TIL that a man named Chen Si spends every weekend of his life at the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge (the World's #1 suicide site) and saves people from jumping. He has saved 144 people from killing themselves so far.

TIL that a man named Chen Si spends every weekend of his life at the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge...

Reminds me of Sydneys, Don Ritchie, known as "the Angel of the Gap". Long story short, there's a very popular (for lack of a better word) suicide spot in Eastern Sydney, a cliff called The Gap. Don lived opposite the cliff and would go down to speak to people who showed up obviously looking a bit troubled and say, "can I help you in some way?" He'd invite them back to his house for a cup of tea and a chat. Since 1964 until his death in 2012 he put the number around 160, but it's probably way higher.

Just nice to know that there's people out there like this in the world.


Whats up typical internet hater. Why are you jealous? Cant stand other people doing actual good things in life as opposed to you?

"In his talks with these people, Si seeks to learn about their troubles and then find a solution. For example, Si helped Shi Xiqing, a man who tried to commit suicide because of the $15,000 bill for his daughter's leukemia treatment, by phoning him every week and talking to his creditors."

Quoted from the text, this shows that he actually follows up. He doesnt just "stop" them and let them be. He builds relationships by making an effort.

It takes a lot of courage to continue with this after he failed to talk someone out of jumping.

I speak from experience. I used to live in a student apartment complex on the 19th floor. Our entrance was via a open balcony. This also happened to be a favourite spot for jumpers. Especially in spring or fall, we would find people we did not know, hesitating on the balcony. So, you try to persuade them to come in, have some tea and talk about it. Once we got them in, we knew we had won. Sometimes we lost.

Since 2004, Chen has devoted his free time to patrolling the bridge to help anyone in distress, including follow-up phone calls for support and offering them a place to stay in his extra bedroom.[3]

Seems to me like he's doing the best he can

he spends his weekends in a place where go to kill themselves… He's extremely brave

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_suicide_sites Whatever you say.

What a nice guy.

If a place is known as the #1 suicide site, maybe consider hiring some counselors to talk to people there.

That's what you do if you want to actually acknowledge the problem and fix it.