TIL that in the 1930's a flute player released his pet lyrebird into the wild, which was able to mimic certain phrases of the man's music. The bird has shared the music with other lyrebirds and the same melodies are still sung by these birds today.

TIL that in the 1930's a flute player released his pet lyrebird into the wild, which was able to mimic certain phrases of the man's music. The bird has shared the music with other lyrebirds and the same melodies are still sung by these birds today.
TIL that in the 1930's a flute player released his pet lyrebird into the wild, which was able to ...

Now THAT is a legacy.

Right? Pretty sure my legacy will pale in comparison to this bird’s.

Memes for birds.


I was skeptical when I first saw Attenborough's piece on the lyrebird years ago, I thought it was a little audio trickery for the sake of a joke, but after watching , I'm convinced. They're incredible.

You read something interesting and broadcasted it to tens of thousands of people if not more, who will all echo it to their friends and family later on, who will echo it to theirs and so on.

You are the lyrebird

Some needs to start playing Rick Astley to a lyre bird on a loop right now!

Lets Rickroll the future!


Damn that was surprisingly inspirational!

One of my earliest childhood memories is that the swing in the local park was rusty and had a very distinctive squeak, which the lyrebirds copied, so you could still hear the swing for years after it had been replaced.

The camera shutter and laser beam noises just wow.

Some more clips of them

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This is how we Troll the Entire World

You're a Lyre.

Does that mean that this dude's flute melodies worked so well at picking up the ladies, that every other bird had to learn them too to even compete?

That's awesome.

This is really blowing my mind how a man's music can live on in the wild.

Dear god, imagine being lost in a forest that contains a population of lyrebirds that picked up melodies from Nickelback's lyrebird.

This is how we Troll ''a portion of Australia''



Starts eradicating the lyrebirds How's that for a legacy!

This is the first time that I felt physically enraged by disappointment

The virgin fowl:

Knows like 3 sounds and they're all quaint bird sounds he stole from a magpie Can't get laid because he can't impress anyone with his sounds Ugly and doesn't have the sounds to cover it

The chad lyrebird:

Knows 134 construction site sounds Can imitate people and cars Learns new sounds while getting laid Ugly as well but talks so much ladies don't care

+1 melancholy

I need you more in my life


It even mimics the foreman of a construction site

I found some recordings of this, in case anyone wants to hear it:


Not with that attitude!

I don't know if it's a lyrebird, but in Minneapolis while out for a walk, I ended up heating an impressive display by a bird consisting of car alarms, sirens, car horns, train whistles, and ghetto blasting bass speakers. The sound originated from the underside of a bridge, where I can only assume a bird had it's nest. I sincerely hope that bird got laid, if only to spread that curse through the land.

That’s pretty cool, but they apparently pick up other sounds too. Remember the car alarms with the weird patterns that would change every few seconds? I hear birds making that tune near me. It’s very distinctive.


That's so crazy to see that on Reddit! I'm a nature photographer and lyrebirds are one of my main focuses. I actually took some video that made it into Planet Earth II, check the link for David Attenborough narrating my piece!

That or you're ignoring a ton of attempted bird-jackings.

I have a pet australian magpie that i rescued as a baby. She had a broken leg, which has never healed properly as it broke too high to be pinned.

Anyway, she doesnt speak magpie. Instead she copies what ever i can whistle, then adds her own twists. Like ship to shore theme, super mario theme, some zelda ocarina of time melodies, and a Beethoven song. Currently teaching her the harry potter tune.

Now, the interesting part is that some birds nearby have started to copy her, much to my suprise.


I'm not sure how it is for Lyrebirds, but the theory for repertoire and perching birds is that it's the number of sounds the males learn, not the muscality ot quality of it. And the theoretical explanation is that a bird who knows more sounds may come off as more experienced (and older birds do tend to know more sounds), encountered more birds and their territories (basically the birds trespassed or took over a territory and copied the other bird's sounds), or the weakest explanation that more sounds denotes some kind of intelligence-related trait.

"Squawk, I'm Brian Fellows"

Mockingbirds also learn their songs from their parents. If we teach a bunch of baby mockingbirds and release them as adults, we could get something going.

