem really focused on sustainability but it begs the question, if palm oil manufacturing is so detrimental to the environment why is it used at all?

Rotisserie chickens are loss-leaders, they take a loss to get you in the store.

I don't understand Nutella. Do people spread this on toast?

It's how I kill animals on a vegan diet. Not Nutella specifically, but things with palm oil

I don't like frosting. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.