TIL that in Belgium if you go 15 years without voting, you are not allowed to vote for another 10 years.

TIL that in Belgium if you go 15 years without voting, you are not allowed to vote for another 10...

Marge: The plant called and said if you don't come in tomorrow, don't bother coming in Monday.

Homer: Woo-hoo! Four day weekend!

The penalty for skipping a day at my high school was being suspended for two days. We had a lot of nice three-day vacations.

That's like getting suspended for skipping school.

So you can't vote till you're 25? /s

Thats a steep penalty. At least its not my school where penalty for anything was detention and penalty for missing detention was more detention.

Yea we never went to detention.

Voting is compulsory in Belgium so it would be illegal not to go to the polling station.

Just look what happened in the US.

Two major shit candidates running on a platform of, "I'm not them at least"

I wonder if they have compulsory education on candidates too.

No, we don't.

However, we have a lot more parties which are far more honest in general about their politics and their views, since you don't need to 'pick a team'. Sure, there will always be pandering, but we get a lot of clarity by parties being able to call each other out on things.

I can't really understand that a country of 320+ million people lets their political views be dictated by just 'picking a side'.

It’s actually even longer than that.

Everyone over age 17 is required to vote. However, only one candidate appears on the ballot. Voting is designed to track who is and isn't in the country. Dissenting votes are possible but lead to repercussions for voters.

North Korea also has compulsory voting, looks fun.

Public school for the win.

Wait... dammit.

If someone illegitimately failure to appear for voting four times in 15 years.... However, only 0.015% of failures to appear were deemed illegitimate.


"I hate voting."

"Great, then you can't vote for 10 years."

"Fine! I'll go vote."

WTF Europe?

so does Australia, what's your point ?

What about polyglottal and ubiquitous?

Assuming today is Thursday and he's back to work on Tuesday, then Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday makes a 4-day weekend.

The goal of mandatory voting is to get everyone to vote. This law pushes those who don’t vote further out of the system.

My school did 3 days of ISS. It's where you sit down and stair at the wall for the whole day.

I don't even know what "detention" is

Wait you didn’t back those suspensions onto a weekend so you got 5 days off?


yes. electronic voting without paper ballots does not seem secure to me. nor is it properly auditable.

The problem in the us is a lot less "ignorant people voting" and a lot more "utterly corrupt system that barely even resembles democracy forcing people to choose between two candidates who both fucking suck so they get pissed off and vote for the one who sucks the most because fuck you and your bullshit system"

Trump is awful, but the conversation you folks need to be having isnt "how do we beat trump in 2020" its "how do we completely reform this fucking terrible electoral system so shit like this doesnt happen again"

I think after 15 years of not giving a shit, people wont mind another 10.

It's not the quality of the words, it's the quantity. Someone who actually has a great vocabulary doesn't have to grandstand.