Wiu wiu wiu wiu wiu wuuuu wuuuu wuuuu wa wa wa wa

Dude was that the laser beam from Galaga?

My mom said that the mockingbirds in her old neighborhood were very good at imitating car alarms.

Wow, that took a sharp left turn

That first one...

Guy to girl: "This is my pet bird, which was very expensive."

Bird: mimicks masturbation noises

It nails the 80's drum machine sound -- amazing!

Year 2070 thousands of birds greet eachother with the piano melody from Still Dre

What if we teach dogs to say "Bork" instead of "Bark"? Is that possible?


What the fuck.

Fuck, that's twice in one day

It'd be the same melody sung by a million birds...

I want one of these birds but at the same time I really truly don't

"Surely the article has a recording..."

"Surely the top comment is a link to the recording..."

"Surely one of the top comments is a link to the recording..."


Thank you. You bring quality, whoever you are. I'm sorry it's not more appreciated.

Nah, the birds fly south.


The only thing our ten year old budgie ever picked up was the dial of our phone. It was at a time when my sister and I would always get excited about phone calls "mom who are you calling?! Are you calling daddy?" And it would be the parakeet imitating the dial of the phone. Unfortunately the phone outlived the bird. I loved that phone I still miss it. Big durable plastic cordless that you could cradle between your ear and your shoulder. Kind of want a Bluetooth version of it for my cell phone purely for the nostalgia factor.

Coolest party pet, worst every other day pet

That’s the most complex and beautiful digital to analog audio converter I’ve ever seen. 10/10

Chuck! Chuck, it's Marvin. Your cousin, Marvin Berry. You know that new sound you're looking for? Well, listen to this!

the David Attenborough lyrebird video

I was so fascinated by the first time that I watched it that I thought for sure someone had edited the footage. For those that haven't seen it, this bird can mimic 20 other birds, even fooling the real bird whose call it mimics. It can also mimic the sound of camera shutters, car alarms, and chainsaws.

Not with that altitude

And that’s how Mockingjays were invented

Username checks out


You can’t fool me you little bitch

You can’t fool me

It blows my mind how accurately they can reproduce even mechanical sounds!

this is actually the meaning that Dawkins coined the term for.


Imagine he taugh them the Imperial death march. Hearing that randomly wherever you went would have been surreal.

Edit. Found another with nearly the next bar https://youtu.be/6LUgIYKtvFA

Why but why? I don’t dislike the song I just wanted to see more birds.

This one

I think you messed up your link. is the official one.


“Get away from me with that camera!”

fires lasers

except that lyrebirds are about as migratory as chickens, besides which flying south would put them in Antarctica

Here, it's mimicking a guy whistling like a bird, which really weirds me out

Yeah sorry, we don't have lyrebirds in MN, too cold. Could be a catbird or similar species as others have pointed out.

this dude attracts chicks yo!

Nickelback already sounds like a bird species

Dogs don’t have vocal chords or equivalent capable of making many different noises, but you can find videos on YouTube of people who have trained their dogs to “say” things.

Ew the past

I think you’re talking about Jackdaws

You must be new here.

I'm not usually angry at this, but I really wanted to see more of this bird, and I was excited about seeing more of them.

I never thought a post about a bird would do so well. Faith in humanity improved.



What is a legacy? Is it planting seeds in a garden you'll never see?

Meta AND relevant. I'm impressed.

that's awesome. can you post a video?


Im following this guy for sure

I saw a Western Red-Throated Nickelback at my feeder just yesterday.

Such innocence.

I like how it even mimics the generators starting up.



I love seeing a fresh novelty account ready to conquer Reddit, godspeed HypeMan!

*starts flawlessly mimicking flute music*

No YOURE a lyrebird!


Does anyone have a video of the birds singing these melodies? Chainsaw sounds seem to be way more popular with them in YouTube videos.

That's what I was thinking. Mimetic reproduction of information, in this case melody.

Nailed it

I suspect so.

It's so beautiful.

Here's one of the melodies.

This really is awesome. It’s the little things, sometimes.